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Getting Back Out On The Gold Trails Soon

Deep Beeps

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Hello everyone,

Here I am again. Apparently Steve deleted me as he thought I was trying to advertise since I was engaging in to many topics at once on here. So pardon the re-post. BTW I lost all messages and posts so please re-post if you notice me

My name is Jason and have swung different detectors since the mid 90's. All gold machines until just this year. Love the coins but just had hernia surgery here in San Diego and gettin heart ablation done in a week. So chomping at the bit to head somewhere cooler than the SoCal, AZ desert that I'm near and know best to find a little color and have some smiles and create some new memories.

So I'm in need of some information for the NorCal, that I haven't been in the water since the 90's, or Northern Nevada that I not swung a detector over since my GP3500 back in 2008.

California was always along the I-80 corridor. Mostly sniping the North Fork of the American with a little South Yuba here and there but all that mercury in that river!!!! A little sluicing too but no detecting at all as this was just prior to my first and sweetest sounding detector I've ever owned (And still do) , my Fisher Gold Bug 2.

When I lived in Reno I often headed out to The Rye Patch area and beyond (Placeritas, Seven Troughs, Scossa, Poker Brown, etc). Not much else as I was too busy with work when I was there at that time. Also at this time I was armed with a very capable 99 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 on 33's and a stock 85 Toy 4Runner that went anywhere I dared. Now Im in the largest van know to man, A MB Sprinter 170 ext. It actually has very good clearance for such a mega vehicle and have off-roaded it more than most take their built jeeps but the bad turning radius, 10'2" height and especially 4' long tail really limits where I can go. SO!..... Where can I go now? I don't belong to any clubs. I'm really anxious to both snipe and detect the upper sierra's (This will be starting mid September if all goes well) and then probably head downstream towards the lower elevations of Cali or out into Nevada . Basically chase good weather and better gold. Van life for AU 22.


1.What rivers are open without claims now?

2. Can I still crevice with my Gold Bug 2 or ML Monster or should I get a SDC 2300 (It is foldable and waterproof)

3. Can you take an SDC 2300 completely underwater? I have a XP Deus 2 as well but doubt it can find small gold pickers in a crevice but sure it can find lead and nails and give me a starting point if that makes sense.

2.What hydraulic pits can I get to and are allowed to hunt in?

3.Anyone looking for company (Late Sept/October)

Any info helps.

Coil gold.jpg

Caliche Gold.jpg

New finds.jpeg


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On 8/31/2022 at 4:56 PM, Gold Seeker said:

Nice little nuggets!

Which detector did you find the Tarantula with?

Thanks Gold Seeker.

That little guy was in the middle of the road near Quartzsite, AZ last December when I was on my way back from getting those nuggets. That was my best day last year but tbh I didn't get out much. Hoping to turn that around this month. Head towards the Yuba in 2 weeks.

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