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  1. Steve, my GB2 is from 1997. It has a one piece 'S' rod. And my 6" coil is original. It has found a couple thousand little pieces and is my (my wife's) go to detector. I am relegated to my GB Pro. A few years ago while I was in Quartzsite for the winter I sent the GB2 to Fisher for some work. I didn't send the coil and they contacted me and I told them to calibrate it to their 'standard' coil. When I got it back i took it out and found a sub grain piece the first time out. Works for me.
  2. But yet that is what lots of people on the forums are doing by showing the pictures of their finds.
  3. Inside the box they use foil around the inside to shield the electronics. I believe the paper clip slides onto the foil to complete the ground
  4. Speaking of Pot Holes. Has anyone heard anything from Pot Holes Bob? I haven't seen him on any of the forums in a long time.
  5. Trinityau should chime in. I have been with Ray on many occasions when he just walked right through 6' high bushes of poison oak. He never gets it. Needless to say, my wife and I would pick our way around the stuff. Some day it will catch up with him.
  6. The doctor says that if you don't do anything it will go away in 2 weeks. If you get a cortisone shot it will go away in 14 days. Good luck on either choice.
  7. It beats the -15 degrees F that is was at Rye Patch this morning. Why am I still in Fallon after so many winters in Q?
  8. A few years ago my wife was hunting the wash on the west side of Dome Rock. She came upon a hole like that that someone had been drywashing. She was using her GB2. She checked the bottom real good, and then the sides all around. Finally, she checked the edge of the lip and there she found a nice piece of gold. Someone threw the baby out with the bathwater.
  9. Get them from Az Outback. After you wear them for a few hours and get back to your vehicle you will forget you have them on. Oh, they are guarenteed against any North American snake bite.
  10. Given the frequency that detectors operate at, it will have no effect on the sensitivity or depth. That said, how many detectors do you know of that will detect that small a piece? My Goldbug 2 with 6" coil has found many 1/10 grain pieces and I wouldn't be without a coil cover. I showed Chris Gholson a 1/10 grain piece that I found in Quartzsite with a Gold Bug Pro, and it had a cover on the 5" round coil. Use coil covers, don't wear out your coils.
  11. Steve, you should have moved to Fallon. We didn't get one flake of snow. And we are closer to Rye Patch. Goldbug Ron
  12. Steve, I don't know how much the MXT has improved over the years but in 2002 I hunted with a fellow in Redding who used an MXT. I had a Golden Hawk and GB2 at the time. We decided to do some testing and as it turned out the Golden Hawk could hear test pieces of gold better than the MXT. And that ain't saying much. The Hawk was probably the deadest detector I have used. Needless to say, the GB2 was way better then either one of the others. The Hawk was supposed to be an improvement over the 18000XT. No way. I had to go back with GB2 to find the pieces I missed with the Hawk. Now the Eureka Gold, that is a different story. Very good detector.
  13. Steve, reference the exposed wires. Don't forget that in the late 90's Minelab had the Golden Hawk. It's wires were hidden and it had a military look. It found gold but wasn't real sensitive. Similar to the XT18000.
  14. Yes El Dorado, I still have some of that $240 an oz gold. That $400 an oz gold traded for a new 4000 when it was $660 an oz. That was when you could still make a deal down at Stanton. Holding on to what I have now. Goldbug Ron
  15. Steve, the 'Little Valley' channel crosses the southern end of Wahoe Lake towards Virginia City. And Trinity au supposedly has found gold with a detector on the south south east side of Peavine. I have hunted there but only found bullets. In 2005 I made several forays into Little Valley looking for a placer that Jim Straight found when he was going to Mackay School of Mines. Never did find the placer or the ancient channel. I think it may be a little more to the south towards the Kings Grade.
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