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Blob Of Mercury Ate Some Of My Flour Gold Dang It!

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Dang it anyways!馃槺 While doing my final back-panning in my clean-up pan, I discovered a little hungry bead of mercury which ate up some of my flour gold from todays dig. Oh well, at least my ball of mercury amalgam is growing in size. Anyhow, my buddy and I went out to do a little prospecting. I used the mini California drop riffle sluice, and he used his mini Le'Trap. Going to sleep well tonite.


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Thanks for the video as it looks like you found a good spot for the gold.

Be careful when removing the mercury from the gold, I use a collector system after it vaporizes. I have added over 2 ounces of mercury to my collection bottle. You never know when or where it will come from.

Always wear a good mask when doing it and stay safe.

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On 3/7/2023 at 7:58 PM, Ridge Runner said:

just think how much mercury could be removed

In 1980 my father and I remove 13 pounds.聽 mAYbe ThAtz whY iM, a weE bIt TiltEd.

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