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Looking For A Tesoro Tejon

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I’m interested in finding a used Tejon. The Tesoro’s remind me of the Sovereign GT in some ways.


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Here is one that is new, http://bigvalleymetaldetectors.mobi/

Of course no idea on repairs. I have the concentric coil version. I think that particular coil combo really makes that machine shine. 

If you have not run a tejon and in trashy or iron littered areas simply set disc one to squelch out the primary trash ie iron to foil. Set the disc 2 to pull tab or just slightly over. You will still find relics like musket balls through quarters and big silver and anything that cuts out below disk 2 that sounds good just nudge the disk 1 knob between the nickel range and if it cuts out clean in the middle its a nickel or med gold ring, beefier gold rings and platinum hit towards the higher side of that range, beavertails can sneak in on the line below. Thin gold rings will be just above. Square tabs have a harsh pop when you swing over them, coins and jewelry tend to have a soft loud soft sound without the spiking. Of course cans and large metal objects like VW busses will cause the unit to overload when you all metal over (pulling trigger).

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Thanks for the link Kac! Boy if only I could find an early split window. Lol!

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You probably have better luck finding a gold reale than a split window :0

If you have never used a Tejon you may notice it will detect your hands if you swing them over the coil. That's pretty sensitive!

I can also detect a nickel silver lapel pin nail. Something my AT Pro and Sea Hunter can't do.

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