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  2. If the one spot is different from the surrounding matrix you will have an area that is not balanced ... the simple answer is YES... fred
  3. Here is an uncirculated 43. No artifact on the die near bottom left back, letters are flat, talons are above the log. I brought this to the forms for others opinions because I thought it looked odd. The more I looked the more discrepancies I saw. If I didn't post the link to a particular seller then would your opinion change? People seem to be stuck on how many sales someone has made and a sellers rating over the images and points I had in question. I regret putting a direct link to one of these sellers as it created some bias on peoples opinions. Lastly if you think about it, lower more common coins that are not typically rated could be easier to pass off to unsuspecting buyers as they are filling their collections rather than high ticket items that people pay for ratings on. Who would pay $20-$50 for a rating on a coin worth less than that? My guess is I may have stumbled on something much more wide spread and probably extends across many other coins of different years. Only real way to confirm is to get a hold of one of the coins or if someone has bought one
  4. Way to put it, says it all, I look forward to Z2 even more then how quickly I grabbed the 2100, meanwhile the coils ML "promised" and should have profited from are on my Z1.
  5. I really like and admire those who come up with such innovations to improve our detecting life and equipment. However, a primary consideration/concern for beach hunters like me would be that sand gets into everything as we know. I can see that pesky sand quickly jamming up the telescoping action which will either prevent the telescoping movement altogether, make it increasingly rough to extend/collapse and/or it will sand down the surface of the shafts in short order. This may work fine for those who don't have to deal with beach sand but I don't think it would work for me. Just the view from my sandy foxhole....
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  7. After reading all the headphone threads I was expecting everything to be hard. I decided to try today anyway and plugged my regular ear buds (bob marleys) into the nox 800 and they worked fine, no external speaker, sound in both ears. Then I tried cheap ones we buy in packs of 4 for $10 for spares and those worked fine too. Now my plan for waterproof headphones is to just buy cheap waterproof ear buds. I also found some m12 cable connectors that I think will seal up over the earbud jack for a waterproof and secure conection to the back of the nox. I have to order and try that though. That wasn't at all what I was expecting after reading all the posts so I though I should mention it. Steve
  8. Have you tried going to the all metal mode [horseshoe button] when these jumpy numbers happen? I work in one tone and when I seem to get targets that try to ring-in and try to repeat, I have gone to all metal mode and the target then locks in, usually in the minus 0-9 area. But I have also noticed that a jumpy conductive target has also locked in better in all metal mode. At least at the beach. Dave
  9. The only way to properly do the silicon thing is ....... FILL the cover with it then connect it to the coil and remove the excess. Otherwise if you are SALT WATER hunting silicon easily comes loose enough to get sand in..... UNLESS you use RTV. Its a little better and sticker.
  10. In my experience with Equinox, ground tracking is either effective or ineffective at reducing ground noise, but I have never found it to be detrimental in conditions where it is not necessarily needed, provided that the detector was ground balanced in auto/manual mode at the start of the session. Engaging tracking will have absolutely NO detrimental effect on recovery speed or target masking as actually responds rather slowly to mineralization changes. Granted, I am not a prospector, but I do relic detect in really hot ground and manual ground and basically leave tracking on by default if there is any mineralization or ground phase variability whatsoever have not seen tracking to be detrimental. I use gold mode frequently for relic hunting. It is a default mode setting for gold mode, after all. Now I cannot say the same thing for iron bias. Unlike tracking, Iron Bias is a filter that does affect detector response and I HAVE found it to essentially degrade recovery speed and exacerbate target masking in thick iron situations and generally leave it at 0 setting. Just my take based on my experiences with EQ tracking and tracking GB in general which I also use with the Deus.
  11. The problem is Norvic that the real Minelab died years ago. The Codan wolf now wears the fleece of the Minelab lamb. It is now a multi national predator that cares only for profit. Easy to be the nice guy and replace a faulty unit when your product is produced for peanuts in the third world.
