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Took My New Nox 800 To The Jungle This Week

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Just a quick update on the 2 cobs I found with my new Equinox 800 that are photographed earlier in this thread:

The 1/2 real (medio) is most likely a Philip IV (mid 1600s) variety just from the cross but it is so dark I'll need to use electrolysis to confirm. Could also be  Charles II or Philip V era.

I wasn't optimistic that I could get an ID on the cut or broken cob, but it turns out that you can see the assayers mark- the 3 vertical circles to the left of the shield in the photo. It's from the Seville, Spain mint and they don't know the name of the assayer (only his mark) but the consensus is that he worked in the 1520s. Probably one of the first cobs dropped in this area of the Americas. This is pre-Peru and no American mints were even open yet! Not too bad for my first week with the Equinox.

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Find some more!!!! Look forward to more pictures.

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    • By calabash digger
      The Nox was impressive on my local beach with the 15 inch coil. No great finds in this short 3 min video.
    • By Vez
      I have gotten out a total of 6 times this year, this hunt made 7.  A new friend of mine and long time 3030 hunter challenged me to go to a football field that he has hunted for years with the 3030 and the 17".  He said he would be shocked if I pulled a silver as they are all 8" or deeper and the ground is difficult.  I too swung the 3030 for years, but feel the technology in the 800 is superior and would alert me to any keepers that were under the coil.   I went in the rain/snow and played in the mud for 3 hours looking for keepers in his football field.  Results and settings below.
      Park 2, Fe Bias 3, Recov. 5, Sens. 16-18 depending on Fe noise density, Ground Balance pumped out to 16, Volume 20 (want to know more or if I left something out just ask)
      WARNING:   There is some cussing in the videos, I was excited as I went in there having zero expectations. 
    • By Tom Slick
      Decided to mod the 800 rod by switching out the straight middle rod to the White's S rod. I know a lot of folks like a straight rod but by switching it out, it eliminates the detector's handgrip from wanting to twist at the end of each swing. In a side by side comparison, both myself and a buddy with an 800 both like the feel of the modified version. The mod requires the middle rod from a White's DFX, or MXT. The rod needs to be drilled on the upper top end for the spring plunger and again adjustment holes need to be drilled on the bottom for length adjustment. The Lower rod from a Makro Racer or Kruzer is used as the lower rod from the Nox is larger in diameter. The top of the S rod also needs to be shimmed about .040" in diameter to fit snug into the Nox upper rod. Now it swings about as close to an F75 as you can get.

    • By midalake
      I was looking for an option to do away with the 3 piece Minelab system. I came across the rods Doc makes for the gold hunters.  I might be the first one shipped to use on the Nox. I like the stuff gold guys have, they swing big coils and are in tough conditions.
      This is a good price point on this 2 piece system. Also great for tall persons. I am splitting with someone but for $230  we received two fiberglass lowers and a carbon fiber upper each for a unit cost of $115.  Be aware this is for the rods  only.  I have added pictures   and in the pictures you can see I have added my own Minelab two piece alum. cuff with neoprene covering [i think one of the best cuffs made].  I have also added a separate hand hold and will not use the detector itself to swing the rod. There are no holes for the Nox arm cuff or control unit you will need to drill for these.  Dave