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  1. Kiwi.... PLEASE keep posting on the GM! ALL you guys have helped me with your info. Phrunt.... Only had my 5" in the water once and first thing that came to mind on falsing under water was the current on my coil wire as it's not tied down secure? I don't think my GM is faulty in any way and like I said before, I just work around any bump falsing. In the short 12-15hrs I've used the machine I've dug plenty of lead and SMALL lead fragments along with shell casings, a 1906 V nickel, and modern aluminum so I know I'm on the right track and will find gold eventually. A little bump false here and there doesn't bother me..... Keep the info and the finds coming if you will?????
  2. Having little time on my GM (12-15hrs?) and no real experience hunting nuggets but 26yrs detecting old coins all I can ad is my GM also bump falses. I just deal with it and haven't had any problem being able to work around it? When it bump falses I also feel a bump at same time so it's real easy to determine from a false...imo? I did notice with the 5" under water that just moving the coil under water back and forth would make it false....... If I thought there was a real problem I would send it back in but so far, with my limited experience, I just deal with it and understand it's a very sensitive machine and try to work on my coil control....????
  3. Thanks for bringing that up guys.... didn't even think about the balance changing while trying a depth test. Out in the field I'll pay attention to keeping the coil to the soil as best as possible......and re-balance if and when I can't. Thanks!!!!!!
  4. Well curiosity got me about the auto sens balancing target out. I NEVER do air tests or coin gardens, etc, don't trust them compared to in the field. Like I said...curiosity got me so I grabbed a zinc penny and tossed it out in the yard. With the 5" coil I went over it maybe 1-2" while in auto (not auto+) and signal stayed strong until I raised coil 6"+ then it started to fade once I had more depth. Then I tried manual 10 and signal stayed strong and never faded. I started to lose the signal (not fading but breaking up) once I started to reach max depth around 10-11" range? I was surprised at how much stronger and deeper manual 10 was over auto...period. Auto started losing strength around 6" and manual stayed strong right up to 10". I did not try auto+. Manual got me at least 3"+ over auto on depth alone. I will definitely try manual as high as the ground allows me to once I get out in real world........... take all this with a grain...just thought I'd pass it on. Thanks again for your responses and great info!!!!!
  5. Thanks guys and all your answers make sense and I understand what all of you have said. I've got about 12-15hrs on machine last season (no gold...YET) and ran in auto 95% of time while trying to learn the machine. The balancing out targets doesn't bother me and I understand it....but was curious about the question I asked so I'll play with it in manual when I can get out and see how things go? For now I'll keep digging all repeatable targets until I learn the machine. Already dug lots of lead, small lead fragments, shell casings, 1906 V-nickel, square nails, large steel rivets, small copper rivets, etc. so I think I'm on the right track.........if I can get coil over some gold?? thanks again
  6. Somewhere in this, or possibly another forum, I read that if the GM is in manual sensitivity that it won't ground balance (fade) out a target like in Auto???? Not sure if the GM only auto ground balances while in auto or does it always auto ground balance even in manual sensitivity???? Hope that my question makes sense...... Still snow on ground so can't test this myself just yet.... Thanks guys.........
  7. I don't feel so bad now....lol Can't play with my new GM so it's the ol' shovel, buckets, and the box for now (last weeks pic).....
  8. Reese..... month and a half and a guy will be able to get over the hill to the "miles of piles".... I can't wait as this digging/sluicing is killing my back... but it's been nice to get out a couple times this year. Should have gone out today digging but Sundays trip to river has the back healing up (again)..... Spring is coming!!!!!! NICE noogies............
  9. The title of your post and your noogies made me VERY jealous.....!!!!! (wtg on those noogies)
  10. Not familiar with gold "on the other side of the hill" (continental divide), I'm on the west side of the hill. There's been lots of gold scratching all over the west side like around Helena area, south to Butte, Dillon, and also further west. I'm sure your hubby knows of some spots or someone that does. Last spring we had quite the runoff so most the waterways got stirred up with new gold, some old buried with over burden, etc. but definitely things got re-arranged? Could be good or bad depending. You guys enjoy..........
  11. Ditto Fred .....just takes a couple weeks to get used to it, pace your self accordingly.............
  12. Just come on out and ENJOY the area like you planned. Do your research and I'm sure you'll find some areas to scratch around in? I'm new and a rookie so can't recommend any areas near Bozeman but you'll find some. Might learn to use the claim maps here to help locate area claims? Good luck!!! http://www.mylandmatters.org/Maps/Mining.html
  13. Not familiar with the Safari but think it's an FBS machine? With my etrac I have many coils and they all have their place and work well. With that said....high dense trash my 6" EQ2 is the go-to coil (and also my favorite of all coils if and when the situation calls for it).
