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  1. Great finds. Is there a spot available for you on Aussie Gold Hunters? All the best, Lanny
  2. Incredible finds, nicely done! All the best, Lanny
  3. Sweet looking outfit! Congratulations, and all the best as you get out there to chase the gold, Lanny
  4. Nice finds indeed. Running out of steam is what's starting to happen to me as well at times. . . . All the best, Lanny
  5. Congratulations! That's some sweet looking gold. All the best, Lanny
  6. Really enjoyed your pictures of the gold you found, as well as of your little dog. Nicely done, and all the best, Lanny
  7. Whenever I'm detecting in the desert, I wear my snake gators that I got from Doc, sound investment indeed. All the best, Lanny
  8. My nephew spent two seasons trying to find that treasure. He saw some beautiful places he otherwise never would have seen, and it got him motivated to do something outside of what he normally would have done. Regardless of what happens to the find/if the find was real, etc., it generated a ton of interest and a sense of adventure for many people. As for those that died, that's truly sad, as it is when anyone dies in the pursuit of anything they take a keen interest in. All the best, Lanny
  9. Yes Jonathan, for those of us that spend 90% of our time detecting in mountains, the weight of the heavy Minelabs really is a killer. I'm with Steve on looking forward to someone that will come out with a top-notch much-lighter-weight machine that will do a comparable (or better) job to the heavy Minelabs. I can only dream about detecting in flat areas because our gold is mountain bred and often requires hanging on by the toes while swinging a coil. If Minelab gets the weight down considerably and it truly offers something remarkably different in their new 6000 model, I'll take a look, if not, I'll look somewhere else. All the best, Lanny
  10. Great overview of how the gold's been chased in Australia! Learned a lot of things I did not know about the gold rushes in Australia. Thanks for posting, and all the best, Lanny
  11. Thanks for the information Steve. Haven't tried it yet, but now I will just to see how it functions. Appreciate the extra efforts you make to educate. All the best, Lanny
  12. I had no idea Steve, the things you do to keep your forum running seem endless. . . . Thanks for your dedication and hard work, truly! All the best, Lanny
  13. Nicely done! Thanks for the pictures, and all the best, Lanny
  14. Nice chunk of sassy gold! Well done, and all the best, Lanny
  15. Thanks for your continuing hard work to keep your forum updated and running smooth Steve. All the best, Lanny
  16. Loved the pictures of the inside of the mine, too bad you didn't get any gold, but it looks like it was an interesting day regardless. All the best, Lanny
  17. Ray is a great guy (he's unselfishly helped me out with questions in the past), and you are indeed lucky to have had some personal instruction time with him. Good to know he's still out stomping around in the hills. All the best, Lanny
  18. Interesting post that really shows the progress made today over the earlier models. Thanks for posting the information, and all the best, Lanny
  19. Wanted to post some pictures to go with the last couple of stories from this summer: (Half an ounce of goodness found by my son with his X-Terra 705.) A 3-gram nugget he found on a lonely little shelf. A nice piece my son found all by himself, his first time using the 705 for nugget hunting (he has over 500 hours on it coin-shooting though). It seems to be good luck to wave your hand over a pan of gold before you start detecting, certainly worked for us! The main haul we both made the first day, largest piece 6-grams. All the best, Lanny
  20. Always a bit of a bummer to only locate a loner, but always better than no gold. However, I do understand the frustration of hammering the rest of the surrounding ground and coming away nuggetless. All the best, Lanny
  21. Used it lots, works great, happy with it. Doc's a great guy to deal with as well, in addition, always thinking outside the box to create new items to better serve prospecting needs. All the best, Lanny
  22. Great timing on your move, and congratulations on finding the gold. Nicely done, and all the best, Lanny
  23. Nice find, congratulations! All the best, Lanny
  24. Enjoyed the story, and liked the gold you gathered as well. Thanks for taking the time to write about your adventure, and congratulations on getting some gold with your machine. All the best, Lanny
  25. Sad indeed for the loss. All the best, Lanny
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