  12. What about with an original coil - does that do it? I am super untechnical but if the chip is fried (pun intended) then it will not work on any coil...? Bugger that it’s happening, hope you get it sorted 👍
  13. Phrunt may be less then a short, Trent you said you tried your multimeter, I assume you measured resistance, could that fry the chip? I checked on my patch lead resistance but didn`t go near those extra terminals in the original what is it 7 pin plug, just checked the resistance of coil windings and ensured they were isolated from each other and agreed with the original coils. Maybe that chip was damaged when the coil was originally wrecked. Or Trent maybe you folks simply have a crook X coil there, so far been no dramas here, I expect my 3rd in the mail tomorrow. Buh...…….most frustrating...……...
  14. Yeah, contradictions reign, on one hand ML seems very customer orientated as you`ve pointed out, on the other hand they are dragging any company that they feel are infringing on their patents through the wringer. How this one plays out with X coils is anyones guess, although I`d like to think already there are too many customers on board for them to go past just token resistance. Suspect to go any further will be to attack customers and that`s suicide as the customer is always right...…...well we are………..aren`t we...…... Buh is just good fun to speculate, plus MLs getting all this attention totally free. The company we like to hate but love to buy their products...……….Vanquish...….Vanquish...………….what was that one before...…..Equinox...…. that`s it...…………...next is...…….nah they`ll go back and reinvent maybe 2020...………..
  15. I would say it's the wire loop working loose, the glue is there to hold it in place, as the glue breaks away the wires will get loose. If they're loose and you bump the coil on a rock or something it will set it off. It's why often a lot of coils are epoxy filled which can also make them waterproof but it does add weight. I'd imagine you get a good run out of them before it happens though, JW covers a lot of miles with his coils 🙂 Commander coils aren't waterproof either like a lot of the aftermarket coils so don't go dunking them in a creek 🙂 I've only read good things about the 11" Commander mono performance wise though.
  16. Norvic, ya i hear what you are saying and being on ml's turf and a lot closer to all that beautiful Aussie gold i certainly defer to your location, no doubt product liability is a quagmire (gigidy😊) best to avoid, although... i wonder just how much risk there is considering what ive experienced with our wonderful new/old best friend in the fields (M/L) they seem to take a very liberal approach to the warranty on the 7000 i got a brand new one without any fuss after dropping cracking the case and developing a screen line on the display ive really no idea how all that goes together in the replacement but heck they were great to me and i don't know of too many complaints although no doubt there are some. So, i think they are good on standing by the zed, the old out of warranty ones not a problem(?) and i have not much of an idea what the risks are using an iffy coil as far as damage but is the hardware cost that great in comparison to the overall price? to me the 7000 at 10K ok 8K now is more like a software license and they give you the phone (GPZ) at a small cost to cover manufacturing the way they toss replacements and i think that's smart. so risk vs gain sell a ton of high priced adaptors they pretty much already have that cost next to nothing like Simon said and give the old girl a new lease on life and sell a sh*t load more and make everybody happy vs handing out a few cell phones from time to time when one of us screws up just to give everybody confidence that expensive seat license is gonna be comfy for a long time, i know i get butt hurt easy😀. my point i guess i just like to see em do it and save me the trouble of hunting down a shop or doing it myself the task is within my wheel house, im just lazy.
  17. They could start by making them a little more robust around the mount. A lack of epoxy would be for a weight saving id guess as its not particularly expensive and def not at the quantity that Minelab (or whoever assembles them) would use. I wonder what causes them to become touch sensitive? Penetration of moisture/dirt?
  18. It's not all that uncommon Phrunt. Most detectorists that use both VLF & PI detectors will have similar stories. It's a known fact that a higher frequency VLF (LF) like Whites GMT, Gold Bug, Gold Monster etc. will see some gold better than a PI will. I had a small bit of gold that my GPX5000 (or a mates) couldn't see even on the coil but my Whites GMT picked it up no worries. At the time I was a bit perplexed as I had only recently shelled out for the then top of the range 5k. I soon found there was quite a few examples of this around & mainly on specimens where the gold was finely disseminated through the host rock or small prickly bits. I tend to agree with Jason above that your bit may have fractures/breaks in the gold making it a difficult piece for a PI. The QED likely gets it due to the very low pulse delay utilised in mode 1. From memory it is somewhere in the range of ~7us - as a comparison the lowest pulse delay on Whites TDI Oz Pro was 10us. I believe there was a TDI mod for more sensitivity down to 8us. Of course there is more to the QED than just mode but a short pulse delay on those types of gold would be a big factor. Be interesting to see if kiwijw's SDC can see it at all as well as his GPZ.
