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  1. Thrace Metal Detectors in Bulgaria has them in stock right now and they may be cheaper, even with shipping, than from US dealers who should have them soon. Their Detech GPX coils are well priced. I haven't dealt with them yet.
  2. Just wanted to say that Serious Detecting has the Quest X5 either on eBay or their website for $149.00. Plus they seem to have the whole Quest line of detectors. You never know what Serious will come up with. Right now they have a new Tejon up on eBay.
  3. Walt, What frequencies do you like for nuggets on the Orx? Will it get more depth than the Monster? Thanks, YJ
  4. Goldseeker, If I were you, I'd be looking elsewhere--the president of that country is a vicious nutcase. Dave McCracken, the head of The New 49'ers, was stuck over there for months because of the pandemic and his being there I'm sure had something to do with gold mining. Their website is www.goldgold.com. Getting through to him may be a challenge, but he's most likely aware of your great book, so good luck in contacting him.
  5. Hi Gerry, A really informative thread! I'll have to travel to tailings piles, but do know of many out of the way hand-dug ones in California. I wonder if you could share some of the Nox settings you use in the old dredge tailings, the ones that sounded on the incredible gold-laced cobbles you found. Thanks!----From a former Rye Patch student--great training!
  6. Hurry, Hurry--Only 9 of these left on Amazon! I got one and it sure is the real deal. I wasn't using my F-19 much and sold it a year ago, but I still had 3 aftermarket coils--13" Ultimate, Nel Snake & Sharpshooter. so I had to jump on this deal. I decided to set it up differently setting the tone break at 39 and volume at 13. Seems like it's faster than the older F19 and in the iron-littered mining camp I go to nearby I found a couple old Levi rivets, an old encrusted wheat penny--looks like 1934 plus other small copper, & brass bits. But round, very rusted can tops and bottoms sometimes don't give a low tone when pulling the coil away. Used the Snake coil. Have had many different detectors between these sagebrushes and I know lotsa people been here, being a genuine NV ghost town.
  7. Maybe the XP Orx, the lightest weight and many frequencies to choose from. Although I haven't tried one yet, one forum member, at least, has posted great pics here; name of MannyScoot. Can charge it with AA batteries.
  8. Hi Joe D, Yeah, that Turquoise Fever show you saw is by the Otteson Bros--website of the same name, and on another website they have they explained that the White Buffalo is not turquoise, but a magnesite mineral that polishes up well. Those guys are about 200 miles S of me in south-central Nevada. There are a couple of other small outfits mining in that general area, either the Royston or the Candelaria area. Though there's turquoise around where I am, there's only a couple intermittent producers that I'm aware of. And the turquoise has really come back into popularity. The rough has become expensive. Check out "bestturquoiseonearth" on eBay for a look at some of the best stones from N Nevada. And the prices! The spiderweb variety is the most sought after.
  9. Support at the NoktaMakro repair center is happening--just talked to them this morning and was told to send the detector in. Kickin Dirt's referral is right on!
  10. Brian, I've been dealing in turquoise and silver since the 70's boom years and would say that the bracelet is nothing special--a very commercial Navajo product, but the stone looks to be a high-grade Nevada stone with a crack or a chip out of it. Can't identify the mine as there are many that have the black & blue combination. It seems that the eBay asking prices for Native American jewelry has really increased recently. Scarcity? Most of the so-called 'vintage' NA jewelry is mediocre in execution, made by piece-makers for commercial dealers. Joel
  11. Phrunt, There are many genuine dealers selling on eBay--just gotta know who they are. And it looks to me like they do pretty well. Gerry in Boise, Idaho is one of many. Steve, When you posted the good price on the Nokta AU Goldfinder I bought one because many people agreed that the Gold Racer coils would work on it. So I bought a small elliptical Gold Racer coil for it, and it didn't work, even though both detectors run at 56 Khz. I couldn't believe it, but it was verified by Serious Detecting and the Nok-Mak Service Center in Georgia that the G Racer coils won't work on the AU. That was a Nok-Mak blunder in my opinion. Since I like to have coil choices, I sent the AU back for a refund--did like the detector and found that the high frequency with the 5" coil unmasked 3 times the amount of non-ferrous relics as my 13 Khz "relic killers" did in a local ghost town site. Learned something. So maybe you could delete the coil sharing ability between the two.
