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  1. So.....JW....How did that 10” work last weekend?
  2. Hey Chris, no worries! I know you are a busy person. Plus I was still green with this when I wrote to you. I have seen more and deduced more since then. Almost feel like i have a grasp on it and it opened up many more opportunities. Yeah afreakofnature is not my real name LOL, its my first and only user name since the internet started for me back in 1997 LOL. I sent you a PM with my real name. 😊
  3. My first detector was a modified Excalibur 1000 from Excalibur Dave and I got really ripped off. Only one headphone would work and the pods would be staticy when adjusted. It was a Frankenstein of a machine and was heavily abused. I was new and bought on a recommendation plus thinking i needed modded gear. How wrong. Even though he said he would stand by his work for a year, he didn’t, and left me high and dry. I called Minelab, told them what i had and they were more than willing to help me. When it got to the repair center the headphones were garbage and replaced, pods and board, replaced, the case had a crack (no longer waterproof), replaced, and a couple other things. They basically brought that Excal back from the dead, I had to pay, it wasn’t free but now My Excal is what it should have been from the start, and its still my go to underwater detector for the last 4 years. That was a huge lesson learned.
  4. Minelab for sure has great customer service. I can attest to that. Last week I sent my Zed in because the GPS didn’t work. They received Monday and I got a call yesterday saying it was fixed PLUS replaced my faceplate since it was scratched up. How cool was that! I have called in the past because I lost parts to my harness and they just sent me new ones at no charge, due to my own fault! When you call the Minelab office the ladies are great there, they first try to trouble shoot, but not much, they know we mostly know our machines, then give you the repair number to send to the center. Only downside is you have to pack and ship on your dime, small price I’d say to pay, and they ship back on their dime. Just keep in mind they use your box and packing, so pack it good 😊. I’m a minelabber for life first based on great detectors, second from this fantastic customer service.
  5. I don’t thinks it lame to announce your videos. I have loved every one. I am really looking forward to your videos on “The Geology of Coarse Gold and Nuggets!” 😉 The insights in your book and your articles in the IMCJ helped me immensely, and I am noticing the same observations. I being a geologist does help alitte. I’m still eagerly awaiting your reply on that from an email I sent, but I have more to add to the equation since then. Love em Chris, keep them coming!!
  6. If I remember right from my trip to NZ back 18 years ago, those mtns. are “The Remarkables!” I always loved that name.
  7. JW that is awesome to hear! Looking forward to what you think and find (out)!
  8. I would like to hear more on the 10” for the Zed, especially compared to the SDC with its standard 8”. I know most use the large coils for depth or wide open areas but I would like to use this in rocky areas and gulches where the 14 is just too big to weave in and around large rocks and boulders.
  9. I would like to trade my brand new, unopened, still in the packaging Minelab Equinox WM08. I am looking for a Minelab GPZ7000 WM12. It can be used if not abused. They both sell for the same amount. Actually the WM08 sells for 4 bucks more. I don't use headphones, so it would be nice to have a back up. I would be willing to sell this if you give me the same amount to buy a WM12. Thanks everyone!
  10. Thanks Dan! Looks like the HD. I like Zagg too. Others might be the same but Zagg works fantastic on my cell too
  11. Dan(NM), do you use Zagg Original, HD, HDX or Glass. I think you use the HD. I have been researching this for my Equinox and my GPZ and I like that on on the Equinox you can do the whole face plate. On the GPZ the screen is recessed some so I would assume you can not do the entire face plate and only the screen. I personally think that using the Zaggs in combination with with the Darwoody's method of sticking on the clear rubber drawer stoppers would be a great combo!
  12. I'm in luck! I still have warranty until May! I have sent the unit in for repair. Minelab customer service is Awesome!!! They have helped me so much over the years and all I have ever paid is shipping. Minelabber for life.
  13. I scrub with my Zed, I don't remember reading that you should not do this. But can't give you any feedback to your other problem.
  14. My Z’s GPS will not connect to the satellites. I have left this on for days now for it to connect and did a factory reset and left in for a day. No luck. Anyone else have this problem and maybe a solution. Probably gonna be calling Minelab but my warrenty is just out of date.
  15. Damn that's pretty slick! And it appears that the unit itself stays waterproof. Too bad they could not have figured away to have the cable go back up the shaft, seems like it could have. I'm gonna wait for the waterproof ones. They gotta eventually be coming
  16. And that chain thing to wire your 8" back through the shaft
  17. I asked and received! but you all got the same answer here first So you can put the 8 back on and have the same original waterproof detector. no waterproof coils coming Sorry beach hunters.
  18. Count me as another who will read your book. Can never read or research enough!
  19. Didn't think of that, but I would assume its no big deal. I think a smaller coil would be nice but needs to be waterproof for sure. Even if the big ones were waterproof then this would be a fun and useful beach machine! But what I really want to know is if you can put the orignal 8" back on and have the coil or the entire machine waterproof again.
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