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  2. Bumping your post to the top, Bob. Nice pieces! Those hands have done some digging -
  3. Welcome, There's a ton of information here for you! Good luck! Going by your name, are you an LLC? Just curious👍
  4. Good lesson for a youngster. Most adults wouldn't know to do these but your daughter will remember for the rest of her life.
  5. Yup your spot on, took me a bit of research on that and found one that matches it's profiles and size. No idea how old.
  6. Very nice nuggets Bob, Thanks for contributing, this has been one of my favourite threads of all time 🙂
  7. I may as well join the fun. 2002 Ganes Creek, both between 5.5 and 6 oz
  8. I figured I may as well just ask Nugget Finder to solve all the speculation on the cable, Rohan was very quick to reply, here is his reply. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Simon We are still looking at our options with regard to the plug. There will be more information released in 2020. Thank you for your interest. Regards Rohan Johnson
  9. Today
  10. Steve, the same guy that told me about these new coils also said that has been taken care of ☺️
  11. Interesting that the coil above is a DOD coil same as the Minelab coils. That implies more stability in bad ground than non-DOD solutions. The big question mark that needs answering is the dongle situation - please Minelab, provide Nuggetfinder with the needed parts!
  12. It does seem when they mow these football fields they just use a tractor with a mulcher on it and leave the clippings behind. They're certainly not proper playing fields for big games, just small town practice fields where they have the little rural games take place. I can imagine 60 or 100 years ago or whenever he coins were lost the mowing would have been even more crude. Interesting the copper does seem to preserve the grass though somehow.
  13. Welcome, you live in a beautiful part of the world... I look forward to hearing about your adventures.
  14. It's one of the reason I've been a bit put off beach detecting is seeing all the corroded stuff people dig up, but the chance of jewellery is very real and a lot higher than any other form of detecting I guess. That Axe is pretty cool, I was going to say something like Fred, it looks like one of them hammers roofer guys use.
  15. Good stuff, I will be participating and if they can get me more gold then the Xs are/have, why not. Just one wee concern, remember NF were said to be trialling a SDC coil back awhile, it hasn`t eventuated, Coiltek beat them. Ah competition brings advancement and Xcitement to this old codger.
  16. I will guess a roofer or drywall hanger hammer.".it is exactly the correct shape... believe me , 20 years of banging nails makes an indelible memory fred
  17. One of the coils in the ad on the Nugget Finder site is a 12". I suspect I will be getting one of those.
  18. Even Minelab has hidden the size of their harness belt. sorry about the extraneous information... I don’t know fred
  19. I spoke to a guy about 4 or 5 months ago that has used one of these coils and he said it worked really well. I`ve been dying to say something on the forum but couldn`t. I`m glad to see they have finally been announced 🙂
  20. I’d say the phones will be running hot today...... looks like someone poked the Tiger, wonder what Coiltek are doing? With the demise of the GPX 4500 there is now only one official Minelab MPS machine that all those after market coils can go onto if you want to buy new. Now that a precedent has been set and demand created the resultant vaccume has created a need for a solution that is considered trustworthy, the X coils have had to blaze the way through all the pitfalls around dongles etc something a well known brand would have had to steer well clear of for fear of damaging the name. Beta testing the product via your customers won’t have helped. Just for clarification, I am just as much in the dark as anyone on what is actually happening in this sphere but am not surprised, its a highly competitive market that is shrinking rapidly.
  21. Not sure if it as from many years in the salt or the fact that the epa just allowed a local treatment plant to process a chemical waste facilities waste water..... One of the many reasons not to spend $5000 on a detector in some these parts :)
  22. Hey SandWalker Glad you made it here and you jump in anytime to give your opinion on things. I like your name you’re going bye. Chuck
  23. Glad to have you and looking forward to your post . Chuck
  24. If I can figure out this smart ass IPHONE I don’t see any metal detector giving me trouble! Sure as poo stinks I’ll be eating my words! Chuck
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