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1st Ring Retrieval - Success!

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The young lady below lost her favorite sterling silver ring on a sports field playing lacrosse a couple days ago.

Once she demonstrated approximately where she was on the field and where/how she was throwing the ball when the ring popped off, it look less than a minute to find it. Right on the surface under the unmowed grass, and multi-repeat 42/43 on the Legend.

It took longer to power on and set up the machine than it did to find the ring!


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A very happy lady with a nice recovery. It is always nice to enhance the hobby with good deeds.

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It’s wild how short an amount of time it takes to finds a lost item sometimes. Takes longer to get to the site than to find it.  
Local club had request for someone to locate 2 rings for a young lady on the Isle of Palms SC.  Took me an hour and a half to get to the beach because an 18 wheeler flipped on the interstate. Once I got to the beach and met the gal it took 2 minutes to find the rings just under the sand.   

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