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Eqx 800 Brings Home The Bacon Sorta- Story Has A Few Twists

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A funny story actually.  I arrived at site and was thinking about which detecftor to use first to find a target to compare.  Had Tarsacci mdt 8000, Etrac and Nox with me.  I chose Eqx 800 and took off.  I get this strong signal with 13 in the window.  Said to myself golly this thing sounds like it’s on top of ground.  Went to truck to get pinointer just to see how shallow. .  Garrett propointer pointer hit strong so I moved some of the sprigs of grass and sage around and saw something.  As soon as I layed  eyes on it I knew what it was.  But the ID told me it was not genuine.  I did a small video checking with Etrac.
I have found the genuine Spanish bits on this farm before 4 I think in this general area of 90 acres.  Btw high odds I dug this target not today but a few days ago.  Better to be lucky than good I guess.  This find was unearthed with either Tarsacci or Eqx 800.  Don’t know which one.  Suspect it was colocated with flat button or musket ball and once I found one of those Inwas satisfied.  I may not even have detected either flat button or musketball before but rather this bit.  Go figure.  This happened once before with me on a merc dime nicke scenario.  But I caught on the same day.  Not days later.  Find reads 13 on Nox and 07 conductive on Etrac.  Definitely not silver.  This area has also given up a fake capped bust dime for me detecting found with Nokta Relic detectorand 5” small coil.

Here’s pic of my actual find.
Suspect fake Spanish bit.

This video here I am putting here so folks can watch.  Notice the back of these fakes.  Key on the letters RE near the rim and the detail below on coins.


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Cool find despite being fake... makes it more original of a find, ironically.  ?

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    • By steveg
      ...a pretty good day by Oklahoma standards! 

      These came from a grassy area between an old hospital, and an old church; my hunting buddies managed some other goodies -- including two Mercs, a couple of IHPs, several wheats, and a Buffalo nickel.

    • By relicmeister
      This weekend I went to a cool new location with multiple late 19th century cellar holes. Was using my Orx with 9” X35 at 17 KHz   
          A few interesting relics found but by far the best find was this 1864 2- cent piece which is in really nice condition with a great patina. Only my second 2- cent but the first was smoked by the fertilizer used in the park it was found in. Could barely identify it. 
          I’ll be going back to the spot multiple times as I haven’t even explored the area yet.  Also found an 1884 IHP
        Figured I’d post as the XP forum has been a little slow of late. 

    • By calabash digger
      Found this with Equinox 800 on a early site..

    • By Bash
      After a bit of a drought of finding cool coins with the Equinox, I found another V nickel detecting in the neighbors parking strip in between thunderstorms.  It was pretty worn and pitted, and not of any numismatic value, so I cleaned it up a bit.

    • By Againstmywill
      Went to the same location where I had 42 quarters. I used the same settings, but this time I swung the Samurai sword 15" coil. I had a bit more time today (11:20-1:20), but the humidity was really oppressive. No mosquitoes this time because they don't even want to be out in the Florida heat!
      I believe 55 quarters is a first for me in 2 hours. If I were not the one going up and down all those times, I would not believe these coins all came from 2 hours of detecting. Most were within the first few inches, so they were a quick dig. With all the stuff dug, that is an average of about 1 item a minute. I think I know what I can save up for...knee replacemnts!
      I left a scad of dimes in the ground, so there are still plenty of targets for my friend. 😁
      The bracelet was a STRONG 9-10. It looked amazing coming out of the ground, but it was not silver. There was also an iPod Nano, but my son snagged it in hopes of cleaning it up.
      Now, time to focus on the jewelry!

    • By Dan(NM)
      I had a rather awesome hunt today, scored a barber grand slam and a dime trifecta... Started the day hunting after a 6 1/2 drive to my old stomping grounds. First site gave up the barbers, rosie and a wheat.....
      Ending the day by doing a test hunt at  a backup spot, looks like both are going to produce very nicely. Scored 2 wheats and the merc in 30 minutes....
      Found the barbers with the Equinox 800 and the others with the CTX....

      My wife kicked me outta the house for 8 days....so...I did some research close to where I grew up and arrived today for nothing but digging, eating and sleeping

      First spot was across from the old railroad depot next to a dried up man made lake from back in the day.....

      Second hunt was an old city park.....

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