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Mike Hillis

I Really Like First Texas Product's Coil Selections

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I may have said this before but I'll say it again. I really like First Texas Product's coil selection. They have one of the best, if not the best, OEM coil offerings on the market today.

7.6 and 7.8 kHz concentric coil offerings include the:

- 4" round concentric
- 7" round concentric
- 8" round concentric
- 9" triangulated concentric
- 10" elliptical concentric
- 11" triangulated concentric

7.6 and 7.8 kHz & 19 kHz DD coil offerings include the:

- 5" DD
- 5.5"x10" DD
- 11" Biaxial DD

13" kHz concentric offerings are:

- 3"x6" elliptical concentric
- 10" elliptical concentric.

13" kHz DD offerings are:

- 5" DD
- 5.5"x10" DD
- 11" Biaxial DD
- 15" round DD.

These are just the OEM offerings. This doesn't include the myriad aftermarket coil manufacturers.

I say kudos to First Texas Products for giving us so many coil options to help us be more successful in our detecting pursuits.

If I could just get a 4" x 18" DD coil out of them for sports fields I'd be a truly happy 1st Texas treasure hunter.

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I agree Mike - nothing like a great coil selection to back a great lineup of detectors.



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      Lately, I've been experiencing the coil overload problem. Its hard to say whats causing it but it happens often. Probably not the best thing to do but I tend to slightly lean on the detector as I'm digging a target with the coil firmly against the ground. I've done this for a while with no problems before. It only shows the overload signal or shuts down when the coil is pressed against the ground. I've noticed it happens when using different coils as well. The only thing that has changed recently is the settings I use. I often have the rx gain flat out at 15 (gpx 4500) and other setting quite high also. Is it possible that the more extreme settings (when the coil is in contact with the ground) are the cause or is likely a problem with the machine? 
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