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New Member Restrictions

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The new AI coming online is really making things interesting. It used to be you could spot spammers due to poor spelling or grammar, since many are based overseas. Now it's the other way around. Perfect English, perfect grammar is how I spot some. I figure that can't be a real gold prospector - and it's not! :smile: But they will fine tune even that, toss in a misspelled work and some slang to where an AI based bot can post and you can't tell. I actually get emails almost daily from people wanting to sell me on AI posters to keep the forum active - an army of robot posters! I can see where all this is going. All the real people leave, and we end up with bots chatting with each other online! :laugh:

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Dial it in anytime and as often as you want Steve.   

This awesome forum should be fun for you too !

It's your vision to direct , and IMO you're putting on a great show so far !   WOW 

I was getting less and less time to have fun posting because of all the "maintenance" before putting in the filtering rules on my forums (I was even thinking of pulling the plug and just participating here)  . 

That plus your idea of deleting the zero posting accounts have made things much more manageable now !  Only 3 spammers (very probably the same person 3 times ) so far this month and I don't remember any from march..

Live Long and Prospect 🖖 



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9 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I can see where all this is going. All the real people leave, and we end up with bots chatting with each other online! 

Now Steve I hope you know that when I am swinging the detector I become a BOT.

So when I make a post on here am I still considered a BOT, I just want to make sure that I am still human at times.

I believe that what you are changing things to will work quite well and get rid of the bad BOTS.

Just another question for you, when you are swinging your detector do you feel like a BOT?

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Just a 'wonder' of sorts ...

How many new members are trying to join in a day?

We've got lots of detectorists out there flogging the deserts and beaches and parks but there shouldn't be thousands and thousands of people you've missed with the forum so far.  You know the other treasure site numbers so a flood of 'new' members with turbo activity would be suspicious especially if they are from areas that don't have legally active detectorists.

I kind of give a 'new member' a few months of posting to see how they deal with us so your 'rules' should not be so cast that a bot can figure them out.

You could flag posts of 'new members' until they are off probation and/or require them to post in Meet and Greet!  Not that many post there so far.  I don't do FB or other social media where the social influencers throw their weight around shuttling traffic and views.

Anything you do should make it simple for you and Chase to administer.  This lets you get away after the snow melts to find the good stuff.

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Steve,i seriously think this is a wise move,and will eliminate all the potential spammer,all the genuine folks who apply to join the forum wont mind at all,but the initial hurdle that will be in place should eliminate the majority of spammer.....so yes this suggestion from you gets my approval.

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