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Minelab Alchemy


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I once had a shot at a mate (JHS) who had found a massive amount of gold, but had a habit of 'dinging' his nuggets with his pick. He explained to me that he did it on purpose as it was necessary to 'stun' the bits before they could turn themselves into lead. Alchemy????

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7 hours ago, Gold Catcher said:

Aye, but the 6Ks far more fun.........😉

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12 hours ago, phrunt said:

You're also blessed with great ground around you JP, I've seen the nuggets people are pulling around your area that keep getting posted up on Facebook, I'd almost put up with the heat to hunt in a place like that.

You certainly are equipped with an unbeatable range of detectors and the know how to use them, combined with great ground to hunt on, you can't lose!  I'm very envious of that.  

Are you buttering someone up for an invite?  haha

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