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Field Of Dreams,exploration Of The Wood Before It Gets To Hairy With Undergrowth

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        Short outing 3hr-ish evening hunt. Need to spread out in hopes of finding another yard size area I can walk in circles for years worth of trips. I got out in the woods,it's thick already. It'll be unswingable very soon (some odd fern looking stuff cover the floor,many other undergrowth too) so I got in it. Saw briars be damned,they got me a few times! 

         Found a 50's or 60's bottle dump,messed around to long in it! Salvaged 3 milk jars(glass),2 coke bottles but killed a 1hr. 🙃 damn trash pile and I'm prowling in it! 

         I do think I meandered on what potentially was some soldier housing. Found cuff button,cap,2 bullets (1 burnside) and deteriorated sheet metal(period). Loaded with iron and the rotten metal with these few finds in a tight spot. Not far from access road of that period(just thick woods now road is opposite side of land now! 

         I'll take it and honestly I am excited about it! Who knows when or how much time I'll have to chase it. 1 certainty, good lord leaves me here I will chase it sooner or later any chance I get! My kids are almost big enough to chase with me and they already practice a bit in the yard in va! I hope to bring them to the al field o dreams one day! 

         Yall be safe, best of luck too!



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  When you're detecting those percussion caps you know you're set up correct. In the spring when the ground cover in the woods is knocked down, My favorite time of year (West Virginia) 

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