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  1. I think you have already established that fact! Just kidding. Thanks for your valuable input to this forum and the Axiom development.
  2. So, what did the namesake Henry Dole get? The "shaft"?
  3. At 83 I am looking at retirement from the other end. Seems we all have the dream of living the gypsy life following a detector to the next likely patch. Time flies after retirement and we soon find ourselves moving slower and the gypsy life becomes harder. Living in a trailer gets old and staying home begins to look better. Bishop, you have the ideal scenario--good detecting at your door step. Keep your home, use your trailer for some summer adventures until old age tells you to relax at home.
  4. I wrapped a portion of the cable tightly with wraps touching and taped it to the rod with electricians tape. Left enough loosely wrapped to allow full extension of the rod. I would have included a photo, but the GB2 is in Arizona and I am in Alberta shoveling snow. Not too smart.
  5. Several of the pictures seem to have a Copper colored hue in some areas. It may be a Gold/Copper alloy. I have seen Gold rings with some copper added that have a similar color
  6. Is this a true fault or more like a tilted bed of hard rock intruding into the gravels?
  7. I have an inReach device and have looked at the Zoleo. The Zoleo is easier to use. Both are good devices to be carrying off grid. BUT, if I were bitten by a Brown or Taipan 😮 I would want the satellite phone to actually talk to someone rather than fiddling with a device and smartphone trying send text messages.
  8. Oh boy, looks like my comment about restocking the burn barrel area at Rye Patch may have been taken the wrong way. The comment was made in jest because so many people have found nuggets in that area and it is still giving them up. No disrespect was intended. I respect anyone who can find a nugget in that area.
  9. Does somebody go out and restock that burn barrel area--it has got to be the most pounded area in the Rye Patch.
  10. That is very curious, why wouldn't the 12" NF have equal sensitivity around the entire circle like the ML 14"? Is it not wound the same as the ML?
  11. Looks like this coil may be the answer to my "I own a 7000 should I get a 6000" dilemma. By the way, I like the old name tag better than the new one--looks more "professional".🤓
  12. You talking about the 12" Nuggerfinder coil?
  13. GS, I mailed a letter from Alberta to Phoenix area that took 2 weeks, so all things considered a month from OZ ain’t too bad. Be careful with that bad boy pick. Wouldn’t want to trip and fall on the pointy end.
  14. Norm It has been my good fortune to meet you, spend time with you on club outings, and meet you occasionally by chance in the goldfields. I too got a warm smile and the feeling that you were truly glad to see me. You always treated me like an old friend--thank you. I am saddened to hear of your diagnosis. God bless you. Ken
  15. Like the old saying: he didn't get the gold (mine) just the shaft.
  16. For most users. like myself, a pay out of a detector and all the associated cost is not expected, it is considered the cost of recreation.
  17. Info on travel through Canada to and from Alaska Crossing the border and transit through Canada – Travel restrictions in Canada – Travel.gc.ca
  18. The information made available by the contributors to this thread is invaluable. The same can be said for the Ancient River Channels thread above. Thanks to everyone involved.
  19. About 6 years ago I joined a well known prospecting club with a number of members who were/are very good detectorists. I didn't know anybody in the club and I was a complete detecting noobie. I felt like a fish out of water. At the first outing I was approached by Norm and he made me feel welcome and continued doing so every time we met at an outing or somewhere in the field where we crossed paths. Norm is one of the good guys. Thank you Norm. Best wishes for a complete recovery.
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