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New Member Restrictions

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I'm good with that, anyone that reads my off the cuff, overreactive at times, post's would know I'm only human. However I'm a bit worried, my grammar is always perfect..... mineralization or mineralisation hmm.

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4 hours ago, Hard Prospector said:

Life-like bots convincingly impersonating real people.聽 I don't like the direction this Brave New World is headed..........frightening

Did you not watch Terminator ? 馃檪

The Internet's always been the lawless wild west, the more popular it's become the more wild it gets.聽 A difficult thing to police so it's up to individuals to control their own piece of the Internet, Steve with the assistance of Chase does a good job around here of that, with all of the possible disruptions very little affects the users.聽 If we all do our bit and use the "report" button when we see something suspicious I'm sure it helps a little to keep it at bay.

The more difficult it's made for them the less likely they'll bother here.

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3 hours ago, Valens Legacy said:

Now Steve I hope you know that when I am swinging the detector I become a BOT.

So when I make a post on here am I still considered a BOT, I just want to make sure that I am still human at times.

I believe that what you are changing things to will work quite well and get rid of the bad BOTS.

Just another question for you, when you are swinging your detector do you feel like a BOT?


Well , actually .

That's the way I ran my sound systems , just allowed my mind聽 to become part of the machine's inner workings聽 . I looked at it like The Pinball Wizard song by the Who.

SO I guess that's a yup yup cuz I'm trying to do the same thing with my detector too ...

Yesterday I called several of my finds before digging . ....IT'S WORKING !聽聽馃樀


BeeBoop model #17.3.

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Agree Steve, sounds very reasonable. Love the forum and anything that keeps it fun for you is good.

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Relatively new to this forum but was a member years ago and only dropped out because I didn't have time with my work schedule to contribute much. Now I am retired and glad to be back. I think your plan is excellent and will do the job.聽

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