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Xl Pro, A Blast From The Past..

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Not sure if I should classify this machine as an antique, perhaps classic analogue fits best.

It seems to have some following in the USA, but in Australia it is a rare beast. My first Whites was a blue box 6000 series that swallowed a lot of batteries and was more than heavy. For better or worse I ran in on GEB MAX most of the time. It punched deep and performed well. Built to last, the 6000 series still show up here and there. The MInelab Pi revolution was well on its way when the XL Pro appeared and so it never gained many followers downunder. Years after getting an MXT I noticed the XL Pro online and researched it. After a few years I managed to buy one and found it an excellent all rounder to compliment the MXT. It's reputation seemed well founded and in my experience it performs very well. Not my first choice on the goldfields, but it can be made to work and the older blue box machines found a lot of gold in the early years. Excellent balance like all White's machines, good depth and stable performance make it a winner. I enjoy swinging this old classic and will continue to do so for many years to come. Love that meter, fantastic audio and good looks... Karelian


IMG_1488 (2)_edited.jpg

IMG_1484 (2).JPG



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Now that’s a package I would love to own.......😙


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Very nice, looks brand new. One of the last great analog metered machines. Thanks for posting! :smile:

White's XL Pro meter



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I’ll have to update my profile.......thanks Santa !

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Tony is waiting for the postman to bring him that 'package' he now owns.. should be there well before the big day. Hope you have room under your tree..

These machines deserve to be used and appreciated. Goodness knows I didn't need a 'spare'. Yes minty, closet queen now rescued by Tony. I wish you well with your new 'toy' and may it bring your much success and happiness. When I use mine I'll think of you out West doing the same. Possibly the only two near as new XL Pro machines in Australia..? Love that Royal 800 coil, push the gain and it will bring home the goods whilst running smooth and stable.  All the best, Karelian

Tony package.jpg

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Tony's machine has lived out most of it's life in a box, whilst mine has been 'out' in the elements. All my White's machines get an wax and polish once a year. Coils also, even cables and plastics. To assist in keeping the machines clean I use detector stands to keep them off the ground, protective covers whenever necessary. The MXT and XL PRO share Thesaurus covers for the body of the detector, factory meter cover for the MXT and a custom job for the Pro. Coil covers are used with tape to prevent dirty getting between the cover and coil. Some of my machines have seen heavy use and are ten years old plus, still look good to me. Must say White's machines are solid and well made, built to last. As the body ages and things start to ache etc, I may look at much lighter machines but for now I am content. I can see the Tdi Pro hip mount option being explored.. 

All the best, Karelian




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A Chinese XL PRO, I think not. To copy is to flatter? Before you ask, paid $50 at a Sunday market, unstable, awkward controls and inconsistent performance. Can go deep and then overloads,, good for parts if building a kit... only. Highly not recommended... Karelian









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