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Simplex+ Software Updates (2019.10.25 & 2019.11.01)

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Hello all..as per customer requests and feedbacks, we have made the following updates on the Simplex+:

Software Update (2019.10.25) : System Software V2.67 / LCD Software V2.01

1. Wireless Connection Improvements:

  • The wireless connection quality has been improved.
  • The pairing process with the wireless headphones has been simplified. You can download the new headphone instructions from this link.
  • Wireless icon has been added to the screen.

2. Save function has been added:

  • The detector will now save all settings automatically once you turn your detector off and on again except for Ground Balance, Frequency Shift and LED Flashlight On/Off.

3. Factory Defaults function has been added.

To revert back to factory defaults please follow the steps below:

  • Turn the detector on by pressing the power button.
  • Once the Simplex+ logo appears on the screen, press and hold down the SETTINGS and PINPOINT/CONFIRM button simultaneously until 3 short beeps are heard.

4. Frequency Shift:

  • Frequency shift channels have been optimized and dropped to 3 channels: F1-F2-F3. F2 is the center frequency.


Software Update (2019.11.01) : System Software V2.68

Updates Made Version error message during update and minor bugs have been fixed.


See the Simplex+ Firmware Update Page for details.

THE USA SHIPMENTS INCLUDE THE UPDATES. Fİrst shipment leaving the factory tomorrow.

Thank you!


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Thank you! Good luck on the launch of the best entry level detector ever!

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A prime example of how every manufacturer should be.... Nokta is sure leading the way in customer service and no doubt satisfaction.  I feel sorry for the other manufacturers that are stuck in their arrogant ways, it's going to come back and bite them sooner or later.  I for one appreciate you coming here to keep us informed Dilek.


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It would take a lot to get me to buy any new detector now that lacks an update function. All new releases for quite a few years now have needed updates, and the only ones that have not is probably just because you get what you get and that’s the way it is going to be. Even if the machine needs improving after release any manufacturer that puts out a detector without an update feature will be resistant to the very idea. I’m betting the Garrett AT Max would have benefitted from a post release update, but lacking the update feature... well, it’s just not going to happen.

Just something to consider on all new releases these days.

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Metal Detecting: Nokta-Makro Simplex Firmware Update Guide Oct 27, 2019 TheHunterGT


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So I’m assuming (I haven’t tried it yet) that on start up of the Simplex,  one will see the software version on the lower part of the screen. Good to know thanks.

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      I’m posting this to help our fellow man or woman.
       What we have out here is a lot of V -Want to be’s But the only place they can get them is at Shaft Sports.
       So you ask what can a Simplex + owner do  . Well first just let them hold your Simplex and tell them they can buy it from a dealer that  will be there after the sale . 
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