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What About The Fisher Gold Strike

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Target ID, push buttons, display, silent threshold, sounds like many modern detectors......maybe it just came out too early and the people weren't ready for it???

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The biggest problem I saw with the Gold Strike was it signaled loudly on hot rocks. All targets are dual signal, non-ferrous in one direction, hot rocks and ferrous in the other. You could hear the audio difference with the hot rocks, but you could not disc them out. If in a bad spot, it was multiple signals per sweep, and you had to catch the tone reversal to know you had a good target. Very tiring mentally. With the Gold Bug 2, you just engage the iron disc switch, that same set of targets just went away. No such ability with Gold Strike, and so a step backwards there, as well as less sensitive to small gold, heavier, and more expensive. Other than that it was great. :smile:

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