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New Members Post Rock Questions, Never Reply To Answers

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I'd leave it be Steve. I've had a shot are identifying the specimen once or twice. They can be interesting to the person responding and maybe educational. I still cringe when, as a geologist, I overthought one post that turned out to be quartz聽馃

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Same thing happens on the Meteorite forum..one post and then poof gone..guess they don't like the answers..even though I know very little about Geology gems and minerals I sometimes come here to look and maybe learn something.聽


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With the new member account rules kicking in it'll be interesting to see if it has an effect on the hit and run group.聽 Personally I enjoy Rock and Mineral forums much the way others do.聽 They often can be very informative, and as a rock hound, offer me a view of stuff I'll probably never collect 馃檪

I used to be fairly active in these forums but I do admit the "What is it" stuff put me off.聽 However I do pop into read new posts in the event it might be comment worthy.聽 So I say keep it.

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