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Dumping Minelab GPX 6000 For Garrett Axiom?

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On 8/24/2022 at 7:57 AM, Steve Herschbach said:

. Otherwise, I’m going detecting! 

Good choice...


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Good write-up Steve. I am very happy with my 6000, I never thought, no, I know you well enough that you were not promoting one over the other. Good luck to all no matter which detector you chose.

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Well, I’m on my sixth 11” coil.

Two had connection failures and three went very noisy.
And no, I’m not a coil basher. Got my 6000 May 2021 and still have not worn out a skid plate.
Minelab have been great with replacing the coils but still disappointing.
Currently using a Nugget Finder 12 x 7 test/development coil and it kills the standard coil.
Good friends here in Cue bought a new 6000 11 days ago and just had to drive 8 hours each way to the Minelab dealer to get it replaced.
Overall, while the 6000 is an excellent detector and has doubled my gold find’s compared to the 7000, quality of the machine is, in my experience, poor.
Manufacturing and quality control in Malaysia maybe not the best idea for anything other than profit margin.

So, a couple of months ago I got to play with a developmental Axiom for two hours. Loved it.
Would I sell my 6000 and buy one?
Will I buy one? Probably.
Different tools have different uses and, at least for me, there are time’s when an Axiom will out perform a 6000 and vice versa.
Getting gold is the game and the Axiom, in my limited use experience, appeared to be much better than the 6000 on wet/damp and hot ground using mono coils.
I also like the fact that I can have a small double D coil, something not yet available for the 6000, if conditions are really bad.
Because I am severely retarded and now make my living from prospecting, good gold areas are usually more than an hour and commonly 2 hours drive away so I need to arrive there knowing that no matter the conditions I have everything available to maximise my chances of finding gold. Therefore an Axiom and several coils will definitely find it’s way into my truck.

Steve, thank you for your post. 
Being 55 myself I must admit to being tempted to go with just an Axiom and selling the 6000, particularly after using one.
And your input to Garrett certainly weighed on my mind.
But, here in WA, both machines have their place.

You mentioned coming to Australia?
It would be a distinct honour to meet and maybe share some patches with you, if you don’t already have a full schedule.
Unfortunately my knowledge on how this forum works is limited but I would assume you have the ability to either message or email me if this holds any interest for you.



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Great write-up on explaining your position on the whole issue Steve.

Really enjoyed the read, and I wish you happy hunting as you continue testing the Axiom, especially in Australia. What a fantastic opportunity! (Australia is still on the bucket list for me, not only for detecting, but for scuba on the Great Barrier Reef as well.)

All the best,



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It looks like ML would be better off swapping a faulty coil with another brand as it will save multiple postage costs 🤑. Lanny, a gentleman like yourself is welcome in Australia and I would supply you with snake, shark and dropbear repellent for free. 😁

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On 8/20/2022 at 2:28 PM, Steve Herschbach said:

I totally agree - well said! :smile:

American’s are competitive and a new latest greatest detector makes us believe that we’ll have that competitive edge, so we go for it! Plus, new gadgets are exciting! But, $4000 exciting? I don’t think I can keep up. I don’t think that I have found enough to cover the detectors that I now have! 🤔 I’ll sit tight for awhile and wait for feedbacks.

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