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  1. "Ron’s Detectors serving Medford, Oregon & Yreka, California" And western Montana......lol
  2. Exactly...!!!! One little old $10 safety vest does indeed slow the whiners down a bunch!!! Back in my coin shooting days I'd wear that vest when I went to the big city to detect. A few whiners might ask "what are you looking for?"... I'd reply "City asked me to come out and look for a set of keys they think they may have lost on this street".....shuts em right up. The vest also stopped most from questioning anything.
  3. GPX5000...... I kinda knew I wouldn't like it even before I bought it? Swung it for 10-12hrs and immediately sold it. Country I dig in is steep and brushy and that stupid harness, bungee, battery cord, headphone cords, readjusting bungee when going uphill or downhill, etc. All those cords getting hung up in the brush every 10-20 feet, headphones getting pulled off my head all the time. That was it so down the road it went! I'm out there to ENJOY my retirement and dig a little gold, not fight with a machine.
  4. That's pretty darned good hunting right there! Key words "I work at it regularly". 75 more days approximately and I'll be back on some gold, this has been a LONG winter.....
  5. Yeah.... having access to the gold fields definitely pays off quicker than coin shooting but coin shooting can pay off too if a guy is persitant?
  6. Fortunately, all my detectors have more than paid for themselves over the years, be it coinshooting or gold detecting so it's a non issue? ALL my hobbies have cost me money over the long haul except detecting where I've come out ahead financially.
  7. Hope you'll keep your posts coming. I swim in the shallow end of the pool (sdc,gm1000) and most what you post about doesn't concern me much (6000's, 7000's, 5000's, coils, etc....BUT I do read and always seem to take some of what you say as experienced info that may help me in some of my situations, then toss out what doesn't pertain to my situations. I always gain a little something from your posts and sure most here feel the same. Keep posting......
  8. No longer have a 6 but dug 105-110 nuggs with it before we parted ways and biggest was a 4.2 grammer @ 13".... faint but definitely repeatable. Used my Apex pick head to measure which is now worn down to 9.5" from 10". I thought that was pretty respectable?
  9. welcome! I pm'ed a member from AB (Lanny) about your post. I believe he's in Magrath right over the hill from Cranbrook. His digging spots are on your side of the hill in BC. I'm almost sure he'd enjoy talking with you if nothing else? You may just get a pm from him? Back when the border wasn't such a hassle, myself and a few other motorcycle buds used to ride up to Cranbrook on many trips and party hard with some of you crazy canucks....fun. fun, fun!
  10. You don't need any stinking brakes..... all they do is slow you down!
  11. Thanks for the info on Midwest! Bills starting to add up even with insurance for the chemo crap....AGAIN. Highly doubt I'll have to sell my wild gold but nice to know a trustworthy refiner from a trusted forum member...THANKS! Feel good and the chemo working REALLY well once again and I'll be back on the mtn come spring!!!!!!!
  12. I literally wait sometimes for years for OTHER people to get hurt. You know, stuff like getting stung, stubbing a toe, falling down, and now cholla, just so I can use my favorite saying.... "It'll feel better when it quits hurting". I live for those rare moments, I'm such an asshole but I can't help myself....lol Reese... "It'll feel better once it quits hurting".
  13. That's better than the hornet nest incident up bedrock Gulch.......lmmfao
  14. My PI does a great job on anything metal, that's why the Goldmonster is always close by.... (just being a smart ass)
  15. whatsit..... one of those fancy napkin holders possibly....?????
  16. I've only done the creek crack scratch thing maybe 5-6 times. My sucker is like the bottom Quick Sniper you posted above and in my opinion works well? I also like it where the nozzle does NOT extend up into main tube a few inches to hold the gravel so that you have to remove cap/nozzle to free up the gravels. I like the nozzle to be flush with bottom of main tube so in two fast strokes you can fill and empty into pan or bucket without taking it apart to release the gravels? Suck, raise sucker up in air FAST, swing over bucket, push plunger down, gravels in bucket..... jmo
  17. My first thought was also the small hand dredge. If and when I crack scratch down by the creek I've used a small hand dredge, they work well..... You can make them super small too out of just about any sized plastic bottle, etc. for tight cracks.....
  18. Had almost the exact same thing happen a few times when I sold a few items here. New member(s) interested in item for sale with no past history on the forum....BIG red flag!
  19. These mods really helped my Monster for what I need. Extended "legs" on the stand probably keeps the thing from falling over 50% less? Equinox adjustable shaft and adjustable strap so I can throw it over my shoulder and out of the way when I hike or hunt with the 2300 (use the vlf for fast target recovery). Cost=$45 for shaft. Seeing as how no perfect tector made sometimes ya gotta improvise.......
  20. Bullion on the beach.... definitely a first...!!!!! Cleaned up nice.........
  21. IMO....the key word here is stability. Stability is why I parted ways with the GPX6000 and kept the old warhorse, cumbersome, built like a tank and reliable 2300, it just works. Never used an Axiom and really don't use PI much anyways so the 2300 fits my PI needs when I need a PI and in my area(s) it runs smooth all day long without any little fits....jmo's
  22. looks a bit lighter than my SDC............
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