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What Is Your Pick For Best Detector Or Manufacturer?

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Started with the Excal so a big Minelab fan. I’m used to the tones of the Minelab’s so the new Equinox should be a perfect fit.

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What manufacturer is on the leading edge? Minelab. I think the Equinox and the ProFind 35 with iron tone will be a deadly combo. The Equinox in particular is going to send the MSRP of all purpose machines across the board into chaos. 

What manufacturer needs a wake up call? It's hard to say because I don't know what they are working on behind the scenes right now. From what hints I do get it sounds like First Texas might be the best hope for something genuinely new in the U.S. I've been a Made in the USA guy almost from the start, and generally I feel all the manufacturers here have fallen behind by focusing too much on single frequency VLF for too long. I would say maybe Garrett if anyone needs a wake up call from outside appearances. Whites often gets grief for falling behind because they used to sit on the top of the heap, but sometimes I wonder if they are as far behind as we think. The V3i and VX3 are pretty advanced machines in my view. The MX Sport should've been the Equinox though. Instead it was a missed opportunity.

What is your favorite all purpose detector? This is difficult. I have a soft spot for First Texas, Particularly Fisher. I love the F75, from the ergonomics and aesthetics to the depth and speed. It's the machine I most regret parting with as I thinned my herd. I now use the Spectra V3i and MX Sport, but for the first time I'm tempted to walk away from American manufacturers for my go to machine and into camp Equinox. We shall see shortly.

I don't have a favorite prospecting detector as from what I understand there's not much gold to find in NY. For gold jewelry it's the V3i.

What do you wish manufacturers would incorporate into their machines? I would like to see a pinpointer that would adopt the machine's discrimination settings wirelessly. I would like to see LEDs embedded in machines for night hunting. I do like the target trace feature of the CTX and would like to see something better than it on the next First Texas flagship. I'd like to see folding shafts. I'd also like to see more accessories to personalize and customize our machines, like custom armrests and shafts with different designs, shapes, colors. I'd like to see more integration with smartphones.

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Welcome to the forum Cipher, great post!

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