  14. agree.....only time I dig gold rings is when I'm chasing a nickel.....
  15. The phones that came with my Monster didn't work at all...period! Took my seinhauser 280's that I've use on my etrac , stereo and also for noise cancelation for my practicing my drums.... they work great (as usual) on the Monster. I also usually just use the external speaker tho. The 280's have served me very well for 7-8 years now....they are sold as noise canceling audiophile phones, come with both plug sizes and have a long cord.......... Monster phones look and feel like crap imo
  16. Your 1st post you wanted a coin shooter....now you want that machine to double as a gold machine? I'll withdraw my recommendation of the etrac then......it's primarily a COIN machine, that is where it excels......... good luck
  17. I used to do nothing but coin shoot for the oldies and that etrac, once you get it figured, is a coin shootin sob! Heavy but well worth the trade off with all the info it gives you won't waste a lot of valuable TIME digging trash! Don't overthink it....keep it simple for starters then as you become comfy with it then play with the different settings, etc. jmo
  18. Hey thanks guys for the tips! Got the Estwing/chisel and hand dredge. Any benches are snow covered now. I fall down in the river enough in summertime and will be staying very close to shore this time of year. I'll try and clean up my hole I'm working with the dredge, run GM to check bottom of hole, then run thru sluice, etc. In between breaks for my shovel hurting back I'll take the GM along the shore and flip a few boulders and see if anything shows up???? thanx again!
  19. That's exactly what I found here also....underneath. Thanks guys for the responses! It just dawned on me that I have the same type boulders right on the steep bank that I can roll right into the river with little effort and check quickly with the Monster....duhhhh!!!!!! I'm currently digging in same bank with fair results using conventional #2, pan, sluice. When back gets tired digging I'll flip a few boulders and check with Monster? Gold here is like someone took a salt shaker and sprinkled it all over the land. There isn't nuggets like Cali or Aus, etc. but a few larger pieces have been found. I should also check my current hole (underwater) with the Monster...... This stuff is what I'm currently getting and about average for me...once in awhile a picker shows up. Anyways...thanks again, you've given this guy some ideas
  20. LipCa....... That's summertime stuff.....couple feet of snow here. There'll be some of that next summer...thanx!!!
  21. Guys... Could use some expertise/advice about using the GM 1000 on the river? I know I can't really explain the conditions etc but I'll try...bear with me? First off it's winter and I have maybe 12-24" of bare ground between river and snowbank and river isn't all that low. I have no idea how deep bedrock is and not much bedrock is visible along banks, even in summer. This is also glacier gold and lots of it hasn't even thought about hitting bedrock yet. River also running pretty good, slippery bowling ball sized rocks, and drops off fairly quick. My thought was to take the Monster and just detect maybe up to 3' off the bank, in river, behind rocks, etc. I won't be able to pack in a prybar for flipping rocks but will have my # 2 shovel, pan, sluice , etc. in case I have no luck tecting? I was curious if any of you have had any luck shooting the shallows behind rocks in steady flowing water? What I really need is what kind of scoop would you use in moving water (hopefully I could improvise at home)....???? I thought maybe a small metal pan, metal coffee cup, then I thought plastic coffee container, or just hope for the best and use my shovel and dump into plastic gold pan???? Any success stories, tactics or tips on river shooting in flowing water and retrieval tools appreciated! I'm also new to nugget shooting and only have about 12 hrs on the Monster so that's why the kinda stupid questions....lol Thanks!
  22. Weather here got above freezing and I had the "itch" real bad so I contacted the nice owners of the claim that I had a permission on last year to see if we were ok for this year? They said "go right ahead" so I loaded up my tracked quad and drove 45mins to the end of plowed road and tracked 6 miles up to the claim. When I first arrived at end of plowed road I realized I'd forgot my coat!!! I also had a camera in that coat pocket to take pics of the trip. I almost aborted the trip but found an old sweatshirt and flannel shirt behind seat of PU and had on my bib overalls so threw that on and headed up. Two ft of snow at the claim and had to shovel about a foot of snow off river bank and start digging. Only moved 6 buckets (2.5-3 gals) of -1/4 but got these little pieces and snuffered up a lot of colors/fines (not shown) after 4 hrs. Hands and feet got a little cold but not bad and the trip helped cure the itch somewhat. Had a blast and first gold of the season with the trusty #2, pan, sluice, rock pick....... (pic of quad @ 7,000ft...not claim)
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