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  1. Some Gold Basin Love

    Beautiful pieces!
  2. Minelab SDC 2300 Little Ones

    Way to go! The blue vacuum strikes again.
  3. Yuma Specimen

  4. That's what I keep telling my self, no 4wd so I can't get out for a lot of these glorious wet weather hunts people keep posting about.
  5. Few Finds

  6. Electric Offroad Scooters Update

    I think a good pair of boots would be a better investment.
  7. A Few More Bits Of Gold

    Sweeping up with the GB II, very nice JW!
  8. Fantastic! The SDC is such a simple, but so very effective machine. I'm sure your son will be finding a lot more gold with it in the future.
  9. My Gpx5000 Is Not Working

    You have a fake, "gpx" on the side of genuine minelabs is in a different font, the screen is wrong, those are two of a few issues I see. Hopefully you didn't waste too much money on it.
  10. My Gpx5000 Is Not Working

    You probably have a fake.
  11. California Flooding?

    The difference in turbidity at the coastline is incredible.
  12. Underwater Gold With Minelab

    That was my thought, that takes talent!
  13. Metal Detecting For Native Silver

    Great article Chris. That herringbone piece is exquisite.
  14. California Flooding?

    Another Yuba pic. Churn gold, churn!
  15. The bigger piece sort of looks like a gold fish.