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  1. Hi Ya'll Well im now building up a huge collection of various finds. Ive got so many British 1800 and 1900 pennies, half pennies and farthings that i dont know what to do with them all. But also some really nice silver sixpences, half crowns, florins and other nice silver coins. Other items are rings x2, musket balls, badges and roman/medievil weights. Question is, how do you lovely buggers store your finds? Be it coin cabinets, display cases or just sprawled over your desk. Do you lot keep only the best coins for display, or show everything you find? See im not sure whether t
  2. One of the things that intrigues me about natural raw gold is the many offbeat ways nature creates Au. This rare (to me) almost sheet type gold is a 1st. It looks as if the liquid metal cooled right between two quarts seams and then just popped out. You can still see small rough white quarts crystals still attached to both sided of this beauty. YES it is! You may think it is ugly and that is fine, but since I own it, I say it is a beauty. Just bigger than my thumb nail and weighs in at 2 grams (30 grains) and was found with the 24K while using the 6" concentric coil at about 8" depth. T
  3. Prospecting many years ago I discovered a large chunk of quartz with intact host rock on one side. The slate is flat and so, I want to clean the piece and display it. It's about the size of a shoebox. It's in my storage unit, otherwise I'd take and post a photo. From what I remember it's got pyrite in the cavaties and might be rather nice looking if clean. I use to be a medical laboratory technologist and very cautious about using chemicals without a safety ventilation hood, so are there non-chemical options? Would a baking soda or vinegar paste get it clean? Do I need to post the photo in ord
  4. I’m sure all have seen lots of Detectors going up for sale. I know myself have put up items that I think I can live without. I’ve done it sometimes because I needed the money to buy another detector. Like some I sold it thinking I don’t need it because that new one is replacing the old one. Did I ever regret selling something,why that’s a big time yes. I’m thinking later stup it was paid for and you really didn’t have to sell it. I’m bad about saying something before putting brain in gear before putting mouth in motion. I have the same problem on selling a item before thinking
  5. I cashed in my clad at coinstar this afternoon. I have had my 800 for 6 weeks and my 600 for about 3 weeks. I cashed in at coinstar for a total of $172.66.. I had quit counting what I had after I knew I had almost $100 but never dreamed I had as much as I had. I have to admit I hit a cpl awesome parks and even though they had been hunted recently I cleaned up. I actually believe there is more at the one park but in an area I gridded I only found about $3 in two hours. In an area the other guy missed I found $9 in clad in a 30' x 30' area bordered by a sidewalk. I also hunted
  6. The other day I made a spreadsheet to calculate MELT value of all my finds, I pull most of the info from coininfo.com and then spot prices of precious metals from Money Metals Exchange. I pull over 35% nickels, 90% dimes, 90% quarters, 90% halves and because I found one, 80% Candian quarter prices, plus 9, 10, 14, and 18k gold. Under the PM spots there's a sterling silver per gram conversion and then there are some bullion prices (These I think are dealer bid prices, so lower than normal) and along with those, a sterling/ounce price. It is made with google sheets but I'm sure you can export it
  7. I was wondering if anyone would want to share pictures of there display cases, not so much shadow boxes but anyone with larger display cases. I love old and nice ones so thought it would be cool to see some...ive got one i pulled out of a general store that opened in the 1930s and been working on it for awhile getting it cleaned up, also have a smaller one that i literally seen in a junk pile on the side of the road that ive been working on replacing rotten wood and for sum reason they lined the inside with wallpaper so been cleaning that up to.. i found the smaller one and amazingly the old g
  8. Something just popped into my mind and I thought I'd ask everyone...has anyone ever taken a found ring to a jeweler and had them re-finish it and shine it up so that they could then sell it for significantly more than they would've gotten for it at melt? I was wondering if doing this would be (more) profitable...found ring is worth $x in melt value + $y to make it sparkle. Could the value of a nice shiny new ring be greater than $x+$y. I know things are only worth what someone would pay for it but maybe just maybe...
  9. Hi All I’m in an area that’s got some pretty sandy ground and some of the coins especially the copper coins are pretty much unrecognisable and even the slivers are very badly stained with a blackish look to them. So I’m just wondering what seems to work the best to bring them back to life so they resemble what they should look like?, I don’t expect them to look fantastic due to how bad there condition is in now but it’d be great to at least be able to recognise what they are. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  10. Credit for this info goes to johndoe here. This is the app I use.. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/coinflation-gold-silver/id535653219?mt=8 Here is there website.... http://www.coinflation.com The phone app has melt values for junk gold and silver.
