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  1. Wow... awesome Gold Coin...Congrats!!! I may not have dug that based on the signals you mentioned because so much trash (bottle caps at 20-21) mixed in with iron throw off those numbers but it would have been my loss if it were me on your site.
  2. Yes GB.... this is why I focus on the range of 11 to 14. The niks can come anywhere between those numbers both deep and shallow. If I have a deep 14 or 11 signal, I'm digging. 12/13 signals show up the most but you have to work in that 11 to 14 range nonetheless. By the way, I get a lot of old spoons too in that range. Yesterday, I dug a large One Shilling at a bouncy 14. This TID range has given me some good finds aside from the silvers and wheats.
  3. Congrats on a successful beach hunt. I really have to try the beaches... I'm not that far from it.
  4. My nickels come in a range of 11 - 14 with 12/13 the dominant number. Out of all those nickels, maybe a few came in at 11/12 or 13/14, but the majority toggled back and forth within those 4 numbers but 12/13 was the steady and consistent numbers.
  5. I primarily use 3 modes all site dependent or just to switch it around a bit. I like Park/Field 2 the most with settings at 20-22 sens, 0 IB, 3 recovery, multi freq and mostly in AM. I disc out 1-10 and 15-17 if extremely trashy site. I always leave iron open.
  6. Hey Everyone... Several months ago, I started honing in on nickel signals (Nox600 - 11,12,13,14) in addition to my high conductors and glad I did. I am digging more good finds at the mid tones. Check this out...Here are 307 nickels that I dug over past several months. I read somewhere that the averages are approx 200-250 nickels dug for each buff. Didn't mention V's or gold...only buffs.I guess I beat the averages... 307 nickels = 3 buffs, 3 v's, 1 war nickel, 1 18k gold ring and 1 gold buddha pendant... not bad huh? I didn't dig as much silver this year, cuz I only spent half the amount of time in the field from last year. Overall, adding nickel signals to my goals really kicked it up a notch. Merry Christmas everyone !!!
  7. Whew!!!! Now I am at ease again everyone. The 600 has become an extension of my arm and I didn't want it to be second fiddle to the 800 when it comes to depth. Jeff, your testing very well done, I'm impressed....thank you very much for that. I had long ago been convinced that the 600 was every bit as deep as the 800 minus a few settings that I don't need. Onward......
  8. Calabash did do a depth comparison between the 600 and 800 and I've seen it 2-3 times. He commented on this in the other forum. When I saw this video today it completely caught me off guard and I totally forgot about the test CD did a few months ago. If testing the strengths or weaknesses from one machine to the other via an air test is baseless, then why do they even bother?
  9. Don't tell me this is true... really? Kind of a disappointment if it is. I thought they were equal in depth.I have the 600 Now has me thinking about making another Nox purchase.
  10. That's a lot of success for 3.5 hours Congrats on the silvers, buff and wheats !!!!
  11. Amazing adventure Steve and thanks for sharing. You had me captivated through the whole read and pics. A dream vacation hunt for me as well. Congrats on all those awesome finds!!!!
  12. Whoooooah !!!! That is one hell of a month !!!! Congrats !!!!!
  13. Good timing on your post. I just came back from a 2 hour after work hunt. I also hit a 28 signal on a clad quarter. I thought it was different too. I'm used digging em up at 29-30. Congrats on the silver GW !!!!
  14. I enjoyed your write up. Thanx for sharing the pics too. I really envy you MD'ers on the East Coast. You are living in a part of the country so rich in US history. I hope I can hunt that part of the country some day.
  15. Good hunting Norm I have an old Army Swiss just like the one you found. Now I must find it to see if it has silver in it.
  16. GB; My primary settings when I hunt in Park 1 (I rarely use P2, F1&2 or beach) Heavy/crowded signals/targets/trash; multi 50 tones zero GB & Thrshld & IB (I rarely have to GB) Sens 20-22 disc out 1-10 and 14-17 (leave nickel sigs 11,12,13 open and all high co 18+) Light to moderate signals/targets; same settings above all metal mode Since I have been using these settings with a keen awareness to nickel signals, I have dug up 2 nice gold pieces...an 18K ring and gold buddha pendant.
  17. Nice finds... Every now and then I'll do a short night hunt after work.
  18. No one bothers me in the Los Angeles city or county parks. In fact, Parks & Rec staff will talk to you and give you ideas on where to go. Park Rangers & P.D. does not bother you either. They pretty much waive back at you if you initiate the gesture. But.... all said, I'm seeing a lot of uncovered plugs which will ultimately change things for us in the future. I think some MD'ers take advantage of lax policies and couldn't care one way or the other. We must change this attitude.
  19. Love it !!!! I'll take that over coins any day. Congrats !!!!
  20. Hey everyone, I get out on Sundays. Some half days and some full days. Half days you don't get much except a lot of clad, and full days you will work your butt off literally, for a few worth mentioning finds. You really gotta work these parks. You have to find areas where there aren't crowds so driving around finding that right spot takes time from your day. Leaving the house at 6am or earlier is the norm for me. I'm still on a buffalo/V nickel quest and averaging 20 -30 nickels per hunt. Got a buffalo this past Sunday, 2 silver dimes and a few wheats. I come home dirty/sweaty due to the heat but I'm liking every minute of it. I hope everyone had a great weekend hunt.
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