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Some Thoughts On XP Deus Pricing & Configuration


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I've been bored on my dog sitting endeavor, so I've studied up on the Deus, and looked at a history of used sales.  At least in the near term, it doesn't look like the Deus will be available in a strictly High Frequency model.  So you're stuck buying the whole kit and then adding the HF coil.  Retail for the whole kit is $1520.00 and then another $400.00 for the HF coil.  The $1520.00 kit includes the wireless backphones and the main controller.  The "puck" on the backphones can be removed and used as a standalone controller, albeit without the "expert" menus.  Personally, I see no need for the backphones, the main wireless controller is really all you need and has all the "expert" menus.  I've looked at buying the components individually, but you still end up paying dearly.   The controller retails for $800.00, used ones on Ebay are roughly $500.00.  The original (non HF) black 9" coil, retails for close to $500.00, used ones sell in the range of $300.00.  The backphones retail for over $300.00, used ones sell for $200.00.  A used Deus kit with backphone and controller sells for somewhere between $1000.00 and $1200.00, not very many are available though and they get snapped up quick.  Rob at Rob's Detectors has a very lightly used one for sale at a good price, you'd have to check with him on actual price and shipping. 

So, if you assembled a Deus HF detector from components at retail, you'd spend roughly $1500.00.  If you bought used rod/shaft, and controller, with a new HF coil, you're looking at just over $1000.00.  Or,you could buy the whole kit and sell off the components you don't need.  Better still, you get the whole kit, add a new shaft/rod assembly and end up with two detectors, one equipped with the "puck", the other with the main controller. 

Just random thoughts from a bored dog sitter.  I'm in S. Cal right now, but sunny Yuma by the Sea will see temps of 118 to 120 this week.  I'll get home just in time the catch those max temps, sweet!


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Despite my own interest in the XP DEUS I doubt it will have a serious impact on the prospecting market in the U.S. unless a dedicated like the Depar DPR 600 is made available. The DEUS high frequency option as currently configured is just too expensive given the other options available to prospectors. You have to be seriously interested in the other DEUS capabilities as a general purpose detector to want to pay the big bucks for it. It is kind of the same problem the White's V3i or other top end units face. The V3i can in theory do ok as a nugget finder with its 22.5 kHz frequency, but the reality as we all know is you never hear of such a thing. The V3i can no doubt do the job, but why pay $1500 for a machine when a $499 Gold Bug can do as well if not better? And why pay $1500 for the DEUS when an $800 GM1000 or Gold Bug 2 can do the trick as well?

The Depar DPR 600 however is nothing more than a DEUS locked into the Gold Field program and sold stock with the high frequency coil. At a current price of about $680 something like the DPR 600 would be very price competitive with other options on the market. I have to believe we will eventually see this option become a reality.

September 2018 - New XP ORX announced.

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It is an expensive piece of equipment for sure.  Although I haven't put the stock "Goldfield" program through its paces, in my limited use I was not particularly impressed and other than complete wireless operation, it wouldn't have any particular advantage over the existing gold detectors.  I really like the idea of the wireless master controller and its "expert" menus.  After some more study on the issue of Discrimination and Notch, I'm leaning towards the 4 tone program, with negative Discrimination then extreme low tones, one for ferrous and another for hot rocks.  A much higher "sweet" tone for everything else.  I'm anxious to try it out, but I'll have to wait till I get up there.  I think those 120 degree temps in Yuma will decidedly temper my enthusiasm for VLF detecting in the desert Southwest. 

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