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Enjoying The Local Soccer Fields And Parks

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I was never much for finding modern coins or hunting newer ballfields but I think my mindset has changed after taking a break from detecting for several years. I sure like finding relics, buttons, and an occasional coin hunting in the woods but 1 or 2 brass buttons in several hours, while really exciting, doesn't buy cofee or cause my wife to encourage me to go out and detect more¬†ūüė䬆I hit a local soccer field with only an hour till dark and found a few bucks and my first jewelry in a while.


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Is the cross silver?  If so nice find!

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    • By schoolofhardNox
      Usually after a while of owning the next great thing in metal detectors, you kind of settle into the reality of what you purchased and how much of the hype is real or not. The Equinox is no exception. I am speaking strictly about beach hunting here, as I have not played a lot with it in real dirt.  Today I hit my favorite gold beach. The tide was awful having a (coefficient of 35), meaning there is not much difference between low and high tide. This beach has terrible EMI from trains that run regularly and are close to you. Chatter city for about 5 minutes when they pass. I do realize that a small beach has to stop producing after a while, especially since there are a LOT of beach hunters in my area. So today the clad count was around 1 dollar. (8AM to 4 PM) I still can not believe a machine can continue to produce good finds under these conditions, but the Equinox does. Today was a stellar hunt after a slow start. 4 Mercury dimes, a buffalo nickel, some wheats and copper pennies and the 2 gold rings pictured. This  10K and Aquamarine  beauty surfaced about 2 hours into the hunt. The last target of the day was what I believe is a 14K gold square cut diamond ring that may have been colored either with Silver or most likely Rhodium. It's marked and has the TWC (total carat weight) inscribed in it. It's worn but I think it says .48. Also has very worn numbers in it which may be a registration number in it. I was floored that the Equinox continues to give up the finds on pounded beaches. Hats off to Minelab. That Diamond ring was sitting at 10 inches on packed rock bottom. Rang in a choppy number 6. Out of the hole it was a solid 6 also.


    • By dewcon4414
      Has anyone elses high K gold increased with this machine?   Had it about 6 months now and nearly half of my gold has been 18K and above...... even a couple of 24k which ive never found.    So is that a good thing?   Im not sure when your goal is smaller gold.   I cant figure if its just been this season.  Me and a buddy tested it and on small gold the Nox is the obvious choice over an Xcal.   I have some rather larger ... to me.... in the 1.4 gram range open earrings the Xcal just couldnt get.   I got another 18K white gold 8.6 grams today....... read digit 18.  High K gold normally is a little more conductive oddly.   Oh...... and by the way im using the OLD program.   It just works better for me..... especially in the wet sand.    This machine to me is still a head scratcher because im not sure its does any better than the others on lower K gold IN the water.

    • By mn90403
      This was my first beach hunt in a few days because I had been out in the Rye Patch area over the weekend.  While I was gone I understand that it had rained and some wave alerts had been sent to my email.  Our area beaches get hit hard by detectorists but I know them pretty well and followed my intuition when I got there.
      We don't have a negative tide right now and there is a Santa Ana wind blowing so the new waves are very small.  On my way 'out' I hunted near the waterline.  There was very little to find.  I walked about a mile or so with very few targets.  There was a bit of a trough at the bottom of the hill (beach slope) but nothing seemed to be holding.  I was thinking about leaving and I worked back in the direction from where I had come.  Then I got a clue.  The clue was the junk wire pack.  It was completely buried in the wet sand and had a thin plastic bag around it.  It certainly is an unusual beach find for me.  
      This pack was at the bottom of the hill and just above it for about 6 feet or so was hard sand and just above that was about 10 yards of 'past wave' deposited sand.  You need some energy to move targets and you need the right conditions for those targets to be 'grouped' and deposited.  Some beaches will stay this way for a few days and some beaches will only keep targets for a few hours.  I look for these pockets.  I liken it to a crab crawl on the Deadliest Catch.
      Anyway, I went up into this area and found a hoop earring among the bobby pins, pennies and a few other coins.  I was using the Nox 11 on all metal and I was digging EVERYTHING.  Sometimes I skip pennies and bobby pin sounds but not last night.  Then I was surprised by one of the silver hoop earrings and its mate was just about 5 feet away.  Then came a copper hoop, and then another and all of them within 10 feet.  They're all water tarnished.  Then I got what I thought was a ring ... earring it turns out but then a stainless steel bracelet.  Then another earring (GOLD) and finally a couple of silver rings (.925).
      I worked the patch with a grid pattern and it kept giving.  I had had enough after 4 hours.  A 'bad' beach had turned into the most hoops (10) I've ever found.  I've been on beaches where I've found 5 chains in a session but they are as rare as this beach.
      You never know.  Follow your clues.

    • By staffydog33
      Minelab Equinox 800 does it again!
      22ct gold ring at 10 inches deep in the sand.
      This is not my find, it's my father's that he found a couple of days ago.
      2.7 grams 0f lovely 22ct gold.

    • By rod-pa
      There is a beach volleyball court near my place.  About a month ago, on my way home from another site, it was empty.  I had my super six coil on at the time, so I did a walk through the court...not being overly slow or thorough, but more trying to get a feel for the ground balance, how high I could have gain and sensitivity, etc.  Found the standard couple coins, but did get two stud earrings.  One silver stud with CZ, the other just plated with glass.  Not bad, I thought.  Here is pic for size.

      Then, last week, I was going past it again, this time with VGG again, but with the stock 11" pitbull coil.  I decided to run it again, and go slower, and listen for deeper items, because it has multiple layers of deep sand.  I was thinking deep coins.  the only notable item I got was this stone with small setting.  Tone was clean and strong.  It was only 3 or 4 inches down, but pretty cool.  Basically told me unless I am concerned with too many targets under the coil at one time, no reason to take the larger coil off.

    • By Dukester
      To find something, anything gold, I tried beaches, water detecting, playgrounds, etc... and finally scored!¬†ūüėā
      10k. Rang up 13-14 on the Equinox 600 which is usually pull tabs.