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Steve Herschbach

Video - Four Civil War Plates Found!

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Why is this not under "metal detecting for coins and relics"?

Found it by accident....

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Because it is a Garrett video highlighting the AT Max and so I chose to post it here. Could have posted it under coin and relics also - decisions, decisions. I just went ahead and placed a redirect link under Coin & Relics that points here so that should help. That may have been the better choice as it is more about the relics than the AT Max but oh well. Look at finding it here as another type of treasure hunt!

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      Went to the low country in the heat....

    • By goldrat
      Last post  I mentioned I would put up a short report on a few hours with the Equinox . I haven't detected for several months due to my legs starting to break down . It was frustrating having a SDC out of use and now a brand new NOX . The surgeons report was handed down to me and I was about to have a bilateral double hernia operation . Message came through loud and clear that there would be no vigorous activities for 8 to 12 weeks after operation . Bugger I thought with 4 days before hospital , can't do much more harm to body , better give the NOX a swing . I went to an old miners camp (1850's) where I started detecting in the early 80's with a Garrett Deepseeker . Biggest rubbish dump ever for me , but occasionally I would find a coin or relic . Time to try the new kid on the block in standard field 1 . Well I got the shock of my life and my success revolved around a few very slow hours of detecting . Can't wait till I get the green light and can detect daily . In the pics there is a Australian half penny dated 1943 , I found that on the way home at a trotting track / cricket ground which closed 60 years ago . I have a further 8 weeks of rehab before the NOX comes out for round 2  !!!!!!!!! Can't wait . Enjoy the pics .

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      Mystery Creek Gold
      Join Jeff as he goes on a hike to a small Creek to check and see if there's any Gold in it !!
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      We hit a plantation down in the low country and dug some relics. Heres a tip if your having problems in the iron cut the machine sensitivity back to 18 -20 and it will help a lot. I think some try to run it to hot in the iron and it causes all kinds of problems for them.

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      Anyone a Pistol Expert? I just dug this banger of a find. Minelab Equinox 800 sniffed it at only 10". Please share with your gun buddies and we'll get it figured out. It is one of my cooler Idaho digs.  Oh, and if you have been lucky enough to have found a pistol or gun, please share story and photos on here.