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  1. A word of warning in WA wet soil, if you start getting bogged, reverse back out. Going forward normally mean you will get in a bigger bog. That red dust when wet will stop everything on wheels with little warning.
  2. The Flumes were the ground is not flat (normally just a trench) that I have seen here in Aus look very similar. I have also seen and old "wooden pipework" town water supply, it was circular and held together with wire. It was about 13 Km long the area was very hilly and at one spot they dug a tunnel through a ridge.
  3. The adverts say it's 90% detector and 10% operator. The Experts say it's 90% operator and 10% detector. As to how much a detector is worth paying for depends on the amount of time you spend using it. The targets/finds depends on time spent searching and the selection of location and who got there before you. In summary. Consider the time you will use it and how important your time is. If your use/value is high get the detector with the higher features and price. To justify your choice divide the price by the hours you would use it, if it is too high drop down a level or so. REMEMBER you are the one that has to put up the cash.
  4. The large one is in the dwt range at 1.2+ dwt (ie 20% larger) The next step is a ¼ ounce or bigger. 🤑
  5. It is great when you get an accurate lost location. I looked for a couple of hours for a wedding ring. She said it was on the front lawn as she had spent all day there. The location was full of junk and no ring. About 3 months later it was found in the house when it fell out of the phone book. As it was a work mate wife he could not apologies more for the time spent on the junk laden front lawn. ☺️
  6. Spot on Larry, and a heap more even some of them just posting their learning trip.
  7. A lot of good posts from early days are there. Ken Roberts told me he was setting it up years ago. I visits for ages before I join in the early 2000s. It seem to have gone through a few bad times were good poster left or died, from 2015 onwards and the new members that join to cause mischief.
  8. In the early 1980s that size musket balls were quiet common in the Victorian gold fields. Being an early colony of UK in the 1850 gold rushes, it is not surprising.
  9. Finders went down for a while, then had a quick return and got flooded with porn and died again.
  10. Seeing all of mine are from AUSTRALIA and your monitor is not large enough to fit it on, I will refrain for breaking the rules and not post my larges. 😜 By the way all of those USA nugget look great beside the one being eaten so next time Gerry shave before taking the photo. 😁
  11. The area there is in a National Park so not permitted. No panning in most rivers and creeks allowed due to it may cause Mercury contamination down stream from original mining in the area.
  12. N° 2 and N° 4 Grandkids wanted to do a bushwalk with me so I took them to the start of the Australian Alps Walking Track as we only had my vehicle it had to be a there and back exercise from Walhalla to the Thomson River and back. The Australian Alps Walking Track is a long distance walking trail through the alpine areas of Victoria, New South Wales and ACT. It is 655 km long, starting at Walhalla (a historical gold field), Victoria and running through to Canberra. The track goes mainly though Australian national parks It ascends many peaks including Mount Kosciuszko, Mount Bogong, and Bimberi Peak. To walk the whole trail can take between 5 to 8 weeks. Now the boys insist on doing the next section to the STEEL BRIDGE as soon as time permits. The history of the track.
  13. A great write up. I had a small scale claim in Australia nearly 40 years ago. The procedure to get it was full of red tape with BulllSh!t regulations that made the whole process a nightmare. Never again. How do you cope with the RED TAPE.
  14. I had to buy one of the first Garrett ADS for the wife when they were released at a cost of 4 ounces of gold but it paid for it self many times over. At $20 I might be able to pay for it with finds even today as that is less than a ¼gram now. 😄
  15. It looks like ML would be better off swapping a faulty coil with another brand as it will save multiple postage costs 🤑. Lanny, a gentleman like yourself is welcome in Australia and I would supply you with snake, shark and dropbear repellent for free. 😁
  16. Some nice finds there, well done. How would you like to have had the Equinox 600 back in the early 1980s.
  17. The stuff (Fiat Money) you get for selling it is doing no better.
  18. As Simon said not much you can do but check all cable, earphone and batteries connections. Let hope that is all it is.
  19. Looks like an USA military cap badge going by it shape W x H and size.
  20. Might be along the lines of this https://www.sellingantiques.co.uk/731621/onesided-boot-scraper/
  21. On my kayak paddle I use a Self-adhesive Silicone Tape, Waterproof Silicone Rubber Adhesive Repair Tape, Bonding Rescue Wire Hose Silicone Self Fusing Tape. It is very durable and provides a good gripping surface.
  22. Aureous the paste the you mention, we used to reseal the coil after repairing the shielding in the coils to stick the base and top back together. Always handy to have in your detecting kit when out prospecting away from home.
  23. For those that don't have the good gear or only wants to melt a small amount it is possible to grind a hole in a fire brick and use those cans of camping gas with blow torch to do the job. Pure gold melting point is 1064 most lower purity gold melts at a lower Temperature Similar small blow torch 5 lumps melted total weight 17 ounces Some of the course gold, crushed via a dolly, from a 3½ Kilo Specimen that was melted with the fines. The largest melt that the butane would make was about 4 Ounces. I hope this helps those that don't want to get a furnace. Borax was the only chemical that was used with the gold when melting it..
  24. The Australian Threepence (or three pence) is a small silver coin which was used in the Commonwealth of Australia prior to decimalisation. It is also the same size as UK old Threepence, Coin Type from Australia - detailed information. Country Australia Size 16.000 mm So at 15mm could be OK for most coins but for jewellery have a look at some small ear rings that may occur in you location. Hope this helps you decide the best size to have for your use.
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