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  1. ? I thought you would be all over that, I had been asking them if they had plans to do a replacement for the sadie in the EVO windings and they had mentioned that they had a new coil coming that was performing excellently and was smaller than what was currently available in the flat/evo windings so i knew it would just be a matter of times, the sadie will still be good for getting in the really tight spots but the 12 x 8 will cover so much more ground whilst still be maneuverable in vegetation and rough ground. with the performance of the 14 x 9 on small gold I am super keen to see what the 12 x 8 can do.
  2. A few months ago when talking to the guys at nugget finder about coil options they hinted at a new small coil coming out soon, here is the news i was waiting for. Some exciting news for GPX users, a super sensitive coil with good ground coverage in the evolution windings, will be interesting to see its performance especially compare to the new coiltek 9" and also the SDC. From the nugget finder website https://www.nuggetfinder.com.au/products A NEW EVOLUTION IS COMING The 12"x8" Evolution will be released in August 2018 AMAZING SENSITIVITY COMBINED WITH GOOD GROUND COVERAGE LIGHTWEIGHT - ONLY 740 Grams More Details and Pictures soon to be released!
  3. Thanks for the Story Lanny, I really enjoy hearing about a whole day out as well as just the posting of finds. the new prospector was a lucky guy to stumble across someone who is willing to teach them a thing or two, nice work. Cheers,
  4. I was directed back to this old post from another recent one of Mikes about gold patches, It is a great post and well written! just from reading this i started thinking about the loss characteristics at sites in my area and will make a point to consider this more in my area. Thanks Mike
  5. wow, some use...check out where the lead enters the coil..i wouldn't touch that with a ten foot detector shaft
  6. Great idea, There are also some good books and forum posts around on Loaming, technique which is usually undertaken with a shovel and pan but can also apply to detecting with coarser gold finds and following the trends to the source. also helps to get a layout of the field you are working. https://www.reedsprospecting.com.au/shop/detail/loaming-for-gold-in-the-21st-century-by-bob-fagan/ https://www.reedsprospecting.com.au/shop/detail/loaming-for-gold/ Please note: I have no affiliation with this seller and have not purchased from them before, by all reports a reputable seller however please do your own research if planning on purchasing anything from online stores. hope that helps
  7. I think they would also see quite a few people hop off the fence and purchase an equinox if they were to make a 6 x 10 coil, I am one of those people, i have no doubt that the equinox is a great machine and that it can find gold without the "gold" style/spec coil however i am in no hurry to buy anything and am waiting to see if they will release it before jumping into the equinox. I cant see it doing any bad things to the GM sales as it is an entirely different prospect and sits at a completely different price point, if anything it will be better for minelab as it will be easier to walk people up the range from the GM ($1k) to a higher value detector in the equinox + extra coil (1.5k) - for an extra $500 you get a high spec coin/relic machine + a high spec Gold VLF. No brainer!
  8. I have the same problem with my galaxy note tab 10.1, the on off button is a real PITA, sometimes it needs a short tap, sometimes you have to hold it down for a couple of seconds, and sometimes it wont work until i swear and then it seems to come good, hopefully it doesn't get worse for you.
  9. A At the moment units have to be sent back to victoria for updates, i think they should adress this with adding a usb for firmware updates so the software can be updateable at home and only go back for harware updates. There is some good info here as well from some other aussie users, lots to read but will give you an idea of the + & - of the QED. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=21000 https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=23399 Im looking forward to seeing how this matures and believe that competition in the gb PI market will only be a good thing for us all.
  10. I don't have an EQ or the headphones however i have seen this same problem on a couple of cheaper headphones i have owned in the past, one which broke first time i put them on. very similar design to the above. the good thing is that it didn't seem to affect the function, on these it looks like a defect in the plastic combined with the design which looks like it would place stress on the top edge of that piece. i would think a better design would have had the screws located closer to the top of the piece.
  11. +1 for the monster in Aus http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/6386-gold-monster-in-australia-ldc-gold/ just posted this in the Minelab section of the forum.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFgzy3yZCA1FdeJcOEbOYMQ/videos Just thought i would post this up, i have been watching his clips for a while now, He is the most prolific gold finder with the monster i have seen, certainly shows how good the monster is at pinging those specimens and tiny flakes. I have been loving the posts by Kiwijw & Phrunt who have been doing well with the monster in NZ but i haven't seen much of the monster in Australia and more in the more mineralised ground until i came across this guy. Cheers,
  13. 5 bucks for a hotdog, not so bad... at some of our local festivals, even weekend markets they get away with charging AUD$9.00 (US $6.94 ) for a plain hotdog. And then there are some new hotdog shops around that are charging upto aud$15.00 (US$11.57 for a "gourmet dog". or sausage on a roll haha. http://www.thehotdogman.com.au/#menu that is mental!
  14. Was there any more modern day gold rushes in france in the 1850s or thereabouts, do you know the methods that were used to mine the gold by the romans and celtics. If there hasnt been much modern prospecting done there you might be surprised at what may still be found. A lot of knowledge about how and where gold occurs and how it moves has been gained in the last 150 years or so which may have been lacking for the earlier miners. Even though you have had 2000+ years of gold mining it was likely not very efficient and using modern techniques such as detecting may open up some great possibilities
  15. Pretty prolific ring finder, 24 so far this year (1 ring every 3 or so days) he was obviously doing pretty well before the equinox was released as well
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