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  1. Yup a small 10" is definitely something Minelab should get on. But it needs to be waterproof! Are the X-coils waterproof? I just got a used GPZ19 on the cheap, might have to think about doing the adapter and X-Coils if one can get to the US.
  2. Enjoy the adventure too! Just as good as the gold!
  3. This is why you buy used with warranty left. Then you can resell and maybe only lose alittle or in half the cases make money.
  4. Better sell the Zed now or its only gonna be worth a couple g. Now’s your chance phrunt! Kind of surprised on a Z replacement. I was told by more than one person that they planned on 2 more software updates. Wonder if they are gonna take trade ins
  5. Thats right Andy! I have some holes where I will dig a few pieces of lead out before getting to the gold underneath it all.
  6. I understand I used to be, and in some aspects still am, like that. As others, I think I have a detector addiction vs gold fever. I like the tech and how it works, but after a few years I realized I can't swing them all and had to focus on what I would use the most. I sold almost all my toys to get a Zed and never looked back (and I mean I sold everything, plus it was quite liberating to clean out the house). Now I am down to four: The Zed for the serious work. The Excal for the water/beach. The EQ for everything else. I always say I'm gonna use it for gold but never do, I always say I'm gonna go to the park but instead I go to the woods for gold, not even sure why I still keep it. (Detector addiction ) I still have an SDC2300, and I actually want to sell that one, but my fiancé likes using it when she goes with me, so it is her's now, plus it makes a good 8" stream detector (which the EQ would probably be better for). Damn...... wonder if I should sell my EQ (Oh wait, the fiancé uses that on the beach too )
  7. Thanks for the reply jasong. I understand your sluice and pan analogy, I have been prospecting for 15 years and as a geologist it helps some out in the field looking for those areas that "talk" to you. But I am 5 years in now on MDing only and with no discrimination I still mostly dig everything. Some I do not. But I found that when I would wander I would not find much of anything. I need to slow down and grid and that is when I tend to find gold. That is easier to do in your home area knowing you can keep going back though, not so good if you travel long distance to an area with limited time. I'll have to think about this some, because I have a lot of areas on maps that I want to hit, and not enough time to hike them out, let alone detect them out with my current methods. The only thing that I do like this is that if I am not finding what I want in the first 2-3 hours, I move on.
  8. I have found it very interesting the VA is producing some nice gold again. Good job getting on the gold! VA is going to be the next gold rush.....Wagons East!!!!
  9. Good luck down there Mitchel!! I will have questions for you and all in the next 2-3 years.
  10. Nice job! Got thinking, if you sold all those you would have enough probably for a Zed!
  11. Jasong - Got a link to your youtube channel? I am interested in learning and hearing more about your 80% techniques and methods used. I am usually the pick a spot and grid guy so I find your method interesting and sound. Definitely would like to know more.
  12. Looks like you may have found the source rocks for where the gold formed. Vuggy iron oxide cavities in a greenstone, look like a great place for nuggety crystal growth.
  13. Well.... no i sometimes cherry pick hi-lows. big nuggies come in sometimes as low-hi trash is like a low-hi with sometimes a quick low. Best place besides your own practice is to watch aussie gold hunters and listen. You will see both and its fun to watch. . Or youtube channels can help too
  14. Its a Gneiss. No nuggety gold in that quartz, look more for the veinlets cutting that rock in the GB area.
  15. Maybe a comparison with the 10” xcoil and the ML 14” to see if you can get the same or different results? For sensitivity sake.
  16. Aw Phrunt, maybe he’ll leave a ripper for too kindness sake
  17. So.....JW....How did that 10” work last weekend?
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