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Steve Herschbach

Nokta Makro Simplex & Minelab Vanquish 540 Comparing Signals

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Iffy Signals Dec 1, 2019 - We took the Simplex and Vanquish to a 1675 permission and compared some signals throughout the day.


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I like the easy iron bias check with the Vanquish.  I like anything that makes a machine quicker and easier to use.   Those guys sure get excited.

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I agree, Phrunt.   I liked the way it id'ed that large iron as iron with iron bias on high.   Also liked the tones of the Vanquish. 

The video was helpful.  


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I call it tone tolerance as I don't particularly like any of the tones of any detector really 🙂 I can tolerate the Vanquish ones more than the duck sounds of the Simplex, and anything is better than the door bell of the Garrett.    I realize tone tolerance is a very personal thing and we are all different there but I guess the tones I handle best are the T2 in two tone.   I think I also prefer lower tones over high pitched.  I quite like the Starwars sounds of the QED and I like I can lower its tone right down to a lower pitch.

I think I've just worked out I'm very fussy with tones 🙂


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I completely agree. In this non analog age I wish I could pick whatever I wanted, some nice orchestral sounds or something. They all basically emulate the original analog sounds, which were also annoying. 

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So that's where Nokta got the Mermaid in a fish tank idea from in their Simplex marketing 🙂

Maybe I need a CTX 3030 as the tones in that video are bearable. Unless of course it's not the tones of the detector in the first place which is likely.

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      hi all
      just got me a simplex & gotta tell you they named it right
      its a simple to run hi teck detector with lots of features & its got some bite to it..
      took it down the what i call the beach from hell  lots of bottle caps & nails & hot Arizona ground
      ground balanced at 87 & ran it in park..
      i would love to tell you that it dident pick up bottle caps but its a dd coil so it hits them but up just bellow the zinc penny range they could be dealt with hope they get a concentric out soon..
      the simplex has a wide spread on the discrimination nickles 22-23 coins 79-90 pulltabs in the middle.. hits hard on nickles..
      she found me this little beauty on a heavily worked beach in a mass of iron .. rang in at 19-20
      10 k 2.3 grams
      im happy  i have a new friend..
      Thanks makro for a great detector

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