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The Little Silver Kitty Returned

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    • By Dan(NM)
      Finished up my road trip today on a good note. Started the trip up in the Texas panhandle where I did quite well at an old park. Dug lots of silver, wheats, couple of rings and a couple of tokens. I've been doing a little relic hunting in southern New Mexico the last couple of days at a 1850s fort site. Manage to put the coil over three good buttons, some percussion caps, fired mini balls and some buck n ball lead. My detectors of choice were the Minelab CTX 3030 and the Minelab Equinox 800. I used the CTX primarily for coin shooting and the Equinox for relic hunting. Second picture is from hunting in Texas.  I'll be headed back first thing in the morning to Central Texas to unwind and get ready for another work week, thanks for looking.

    • By afreakofnature
      So the other day my neighbor told me she lost part of her rosary when she was walking her dog.  It was a multitude of events where her phone rang, kids ran out and the dog kind of pulled off enough that when she took her hand out of her pocket fast, it broke and flew across the grass near the sidewalk.  She was able to find most of it but could not find the a piece that had a little cross on it with part of the chain and beads.  This rosary really meant a lot to her.  My neighbors know that I metal detect for gold but they did not ask me at first and tried themselves to find it, even going to point of borrowing a metal detector from their relatives.   When they came back empty handed and I saw them in the driveway they told me the story.  I said you should have just asked me, I would love to help!  Plus for me I thought that this would be like leveling up in metal detecting skill set.  I only hunt for jewelry when I go to FL to visit my folks, so I only get in maybe a few weeks of that.  Plus I rarely detect in the parks, I just don't like all the people.  So I wanted to know if I could really do this.  So I asked her to show me some of the other parts of her rosary so I could get hear what the signal sounded like, what kind of ID number would show up, and how much sensitivity to use since it should be a surface find (it was only lost for a couple of days).  Well I knew this was going to be a challenge cause the little cross came up around 15 and the chain was ferrous, I think it was a -4 all on the Equinox.  I was not sure if the cross and the chain were still connected.  Well when I got to the area she lost it, there was so much trash and EMI plus I could not discriminate because I was not sure if they were still connected or not, but i persevered.  Knowing that I would not have to dig, helped eliminate a lot of targets too.  Anyways it only took me about 20 mins and I found it!  The cross was still connected to the chain, and when the signal came up it was a double blip of those exact numbers!  I looked down and there it was.  She was so excited and thankful and I was just as excited for her and knowing that I could do it!  It was an absolute great feeling to help her out, I felt on top of the world at that moment.  I would even say I felt a bigger high finding that for her vs when I find a nugget!  Anyways here the pic.

    • By Bash
      Well, I made it out to the tailings piles yesterday for a couple of hours.  I didn't find any gold, but I am convinced there is some out there.  There is a LOT of trash, and it was extremely challenging for a beginning detectorist.  I found a ball peen hammer head, and some iron hanger/bracket thingy.  I also found my first bona fide "hot rock".  I really thought I had a nugget, as the Nox was singing with a solid 1 on the VDI.  However, the little pointy rock below was the culprit.  I also found the larger rock just laying on the surface. It doesn't register any kind of signal, but it is really, REALLY heavy, and looks like it has, to my untrained eye, a lot of iron in it. Any ideas?
      I'm starting to understand the coin and relic aspect of detecting, but I am completely clueless on the gold front.  Should I dig all the signals that don't obviously show as ferrous when in all metal mode? 
      Think I'm gonna need to take some lessons!  Gerry,  I think I'll be calling you when I finally get back to Idaho.

    • By Bash
      I'm out at the park this morning, detecting around one of the older trees.  Using the Vanquish 440, 'cause I'm being casual, and I like the "turn on and go" aspect of it, when I get a strong, but bouncy signal in the 28 - 34 range. So I pinpoint and start digging, and very close to the surface, I find a big rectangular piece of foil inside of an athletic sock.  First I think, Oooooo! Someone stashed some cash! I start peeling the foil and discover it is a cell phone.  I think to myself, well this isn't something someone lost, this was purposefully put here. Then I think, why would someone do this?! To hide SOMETHING!  I think the foil was an attempt to block any cell signal. So I stopped peeling the foil, and put it in a plastic baggie.  I'll take it to the police tomorrow.
      I wish it had been cash...

    • By Condor
      I got out for a couple hrs yesterday with forum member Beatup's brother.  It's summer in Sunny Yuma, approaching 100 degrees around 9:00am so we started right at sunup.  We were 30 minutes into a desert wash that had produced good gold for him this past winter.  We split up at the first junction of washes I went left, he went right.  I had taken about 10 steps and froze mid-stride as an 18" DiamondBack rattler slithered through my legs from behind me.  He paid me no mind, and gathered himself up under a jumble of rocks 10 ft away.  He never rattled, hissed or made any aggressive motion, early morning temps around 70 degrees.  All I can figure is he was under a small boulder and as I passed he decided we were heading in the same direction, the gravel wash being his own territory.  The fact that he was decidedly moving on his way and didn't stop and rattle probably saved me a pair of underwear.   As dear old Fred Mason would say, "don't kill them, you're the trespasser" and I rarely do.  I have snake chaps, but generally have excuses not to wear them, oh well.  
      The good news, I found a 1.5 gram piece and brother of Beatup found a whopping 5 grammer.  As old Sgt Esterhaus on Hill Street Blues used to say "remember, let's be careful out there".  
    • By Mark Gillespie
      I think at some point I've already inquired about this question but it never hurts to ask again.
      May years ago, on the original Tesoro forum, the one linked on the Tesoro site there was two guy that traveled around and hunted old home sites.  These two guy would travel to the upper eastern states and some of there finds were just amazing.  Its always funny they would post their stories on a Tesoro site while they used the Minelab Explorer on all their trips.  I hate to say I've looked through many archive sites and have yet to find even one of the stories.  These two guys could write some of the most captivating detecting stories I've ever read.  Just wondering if any of the ole timers here might remember these two guys and their hunting adventures.
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