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  1. Looks like it does a good job on coins and relics.
  2. Great story and finds. I live on a large ranch and have acess to other ranches in the area as well as lots of BLM ground. My greatest treasures are the old objects that define our history. I try to imagine the hardship that the old settlers endured. I sell nothing and my daughter is my cureator.
  3. I very rarely think of quitting. My mindset is when I find trash there is usually something good there too. A human trait is to be careless and lose things.
  4. Good finds. I have had a few times when I found something worthwhile at the end of a mediocre day.
  5. Would the 14 inch mono spiral work well on my TDI SL. I dont see it listed for the Whites.
  6. First went to Baja in 1968 before the transpeninsula highway. 1000 miles of bad road both ways if you went all the way down. Today is cushy to then. In the 80s had money in a resort at San Franscito with a Mexican partner until he died and our part was taken away with no reimbursement. You have no rights if they want it it's theirs. Gold south of Bahia De Los Angeles and est of El Arco. Easy to come up dead, missing, or in jail with a missing key and a cellmate that thinks you are pretty.
  7. I took my wife who has Alzheimers over to Ely last spring. To the old courthouse where we were married 50 years ago hoping to revive an old memory. Spent some time out at Osceola and found it to be claimed although i am sure there is some area to detect there. Went to Garnet Hill and found 63 one day. All an interesting area just not sure that acess makes it a great place to detect nuggets.
  8. Good thing to do. More kids need to get outdoors and discover the world we know. Thanks for caring!
  9. Great finds. Hope you have the time to get out and find more.
  10. Had a similar experience today. Lots of bullets and cartridge cases, the a modern nickel and penny in a tailing pile. Spent the last two hours helping a friend with a dry washer for a few flakes. No complaint as every day outdoors is a good day.
  11. I found a Gold ring in a playground at the park. Upon returning it to the owner she fell to her knees and cried. It was a grandmother who had took her grandchildren to play. Glad I did the right thing.
  12. That is a nice piece Fred and your daughter in law made it into something very memorable. I just sent a nice piece of gold in quartz to my daughter. I give her all my finds: Gold, Relics, Coins.
  13. I recently found two relics on one day in the gold fields of New Mexico. Both are very special to me. The first was a muleshoe that only had two nails holding it on when lost. All other nails were still there but worn smooth. That animal had worked very hard for many a day with that loose shoe. The second object found was a hand forged chisel used to split rock. The top was heavily mushroom by hammer blows. Special to me as a tribute to the men and animals that worked endless days for unknown reward.
  14. I took her to Nevada last spring hoping time in the outback would bring a connection. It did not. Im going north to spend christmas with her and this will be a disconnect also. She has Alzheimers.
  15. A very moving video for me. Alone to still continue the adventure without my dear wife who made every step with me.
  16. I have followed this forum for a long time and this is my first post but I consider the subject to be of great importance to all users of public land. For all of my 70 yearsIi have lived in the desert gold country of New Mexico. I hunt, fish, rock hound, metal detect and placer mine the area. The area is National Forest, BLM, State Land, State School Board Land and private ranch land. I do not have any claims but do have permission to prospect on 11 claims. I hunt on all these lands and claims as well as target shoot and plink at times and I carry my targets and trash out. But leave lead shot from bird hunting and lead bullets behind to be found by detectorists like myself. But let me say that this public land is multi use by law. If I had someone come up to me with a gun and order me off of public land he should consider the fact that I am armed also. It would be a terrible nightmare if I had to defend myself but would if it became necessary. So lets forget this foolishness because PUBLIC LAND is MULTI USE LAND and what is being discussed in this thread is probably being read and cataloged buy our government agencys to be used to take the land away from us all.
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