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  1. Was up on a seldom used gpaa claim in the El Paso mountains and managed to drop my scoop while looking at an abandoned drywasher that had fallen over the side of a deep canyon. Went back 2 years later and there was the drywasher still, and my scoop. Some of these claims are not that hard hit after all or the drywasher and my scoop would have been gone. For as many scoops as I lose and wear out digging they should sell them as a 5 pack 😉
  2. Found on one if the groups I belong to. Now the question is Real?
  3. Last Friday we were lucky enough to have a break in the typical Southern Calif Desert heat wave and those lower temps gave me and a friend a chance to hit a new area for us to check for nuggets. After spending the day we managed to score 6 little nuggets between us, the top 2 were mine and the bottom 4 were his. As you can see, this first picture was taken before anything was done to clean them up. My usual routine is once I get them home I give them a quick wash with some hot water and dish soap, then let them dry, then into a CLR (calcuim lime rust) remover bath for the next 24 hours. Once
  4. Have detected many times in Southern calif, nevada, and arizonia with outside temps @ 115f or 46c. Detector has worked fine but I have to take a lot of cooling breaks and drink gallons of water. At those temps I have more detectors in my vehicle which is locked with the windows cracked and just guessing temps do reach 135+f and have not seen any ill effects on them as well.
  5. I had Shot this video a month or so ago and finally got around to uploading it. I had been raining on and off for a few weeks and so the digging was easy 🙂
  6. The first time I met Fred was out in the Dale Mining District several years back where he had somehow forgotten his GPX power cord and asked if he could borrow a spare I happened to have. Every time we met up at different club events, he would welcome anyone into his camp and treat you as if you were a long-lost family member. All who attended the outings would ask if Fred was coming just to dig into some of his Chile Verde and if you were lucky enough to spend the night, he always had two huge frying pans of potatoes, eggs, and sausage going in the mornings. I asked Fred one time as I was hea
  7. Im am going to wait on the 19 inch probe which I have heard will go 33% deeper and they will give you a discount on that if you pay full price on this one 🙂
  8. My how things have changed ? https://streaming.britishpathe.com/hls-vod/MEDIA-4/archive/BCM6/2014-07-07T112551Z_1_LVA7938RY0N5P64BJN28M3DG6MCB_RTRWNEV_F_AUSTRALIA-PROSPECTORS-USE-ELECTRONIC-DETECTORS-TO-FIND-GOLD.MP4.m3u8?fbclid=IwAR1cKC1x1tqxLKOe1gl1PlYIcvLlTMUjJNC9WIvw9p3w1DHcCBnwymeffU4
  9. Good to see you got a little time in for detecting Rob ?
  10. Hey we don't like air tests around hear ?
  11. Teriffic gold and very nice area to spend some time in ?
  12. Ty Fred, found the shoes at LA police Gear, on sale $35, if you every want to hit an area up let me know and ill come and get you. I still owe you many a breakfast. I believe we have a something setup with a private tour from Jim straight in the Ransburg district this winter if your interested.
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