  11. Steve i don't know if this is the proper place for this ,but here goes . A friend wanted me to knapp an arrowhead for his grand daughter and mount one of the gold nuggets i found this winter into it so i got a piece of mexican velvet obsidian and one of my nuggets and made it up,just thought it was an interesting use for some of my gold.
  12. Thanks to those who keyed me in to using CLR for removong rust from rocks/specimens. This rock wasn't found with my detector. Got it quite a few years ago from the Mactung tungstein exploration camp on the Yukon/North West Territories border near the portal. It's heft made me interested and thankfully the chief geo at site let me keep it. Years it sat in my collection, but once I got my GM1000 I tested the more interesting rocks in my collection. This rock detected constantly in the non ferrous and strong. It sure cleaned up well, and the blue dotted pic is the Scheelite fluorescein
  13. Hey everyone, I have always wanted to get a metal detector and spend a couple hours every week walking around the fields and beaches to see what I find, so I have been finding this place to be a great source of information. Something I have been wondering lately is what kind of rocks/gems people will commonly find? And do you take what you do find and put it in a rock tumbler to see how it really looks. I am sure that some of you must use a tumbler as you would inevitably get something out of it after cleaning all your finds. To any of you that do use rock tumblers, what ones do you use?
  14. The Alaska Mint is a buyer of gold nuggets and specimens in Anchorage, Alaska. If you read the profile of their family business you may think about a local company that may buy your gold. http://www.anchoragepress.com/news/adp-profile-the-alaska-mint/article_3fee9336-e6b5-11e7-a10a-37fb59ea2d4f.html Mitchel
  15. Decided to offload all my gold. I've never sold gold before and not sure if you just approach a gold buyer and sell it for whatever they're prepared to pay. Obviously, it will be less than the gold price and also less to account for impurities. Now I don't have any wopper nuggets to sell but just curious if my two 16gram bits would be worth more if I sold them privately, say on eBay or on a gold prospecting facebook page? If so how do price them?
  16. Some nuggets are worth more than the gold content. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-42081538 Would you take $200 for a 3 grammer? Mitchel
  17. AAA Gold for Sale Gold from Alaska, Arizona and Australia! https://fineart.ha.com/c/ecatalog.zx?saleNo=5324&ic5=CatalogHome-AucType-PrintedCatalogViewer-071515 Just a note: I can't get this site to work on Chrome but it did work on Edge. Good luck.
  18. I am down in the valley of AZ rite now for a family emergency what I need suggestions on is I have several 2.5 dollar gold pieces from the 1800s that I found while detecting a property I owned in Ohio I need to sell these gold coins so I can help my family out with this emergency can someone please tell me where to take these in AZ to sell them so I don't get ripped off as I do not know much about coins Thanks in advance for any and all suggestion
  19. Read the full article by Dr. Tones at Treasure Talk Here is the accompanying video...
  20. Hi guys n gals.... well as I start accepting the fact that I'm going to be keeping Zeddie and selling my beloved GPX-5000, I have a quandry (peer pressure, being laughed at and being locked in the school lockers every day on the gold fields can be a very powerful thing ). Over the years, I've tried to sell coils individually on the forums and ebay and have been saddened with the lack of interest or having to sell them low ball. I've built up a HUGE coil (and extra goodies) collection on my GPX and am wondering what luck those of you who HAVE sold a detector on the classifieds have had wit
  21. I am looking for some advice, brands, ideas, etc on some equipment for cleaning some of the stuff I find. I am looking for a decent large magnifying glass on a stand that will let me use both hands to see items close up while cleaning them. Preferably with it's own lighting. I am looking for what folks use for quality picks with extremely fine points. I know (never clean your coins) is the mantra, but I am putting together a type set of the coins I have dug, and also albums of Indian head and newer cents, and since most are relatively worthless, I just want to purge them of all d
  22. Gold and mineral auction with lots of pretty nugs, could even be some from someone we know? I get catalogs from this auction company all the time and I thought this one would be of interest here, hope this link works its worth looking at; http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/24041/?utm_source=bonhams&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=STS_Gold_24041&utm_content=link3
  23. That speci I posted the other day, I finally took it out of the acid and the good thing about the acid clean is the before photos were taken with a 150 power usb microscope and that`s the only reason you could see the gold. When you were holding that speci in your hand it was so hard to see the gold, but now that it`s cleaned you can see the gold no worries at all.. The SG says this piece has 2.254 grams gold. The after photos were taken with a unwanted camera a forum member gave me. Thanks very much Steve it`s a terrific camera. ◕‿◕ And goldEn, this is how your speci came out as well.
  24. Hi all Couple found with gpx5000. Couple grams of gold and came nice after the acid bath. GoldEN
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