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  1. Geezer, Thanks for the encouragement on the MDT, but that find was a freak event because I went over that ground with the MDT & 9" coil and only found some larger non-ferrous bullets and thick copper wire. That was before I found a few 1 gram to 2 gram nuggets with the higher frequency Gold Monster & Gold Bug 2. I also went over the ground with 2 other 18 & 19 kHz detectors--nothing much. When I get my MDT 9" coil ear repaired I'll take it to a good trashy relic site and give it hell until I can reject most of the trash by sound--I don't look at numbers much, just to see if they're plus or minus on this machine. There are a lot of factors at play. 1/2 of the tiny gold I've found there was 1-2" deep. I've detected the relic site with the Tek G2+ and Fors Gold+ and found some interesting stuff, liked the Fors better for tones, but G2+ is easiier to use and also gets the goods. The Gold Monster also tells what's what--ferrous, non-ferrous. In fact I should spend a little more time there with it. Although I'm not really into relics anymore, what detectors will do is interesting to me. Gerry's gold detecting class at Rye Patch years ago showed me how to recover tiny nuggets with the scoop technique which is probably on U-tube somewhere--doesn't take very long.
  2. My battery holder--8 AA's-- worked fine, but the juice goes much quicker than the rechargeable battery, which when I got it didn't seem to hold a charge long. Then it got with the program and runs good for the couple hours that I'm out. I'm not a long-hour searcher, just some finding and exercise.
  3. If Dimitar is working on a gold detector I hope that it has a high frequency option, like 40 kHz. I bought the MDT because I read about the great depth it got, even in mineralized soil, so figured it might be a good gold machine. Not so far, found few targets in an area that has given up 2 gram pieces and lots of old bullets and other small non-ferrous junk to the Gold Monster and the TDI SL. The Tarsacci did not find much of that junk, but should have. Maybe I haven't put enough time into it. Yet, one day I came upon a target with the high clink in mixed mode and it was a 1.2 grain gold speck less than 1" deep. The tones can be confusing and wrong, and need to be more telling what it could be, non-ferrous-ferrous wise. I'm about done with that detector because I don't hunt relics or coins anymore, unless it's a virgin site--rare! One of the big problems is Dimitar not communicating his wisdom. I know that takes time and energy, but if you're in business, that's what you need to do. I spoke with him about whether the Tarsacci could cancel out serpentine and he wasn't sure because he never tried it; didn't know where to find it. So I told him of a place right along Hwy 49 near Downieville, Ca. Said he'd go there and try it out. Never heard a word because he posts nothing and didn't call. Geezer, I'm glad that you've found the MDT the best ever!!! Yours is the most positive review I've seen and I guess you've put in the time to figure it out. If there's a high frequency machine coming out, I may have to try i. Problem I have is it costs lots of gas $$ traveling to sites in N Nevada.
  4. There's a back-up 8-AA battery holder made for the Monster.
  5. Impressive!!! Some of those bits don't look so micro. A couple questions: What % did the Monster get, approx? And what type of ground are you working? Thanks, Joel
  6. I found some similar looking gold bearing rock, the gold being dispersed like yours is, with my Minelab Gold Monster. But my rock doesn't have any other conductive metals in it. The Falcon will report on gold-bearing rock where the gold can't be seen. I found this place with the Monster originally with the gold bearing rocks down around 6" with the 5" coil, then a few deeper ones with the 10" coil. This was slide material in a wide old cut. Found a short vein by detecting above the cut. I think the old mining in this area was digging on random short veins. Host rock is shattered quartz.
  7. Might possibly be hematite; don't know if that's magnetic.
  8. Thrace Detectors on eBay or website has a good price on these coils. George K endorses them, the seller.
  9. Try detecting Bottle Creek sometime. I heard from an old-time Newmont miner that a good sized nugget was found there years ago--without a detector. Also there was an article in one of the 80's treasure magazines about Depression era dry washing on the east side of the Jacksons. Sounded like all fine gold. You have got the fever!
  10. If you can drill that rock with a 5/8" or larger" carbide drill in an electric hammer drill, you can pour an expandable grout into the holes call Dexpan--Home Depot--or? It's reputed to break rock with a minimum of violence. I haven't tried it. Also your gemstone with inclusions should bring some good $$ from all the people taking up cabochon cutting whether as a hobby or business. Plenty of wild rough stone being sold on eBay. But if your stone turns out to be really gemmy, then to Tucson, and you'll probably sell out.