  12. You might try going after that towing company in a state court or find some more people who were screwed by them and do a class action suit. They were not acting legally, but no one calls them on it and county agencies can be in cahoots. I know, all that kind of stuff is a big hassle. I've read about a county in New Mexico where the sheriff wasn't interested in pursuing murder cases!
  13. Hi Dave, Coincidentally I have a Nautilus DMC llBa on US eBay right now, also in pristine shape. It came with a battery charger that I never used; just took out the batteries and re-charged them. It's a Calrad Ac Adaptor Model 45-767; Input 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 16W, Output 24 VDC, 400ma. The detector came from a prominent Dankowski Forum member, so the adaptor, if you can find one, should be right-on. Best of Luck and enjoy the Nautilus, Joel
  14. It;s the right formation--bubbly. Wet the rock and see if there's any irridescense in the bubbles. eBay should have some good examples of rough fire agate.
  15. Ask Show Me Treasure--Craig Nichols--what kind of deal he can give you. His quote to me was very good and I've dealt with him many times--a right-on guy.
  16. Steve, What Khz were you using to find the silver coins? And did you try the near equivalent with the Impact? Those are some great finds in the heavily hunted places! And I like the fact that you can find sub-grain nuggets, also. Thanks, Joel
  17. I have a very experienced gold detecting friend out of Chico, CA who detects in the general LaPorte area. Since he's not on the Net, he asked me to get him a NEL Snake coil for his Lobo Supertraq about a year ago, and says that it out-does the GB2!! which he's used forever. Which is really saying something. You might try refreshing your Lobo with this coil. Request a price from Showmetreasure--it will be better than the usual quoted one. Riversrat in England uses this combo on the Thames River.
  18. Jen, Many Thanks, It's on the Main Drag! Joel
  19. HI Jennifer, I live in the next town E of Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, and often shop at Walmart for groceries, so I'm wondering where Doc's is located because it looks like a good place to refresh before heading back. I remember when I took Jerry's detecting class at Rye Patch a few years ago, he got 2 flats coming and going and I noticed that he drove like hell. I do a lot of back road driving out here and because I slow way down on coarse gravel or bad roads, I rarely get a flat So, slow to save the tires. Joel
  20. It seems like the taste in gold pans is similar to liking a certain guitar to play. And Klunker & I just like the feel of steel, What do they use in the Gold Panning Championships? That contest is based on retention. I gotta blue mine up for a coming trip to the old N Yuba to pan the fines from Vak-Pak-ing.
  21. Klunker, On the River, Prospecting thread, you alluded to the superiority of the steel pan. Some people booed your opinion. I've used a steel pan forever because it's substantial and I hate plastic; almost every piece of plastic gear falls apart relatively quickly. But I'd like to know your reasoning for its superiority over the plastic ones. Does it retain the gold better? And I think a few other guys were curious, too. Thanks, no rush, Joel
  22. Mine (Gold Racer) did a different thing--this detector was used for a month by Keith Southern and I bought it used from his dealer, not knowing that he had it.. I used it for an hour and then the light on the screen and the audio started pulsing rapidly. Sent it to D Electronics. Came back "Fixed". Within 4 seconds of getting it back, the letters "Lo" started flashing like crazy and the battery box was heating up. Called DE--they've sent me some kind of board to re-install in the battery case--"an easy fix". I should know Tues. whether it is the fix or not. So the ? is: Why wasn't it fixed the first time? I think that the technician(s) at Detector Electronics need a lot more training and that the root problem with these detectors has to be figured out. What a pain! If I think it has a clear advantage over the GB2--versatility in finding relics as well as oro--and it quits crapping out, then I'll keep it. Other wise gone with the wind. I hope they can get to the problems' cause. I have a Red Racer--no problems. SL--there are some pretty petty people on Tom's forum. You have a lot of tolerance! Sarcasm and humor, too. Some guys there are very witty. Tom D doesn't get caught up in the personal frictions or opinions or moderate such--he sticks to facts that he can verify.
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