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Nokta Pulse Dive And Coils

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I understand that the Nokta Pulse Dive uses pulse induction.  I imagine that precludes discrimination?  Also, there are 2 coils for it: 14 and 20 cm.  Do the coil size on PI detectors have similar meaning as in VLF ones?  Could anyone briefly comment on how this detector behaves in reality?  Cheers.

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It's really just a glorified pinpointer. The coil size doesn't appreciably improve absolute depth compared to a full blown PI detector (you are rather limited by the nature of the design, notably the Pulse power and lack of adjustable timings) so much as giving it better coverage if you are using it as a crude underwater detector when snorkeling or diving.

The 5 inch coil probably increases detection depth from 2 or 2.5 inches with the standard pinpointer tip to about 4 to 4.5 and the larger coil probably about 30% more for a max of 6+ inches.  Depth also depends what medium you are using the pulse dive in (i.e. Salt water vs. air and the composition of the sand/ground soil).

Here's a comparative test video:


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