  11. Stalker, I don't know how to do links. Just go to Findmall and then to Today's Finds forum--it's real quick.
  12. These spectacular old finds are at "Today's Finds" forum at Finds Forums, 3rd post down as of tonight. Rafael has acquired the best detectors over the years and has shown many of his finds here, usually under the particular detector forum. We're talkin' OLD Spanish.
  13. Rob, Send a private message to Chris Porter, "nvchris" on this forum. His Website, Detectoraid, has been hijacked.
  14. Looks like classic chalcocite to me with some oxidation forming malachite. It's good that you sliced it. Several tons, you could make some $$.
  15. Thrace Metal Detectors in Bulgaria has them in stock right now and they may be cheaper, even with shipping, than from US dealers who should have them soon. Their Detech GPX coils are well priced. I haven't dealt with them yet.
  16. Just wanted to say that Serious Detecting has the Quest X5 either on eBay or their website for $149.00. Plus they seem to have the whole Quest line of detectors. You never know what Serious will come up with. Right now they have a new Tejon up on eBay.
  17. Walt, What frequencies do you like for nuggets on the Orx? Will it get more depth than the Monster? Thanks, YJ
  18. Goldseeker, If I were you, I'd be looking elsewhere--the president of that country is a vicious nutcase. Dave McCracken, the head of The New 49'ers, was stuck over there for months because of the pandemic and his being there I'm sure had something to do with gold mining. Their website is www.goldgold.com. Getting through to him may be a challenge, but he's most likely aware of your great book, so good luck in contacting him.
  19. Hi Gerry, A really informative thread! I'll have to travel to tailings piles, but do know of many out of the way hand-dug ones in California. I wonder if you could share some of the Nox settings you use in the old dredge tailings, the ones that sounded on the incredible gold-laced cobbles you found. Thanks!----From a former Rye Patch student--great training!
  20. Hurry, Hurry--Only 9 of these left on Amazon! I got one and it sure is the real deal. I wasn't using my F-19 much and sold it a year ago, but I still had 3 aftermarket coils--13" Ultimate, Nel Snake & Sharpshooter. so I had to jump on this deal. I decided to set it up differently setting the tone break at 39 and volume at 13. Seems like it's faster than the older F19 and in the iron-littered mining camp I go to nearby I found a couple old Levi rivets, an old encrusted wheat penny--looks like 1934 plus other small copper, & brass bits. But round, very rusted can tops and bottoms sometimes don't give a low tone when pulling the coil away. Used the Snake coil. Have had many different detectors between these sagebrushes and I know lotsa people been here, being a genuine NV ghost town.
  21. Maybe the XP Orx, the lightest weight and many frequencies to choose from. Although I haven't tried one yet, one forum member, at least, has posted great pics here; name of MannyScoot. Can charge it with AA batteries.
  22. Hi Joe D, Yeah, that Turquoise Fever show you saw is by the Otteson Bros--website of the same name, and on another website they have they explained that the White Buffalo is not turquoise, but a magnesite mineral that polishes up well. Those guys are about 200 miles S of me in south-central Nevada. There are a couple of other small outfits mining in that general area, either the Royston or the Candelaria area. Though there's turquoise around where I am, there's only a couple intermittent producers that I'm aware of. And the turquoise has really come back into popularity. The rough has become expensive. Check out "bestturquoiseonearth" on eBay for a look at some of the best stones from N Nevada. And the prices! The spiderweb variety is the most sought after.
  23. Support at the NoktaMakro repair center is happening--just talked to them this morning and was told to send the detector in. Kickin Dirt's referral is right on!
  24. Brian, I've been dealing in turquoise and silver since the 70's boom years and would say that the bracelet is nothing special--a very commercial Navajo product, but the stone looks to be a high-grade Nevada stone with a crack or a chip out of it. Can't identify the mine as there are many that have the black & blue combination. It seems that the eBay asking prices for Native American jewelry has really increased recently. Scarcity? Most of the so-called 'vintage' NA jewelry is mediocre in execution, made by piece-makers for commercial dealers. Joel
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