  19. Hi All, We will be releasing our new Master Class videos on our youtube page over the coming weeks/months and just thought I would share the link to the first one if anyone is interested to watch it. The first 5 or so will be on the new Gold Extreme coils for the SDC and what to expect when using the coils. They are a panel discussion type video and aimed to help educate more on what coils do and where to use them. We will also be recording more on topics like coin and treasure hunting coils and the gold coil range. We aim to talk to prospectors from around the globe and ask for their experiences using the Coiltek coils and hints and comments on coils in general. The more we can help people understand about coils and their performance characteristics the better. Thanks and if you do watch the video I hope you enjoy it and happy hunting whatever you swing! Trevor @ Coiltek.
  20. When you see inside one it's no surprise why, masking tape and not near enough epoxy... looks like hot glue too.
  21. I'm guessing when it was made the first time something went wrong like a short and it blew the chip in it so even if the Kalgoorlie guys did a good one it wouldn't work. If the chip is damaged coil not connected is what you'll get.
  22. No action at all on my magnet. I guess it probably is just stained. It's just so strange I can roll it around on the GPX coil and nothing at all.
  23. Yea I was studying at digger school till mum fell really sick.. I was a miner my self with my own claim up goldsbrough the amount of money it takes to set up all the hoops you have to jump threw then to have shits like that do this it's beyond belief when I herd of the one about 4 weeks ago I thought mabe disgruntled employee but then there was this recent one with 6 mines or something just obserd. I just don't get how someone can morally destroy someone's livley hood like that.. On a different note yes if I ever found another good piece I don't think anyone would see it lesson learnt my end I guess with all media shit
  24. We have had one here for a month now and have been able to use it 🤷‍♂️. Tried the patch cable made by Steve first, zed says coil not connected 🤔, checked points with a multimeter all seemed correct. Decided there had to be something wrong with our patch lead so sent it off to the mob in kalgoorlie to make a ‘proper’ one, finally got it back and tried again, same problem 🤦‍♂️ I’m a bit disappointed as we wanted to run it over some ground on the ugly nugget patch where we have got several multi oz pieces, but the mines department here only let you keep a certain amount of ground open so we are forced to rehabilitate it without getting to test as we need to move areas. Hopefully Yank 2 can get a replacement before his trip is over so I can try it on some other ground we have.
  25. I guess as soon as you went to the Hokitika Gold Shop the word was out. Even posting it on here, you have no idea how many kiwi's may graze this site. You would be surprised. People are always trying to glean info & locations for their own gain but never put their hand up themselves. Secret squirrel society. What I don't understand about these arseholes is that stealing gold from a plant....well I can understand that, but it is the willful deliberate damage & vandalism. What is the point of that? All that is going to do is stop the operators from finding more gold that these arseholes could have come back & steal again. Idiots. I jest. I just shake my head in disbelief. JW 😐
  26. Yea guess I'd never been in that situation I showed it off on here but not sure how word got around locally unless the local gold fella told people cos before I knew it people were messaging me then I saw a new post about it that was not even close to true so I went to local paper more to set story straight.. But then all the rest of the news places stole it and started to get warped and twisted... So I thought doing seven sharp would set it straight and also thought mabe might spike interests in more mines =more jobs not more fuckwits doing dumb shit... The cost is getting worse and worse for crimal shit it's so sad was only 10 years ago you you could go away for weekend leave your house and car unlocked and be safe as now you could have it under a 5 inch bomb proof steel gage and they will still find a way to mess with it
  27. I always loved my ML 11" commander mono coils on my GP 3000 & 4500. Ended up going through a few of them. Wore out quite a few skid plates but they had a habit of becoming touch sensitive.🤬 & I wasnt hard on my coils, but they found me quite a lot of gold.👍 Good luck out there. JW 🤠
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