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Looking For A Tesoro Tejon

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I’m interested in finding a used Tejon. The Tesoro’s remind me of the Sovereign GT in some ways.


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Here is one that is new, http://bigvalleymetaldetectors.mobi/

Of course no idea on repairs. I have the concentric coil version. I think that particular coil combo really makes that machine shine. 

If you have not run a tejon and in trashy or iron littered areas simply set disc one to squelch out the primary trash ie iron to foil. Set the disc 2 to pull tab or just slightly over. You will still find relics like musket balls through quarters and big silver and anything that cuts out below disk 2 that sounds good just nudge the disk 1 knob between the nickel range and if it cuts out clean in the middle its a nickel or med gold ring, beefier gold rings and platinum hit towards the higher side of that range, beavertails can sneak in on the line below. Thin gold rings will be just above. Square tabs have a harsh pop when you swing over them, coins and jewelry tend to have a soft loud soft sound without the spiking. Of course cans and large metal objects like VW busses will cause the unit to overload when you all metal over (pulling trigger).

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Thanks for the link Kac! Boy if only I could find an early split window. Lol!

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You probably have better luck finding a gold reale than a split window :0

If you have never used a Tejon you may notice it will detect your hands if you swing them over the coil. That's pretty sensitive!

I can also detect a nickel silver lapel pin nail. Something my AT Pro and Sea Hunter can't do.

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    • By Paul (CA)
      These past few weeks,  been using various analog models at an old farmstead. Although we’ve hit this area numerous times, hardly anything good surfaces but it’s a fun site to hunt and a good site to test equipment. 
      Between the seven Tesoro models I’ve been using here these past few week’s, the Cortes was probably the best of the bunch and thats with using the 12”x10” DD coil and with full sensitivity. The 12”x10” spoked concentric coil was okay with a lower sensitivity, but it suffered some stability with increasing sens and that’s due to our West Coast inland soil. So, pretty much stuck with the larger widescan.

      Second best was the Lobo,  Although it lacked depth it was great in areas thick with iron. Next, The Outlaw and modified Mohave ran equal, good depth with using the 12”x10” DD. The Mojave has a manual GB, which is needed for my soil. 
      The Pantera did well,  but tough soil prevented the extra depth needed. The Deleon just couldn’t get rid of the falsing, even with the large DD Deleon can’t handle our soil with high sensitivity. The Golden uMax did okay, but our soil is tough on the Golden. 
      The 12”x10” DD improved depth with all these models with the exception of 4-pin Lobo, using stock coils with the other models in my soil were useless.  The larger widescan coil is definitely deeper, eliminates most if not all ground noise, and still very sensitive to smaller targets. 
      My favorite out of this Tesoro bunch is now the Cortes, for farm land hunting and definitely running the 12”x10” DD.  One 1951 silver dime surfaced, one wheat penny and 1959 copper penny. Two musket 1/2 balls,  few saddle snaps.  Site has potential,  We’ve pulled numerous seated coin’s, Couple of Bust and one gold coin from here on previous hunts. 
      Going back today, this round will use a Teknetics Mark III, Compass CoinScanner Pro II, GoldScanner Pro and a Whites 5900 Di-Pro. Can’t wait,  older technology makes the hunt more challenging and fun.
      HH, Paul

    • By Mike Hillis
      I've always liked the Tesoro Cortes.  I like the design intent.  I like the way it looks.  I like the Sum mode with the audio tones.  I like the graph.   I like the Target ID range.   I like pretty much everything about it except the single tone hunt audio in Disc mode and the overshoot null in the non-motion all metal sometimes gives me a fit.   I've had six of them over the years and I usually part with them mostly due to the single tone hunt audio.   But I get nostalgic after a while and end up getting another one every now and them....which is what has just happened.   I saw one for sale and started looking at it again but didn't jump.  Then a NIB unit came up for sale at a very good price and I couldn't help myself and jumped.   Welcome home number seven.  HA.
      I think I will put the Cleansweep coil on it and just hunt athletic fields with it where beep dig single tone is ok and all I really care about is ground coverage or places  that I've already cleaned out and just want to run through for recent drops.  Hope to hunt it next weekend and share thoughts and results.
      Wife is probably going to wack me, though.   Only been two months since the last new purchase.
      Tesoro Cortes Data & Reviews

    • By Tony
      I’ve been doing some freshwater hunting with the Excalibur lately but I’m finding that the old girl nulls quite a bit due to the lake floor being quite mineralised...it is a clay base. I can turn the Sens into Auto but that really dumbs the unit down and depth really suffers. I have been thinking of getting the Tiger Shark but not sure if the GB will be effective enough and whether it can handle the minerals. The Excalibur in PP is quite effective but there is too much iron junk to contend with.
      Any thoughts out there.......
    • By devilsrenegade
      I found this nice tesoro compadre at the local goodwill today for less than $20. 
      I couldn't resist buying it. Took it home and put in a new battery and it works great.  it must be an older one because it has a metal coil screw.  

    • By osbod007
      I need a little help here in understanding the primary discrimination knob.  Here is my observation.  8X9 coil, Using a lead pellet as a test target, buried 3", when placed in All Metal the target sounds off loud and clear. When switched to the discriminate mode, knob far left (zero discrim,) I don't receive any signal. I would think that at the lowest discriminate setting I should be getting a signal from iron on up. Is it possible the internal discriminate circuit out of adjustment?
    • By Johnnysalami1957
      I found a Tesoro Silver Sabre Umax, the old one with the red pinpoint button. Has a 8" coil and looks to be in good shape 150.00 with a cheesy pinpointer. Any thoughts for making it a backseat toy?
      I got it for 100 bucks and it's like brand new! My wife grabbed it and now it's hers. I put a fiber lower rod on it with a nylon coil bolt and it works great. She has a treasure pro and this is lighter for her and easier to operate. It's the small box one Steve like the modern silver uMax.But with an all metal pinpoint button and a threshold control. I'm trying to talk my sister out of her unused Compadre but for some reason it likes the closet at her house.

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