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  1. In FNQ Australia, there are a number of properties you can go on & detect for gold. Most places are pay to detect & are well set up for camping with designated areas set aside for metal detecting, if you are fortunate enough to have access to private leases & cattle stations with gold bearing country even better again. Up until today, I had access to one of these private cattle stations to prospect on. Unfortunately I no longer have access, this is due to the fact there are still people doing the wrong thing while on these properties. The rubbish left behind at camp sites and open
  2. Gees, I'm liking your test results on the 2.35g nugget. That is a huge increase in depth over the 19" evo considering what timings can actually be used in most areas. I was surprised too how the 25" performed, that little nugget I tested was only 0.17g & In mono mode it was slightly brighter but you could increase your swing speed and still ping it very easily, sharp response too. I was close to town where I did my test run, deep mode settled the detector down providing a smooth and clear response. In shallow mode I had too much EMI coming through. I suspect out in the bush this would
  3. I remember gold being around the $500 mark before I got into detecting, we use to sluice all week just making enough to keep going. On one trip my prospecting mate thought he could make more money if he smelted his gold he found that week to make fake nuggets. It ended in disaster, he poured the gold into a jar of water & it exploded on him. I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard, but unfortunately for old mate we never found his gold... none of us owned a detector at the time!
  4. The new flat wound coils can start to play up on hot days as the ground heats up, I found that out while detecting on days with a temp range in the mid 30's where at times I had revert back to standard coils for the hottest part of the day. The 14 Elite is a great coil just like nugget finder Evo coils but with the advantage of a pressure release valve to help combat hot conditions. If the gold tends to be smaller like you mentioned under 5 grams with shallower ground, the 12" evo would be my pick on the Gpx.
  5. Gees those fellas put in a lot of work raking & clearing that site, you need a lot of patience to do that sort of detecting.
  6. Tested the 25" dd nugget finder on a 0.17 nugget, rough little piece. I was impressed at the sensitivity of this big 25" coil. It should do well over hot ground
  7. Personally I wouldn't get a gpx modified, based on price for upgrading towards a Zed or even a good second hand one would seem more logical. My brother actually forked out $1200 to get his sd2200d modded many years ago & yes there was a marked improvement especially the gain mod.This helped with using mono coils, but still I couldn't justify the cost myself. I had owned a modded gp3000 done by Woody which I picked up for less than the price for a stock secondhand gp3000 . The person who paid for it to be modded lost out on that detector big time & that's something to think about if you
  8. G'day, I Just bought a Detech 8" dd coil from you today, I will be keen to see how it goes on the 35, if I can run it in mono over my patch that will be a bonus. One thing I have noticed with the signal control on the 35 is how the threshold behaves from anti clock wise to full clock wise position. At the full signal position the detector seems to be smoother & quieter than opposite position where the threshold volume appears to sound louder with less stability. Why the target response is reduced is obvious but the instability with the signal control wound back makes no sense to me. I
  9. Fingers crossed your right about the large Nugget Finder DD's here's a pic of a 8x6 sadie coil in the stomach of the new 25" dd lol
  10. Gold is gold, nice pics very sharp images. I almost did the same thing to a 5 gram nugget it was completely encrusted in iron stone. Just looked like a rusty nugget almost tossed thinking it was a little hot rock until I gave it a scratch. Makes you wonder how many nuggets have been kicked out of the way.
  11. Hey thanks, Nenad. I will give that a go for sure. I've never used salt timing before so It will be interesting to see how it handles the ground That maybe the problem the soil maybe be high in salt. As a interesting note the ground was once the ocean floor so that would make sense. Some people on hear maybe familiar with the area it's a town called Chilligoe west of Cairns NTH QLD it's not known for gold so much as it is mostly marble & granite country with high limestone bluffs scattered across the landscape & if your into exploring caves there's some really deep ones. Anyways I'll g
  12. Great explanation, the gp3500 is still a very good detector along with the earlier models such as the sd2200. I remember a trip to Flat creek station in 2009 near George town NTH QLD. The camp site was full & there were plenty of Gpx 4500's & 4000's being used. I was the only one there with a Sd2200. After setting up camp & introducing my self with some of the prospectors It became apparent that nobody had found any gold in days, this was certainly discouraging for me that I was about to start detecting with a Sd2200 over where 4500's had already been hammering. But after dri
  13. That's music to my ears I hope your right, Detech are made in Bulgaria too & they are bomb proof especially there 11" spiral it runs so smoothly on the gp & sd series not a problem at all. The 12x6 X-coil sounds perfect for the bread & butter stuff!! Just waiting now to hear back from Davesgold. Love how all these coil companies are pushing the limits with new tech. Just means more gold for all of us eventually.
  14. Are these X coils available in Australia, or does anybody no where to order one. Did a google search on X coil but nothing come up, would be keen to get the 12x6 see how it handles on the Gp3500
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