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  1. On the road again... Snow in the high country of Montana?
  2. Have you paid your dues? I had the same trouble when I forgot to pay mine.
  3. Bill's interest and participation in the forum has pretty much dropped to zero since he began devoting more time to the You Tube thing. As it stands now there aren't many reasons to drop into a forum that has very low traffic. I'm not being critical or placing blame, just stating the facts.
  4. Nice gold. Yeah, I remember that place--got stuck several times!!!
  5. Reese, nice nugget. What coil were you using when you found it?
  6. @GhostMiner My two cents: Steve regretted his comments made in the heat of the moment and apologized (several times). I would hope you could accept his apology, move on from your hurt feelings and fire up your writing juices to continue with your story. You have a large number of readers waiting for the next chapter.
  7. Marketing guys have all the fun!!! But wouldn't that get so tiresome?😉
  8. Oops messed up and have a double post.
  9. To me, it just looks like they "poured" a little plastic of some sort in the existing ridges to add some additional strength and more thickness behind the "ears".
  10. Very interesting topic. (Zero content comment but I keeping getting a notice to make a post. So....)
  11. Thanks for the weigh in, very helpful.
  12. Hi all, My new Axiom is the wireless package with the 13x11 DD and 11x7 Mono coils. Initially I will be using it to patch hunt in unfamiliar areas rather than cleaning up old known patches. I'm thinking the 13X11 DD would be an okay choice to use even though a 13x11 Mono might punch deeper. I may have to drop down to the 11x7 Mono in brushy tree covered areas. Any advice on this strategy will be greatly appreciated. I own a GPZ 7000 but it gets heavier each year. If I locate a patch or two I can bring out the big gun. 💪
  13. Congratulations on the first one. My first nugget was with a new SDC 2300 also after many many hours using a number of different VLF machines. Best thing I ever did as a detector prospector was buy the 2300. I'm sure you will find that to be true with the Axiom.
  14. Yes I also wondered about that when he made the comment and, remembering Steve's comments about how Garrett cranked up the sensitivity settings in the production Axioms.
  15. Thanks for taking the time to make the videos. I don't have either machine but thinking hard about both the 6000 and the Axiom. I have a GPZ 7000 and love it but reached the point where rigging up to swing the beast is taking some joy away from the hunt.
  16. There are no maps you can easily lookup that give you all the active mining claims. Finding where the claims are located requires a bit of research. Land Matters gives you some tools. I think, but I could be wrong, the so called railroad lands mineral right's have been sold or leased to mining companies. Although, I have seen numerous people detecting on these areas. Others may chime in.
  17. Exactly the question I had in mind. Thanks for asking.
  18. Wow just wow. Very impressive store and ownership story.
  19. I can understand YouTube it's a video and can be informative. But Facebook I see no logic in the way it is laid out or used, and Instagram seems to have no real value other than wasting a few hours of your life. Yeah, I'm old.
  20. Translated to english: Yes, everything above and below the ground will belong to the state!
  21. As a young boy I would mail requests to various State governments asking for travel information. I received an amazing amount of very nice pamphlets and maps. It was exciting to open that mailbox and find a package addressed to me. Gone are the simple joys of simple times.
  22. Super find. Detecting, excavating or both--just curious.
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