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  1. But it is heavy if it is a gold nugget. ☺️
  2. Simon your dog should of buried it 12" deep so you could find it with the STORM when you get one. 😁
  3. Because Snakes are cold-blooded animals, or ectothermic, because they get their temperature from their surroundings and cannot generate their own body heat. When out bushwalking I always keep my eyes looking on the edge of the track that is on the opposite side of the sun.
  4. When I was in Townsville, Carol wanted a hair cut. As we were going across the crossing she saw a large spill of Aussy decimal coins on the Zebra crossing. I think it was the largest concentration of finds of coins in one spot for her. It took her three crossing between the green lights to get them all. I think some one must of dropped a bag of coins there.
  5. Talk about terrifying screaming, we were in a National Park camping ground that had three Italian girl back packers, camping in a small tent. What happen was one of our native animal a Koala (The drop bear is a hoax in contemporary Australian folklore featuring a predatory, carnivorous version of the koala......OR IS IT....) Let out it Male calling scream and the poor girls were terrified that they would be attacked by it. The wife and I told them they don't eat humans but they do like Italian Food. After they had seen the joke they broke out laughing. https://australian.museum/learn/animals/mammals/drop-bear/
  6. That is a nice score (Score also refers to a set of 20 items.)
  7. skywatcher Way back in the 1980s I managed to work a similar patch with a Garrett Deepseekers ADS VLF detector. What I did was used the TR discrimination knob and tuned it to the black sand like normal method by TR knob and not the ground balance knob. This work good but had to dig every signal, and got a large number of Aus. coins from it that other could not work the spot.
  8. GhostMiner I have followed you on 4 forums and happy you settled on detectorprospector even after the disappointing episode on an Australian forum. Thanks a lot for your effort is was very interesting. 🦘
  9. I think you are wrong dig4gold as it looked like Doc was sucking up to the wife (boss) at maximum level. 🀣
  10. Gerry they found one of these recently (fossil)............. Some of the now-vanished kangaroo species were quite massive. The short-faced kangaroo Procoptodon goliah grew as tall as three metres and may have weighed more than 250 kilograms. .................... I am not sure how much of the 550 lb were in it's scrotum sacks but I am sure they are were too big for your usual photo session. 😁
  11. Interesting link Simon. The price of gold depends on your country and the USA economical state.
  12. All I can say is I am a lot closer to some members totals than before the hiccup. πŸ˜‚
  13. My wife said I can swing it longer and heavier than her so have to do the floors so she can get a bit of time in getting her gold.
  14. You should have a photo with yourself next to the sign. 🀩
  15. Thanks for the update Steve. Would it help if we send you some bailing wire or duct tape. 😌
  16. A skunk day depends on what you are searching for. A speck, a "rattler in the poke", or a patch. My longest was 10 weeks (70+ days) of 10 hour days way back in 1980 when gold was everywhere. I look for patches and a week is common, but then i have days some times weeks and once or twice, months without a a skunk in sight at these patches.
  17. Next time Durikai Fossicking Area near Karara in the early days some good finds with detectors.
  18. You need to get an Aussy Bucket it is slightly larger at 20 Litres ☺️
  19. I thought I had learnt my lesson along time ago when I dropped my glass Bex bottle and it smashed spreading all my specks everywhere. No, I used a prescription bottle and dropped it. This time it did not break, but I spent a few hours searching for it among all the similar white quartz rocks. Now I use a blue prescription bottle or a white one with a coloured lid. Your unit looks good and it won't break when dropped and the colour will standout at prospecting site if dropped.
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