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  1. Research, time, and lots of boot miles. Get away from the known areas and roads.
  2. Pro level. https://www.nimrodpacksystems.com/
  3. Fred gave us "parting" gifts on his last visit. For me, he made my favorite cake, for Tom Four Roses. We popped the cork during the last outing and toasted his memory. Missed you Freddy!
  4. He was more than a friend, he was a trusted mining partner. A rare thing theses days. RIP.
  5. Do I look like the Weather channel? ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. A bit further down and the other end of the contact. Virgin area, outside of known districts. poundage ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. South East a few miles will put you on free milling gold.
  8. Expect cool days and below freezing nights. Still, it's the best time of the year! Ice fog rainbow.
  9. Just the right springiness in the bungee Doc made the GPZ float in my hand (with a HipStick ?) Effortless to use!
  10. I got a sample a few days ago and this is a must have! "Oh Oh Weegeee" Well done Doc! Giving it a workout this weekend and that Gold Monster 1000 control head cover you sent!
  11. I'm waiting on the elip also.. Here is a 3 year old vid I did with the 9" coil in NorNv.
  12. Lock screen option on the detector, only way to reset is validation via Xchange and or website.
  13. i know it's a sheer pleasure to be wireless, but IMHO, hard wired to the detector is sonically superior.
  14. The NorNV desert is very detectable all winter as long as you pay attention to the weather. High pressure systems equals sunny calm days.
  15. Sweep speed, coil control and comfort, sounds like the HipStick can play a critical role! Thanks JP!
  16. I've built my last few windows machines, the upside is you get twice the bang for the buck and get a clean instal of the OS without all the bloatware (trial software) PC parts picker is a website where you can configure a build and compare prices. That said, consider buying from a local custom builder instead of the big box retailer. Nothing as good as getting your problems solved by the person who built your rig.
  17. Reads like GPU (graphics processing unit) driver (software that runs the video) problems. On your's is likely a integrated GPU (built into the motherboard). Most likely it's software related, since you indicate it only occurs while web browsing Get a external hard drive and back everything, then upgrade to win 10. To test this, download and install FireFox web browser. Ill bet $ it,s a conflict with Java (on the web page) and Chrome web browser (doesn't support Java)
  18. Can anyone guide me on removing a non paying/performing signer from a placer claim? This person will not return calls, emails or execute a quit claim mailed to them. Thanks for any help! Chris
  19. Big miners in Nevada are hiring and they provide the training and MSHA certification.
  20. Welcome to the top detecting forum bar none!
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