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  1. I have had just that sort of experience/luck well worth the the time checking them out.
  2. Your Grandfather is correct, but I use angle grinder with quick touches and into water and keep repeating till job is done.
  3. Did anyone make one of these way back when. 1955 Two Metal Detector Schematics_s_vs5.0_001.pdf
  4. Adult witness to the event would be hard to find as they would be at a minimum of 84 years old and most likely have poor memory, died or moved away. So I'm got high hopes for Jacob. πŸ˜€
  5. It is good to see historical photos. πŸ‘
  6. I have no idea what my records is for number of coins found in a day / week as my main interest was gold nuggets. However the value of the coins is secondary as they are stored away only to be looked at or being left for the Grandkids. I got a copy of Aus. coin albums for the silver coins I found and spent some time trying to fill all the holes a feat that would take more than a life time. The first link is showing the ones that were excess. The second is the link to an old post here that contains the albums. Excess Silver Coins. Old DetectorProspector post on silver coins
  7. You can always say you found a heap of GOLD tabs 🀩
  8. Be aware. When watching a partial or annular solar eclipse directly with your eyes, you must look through safe solar viewing glasses (β€œeclipse glasses”) or a safe handheld solar viewer at all times. Eclipse glasses are NOT regular sunglasses; regular sunglasses, no matter how dark, are not safe for viewing the Sun. Instead, there are special solar viewers or filters needed to protect your eyes while looking at a solar eclipse. Look for glasses that are certified ISO 12312-2 and verify the glasses are not expired or damaged.
  9. When I bought a detector price was not factor in choice, however when I upgraded the existing one would be given away as it value was always too low to considering selling it. At the moment our current detector have not moved in to digital/processor type yet but the old analog have found plenty of gold and coins. As they say location and knowing how to use what you got is the best way to go.
  10. VL if you catch up with Eric tell him it is OK for him to take you to my beach to detect. πŸ˜ƒ But you can't use those glasses there. πŸ˜’ Due to currency a 100$ US will buy you $150 AUD meal here. 😁
  11. This method works for other source of emi like GPS, phones and other detectors and reduces the interferences.
  12. I had to buy the first one for Carol which I inherited due to the fact that it was the top Garret at the time and she was very Bias to Whites. The first was cash the rest were from selling my beloved nuggets (only the ugly ones πŸ˜„) with much delay and stalling. 😭
  13. 1980 in Wedderburn at the Australian Detector Rush most people were using discrimination. Not the best back then, however I put a 5 cent bit on the ground not one detector could pick it up at their settings. Two full time prospecting brothers and another were in a spot were one of the brothers go a large signal and said junk. The other one went and dug up the target which was a 36 oz bit. Note the Aus. 5 cent piece was a good test target latter on for PI detectors to gauge their effectiveness on gold.
  14. The annual Australian Kangaroo includes a popular 1oz coin which in 2024 features an exceptional design that investors will eye as a new classic. Key features: 99.99% pure gold...2024 kangaroo design...Special β€˜P125’ anniversary mintmark...Australian legal tender...Authentication feature.
  15. That's the method to find patches, but some skill needs to be acquired first. I spent 10 hours a day for ten weeks with out a speck from detecting. I was about 50 years younger then, and had found over 4 ounces from panning and dredging. In the end I found one good patch in Victoria that yield a bit under 30 oz and one in West Aust. 30 odd Oz and another about 60 Oz All of these would of been found with most Gold Detectors except for a few deep nuggets. I will try flogged ground in a new field, with a small coil and good detector. To get an idea how well the area was done and then walk, walk, walk and only stop when I find a new patch. I forgot to say gold prospecting was only a hobby for me and the wife.
  16. Maybe he is waiting for very low tide time.
  17. That device won't work, because he has copied my unit but does not have my secret code and software. πŸ˜’
  18. Don't forget the large NZ targets. Found in NZ look at the date.
  19. After spending a lot of time digging through some cap rock at a depth of 2 foot plus I found this dingo trap. It was in a goanna hole that was later found burring in a few meters away. 🀒
  20. I ran my long-range detector over your photos, send me $100 and I will give you the marked spots. πŸ˜‡
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