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  1. Swifty

    A Few Small Ones For The Z

    Ty Fred, found the shoes at LA police Gear, on sale $35, if you every want to hit an area up let me know and ill come and get you. I still owe you many a breakfast. I believe we have a something setup with a private tour from Jim straight in the Ransburg district this winter if your interested.
  2. I decided that since it's been a while from my last visit to one of my favorite gold hunting locations It was time to charge up the batteries, brave the heat and find some gold. Only managed to dig up these 3 little ones but still it was a good day 🙂
  3. Swifty

    Just A Squeak

    Very Nice Norm! That one had your name on it.
  4. Swifty

    Newbie Question

    In the National Forests you can detect in most but not all areas, and the rangers are up on the Antiquities Act so leave all the trash you find in place. A square nail in your pocket can get you a large fine.
  5. Swifty

    Need Help Guys Asap

    May want to check and see if there is a build up of dirt, black sand under the skid plate. That can affect the 2300 on small gold.
  6. The way I toss and turn all night the next morning my Dash would be ruined. with the bed swinging from the hand holders
  7. Swifty

    Ga-10 Guide Arm Question

    Hi Kiwijw, I am the other like in that post since I don't have a QED. And I do swing a GPZ and use the ga10 and would never call any person names for using a different setup then I do.
  8. Swifty

    White's Goldmaster V-SAT ?

    It's the Southern California area
  9. Swifty

    White's Goldmaster V-SAT ?

    Picture of club member Dean Chapman who hand wrapped and pored his own molds to make a coil for his GM3 that he used chest mounted And he was finding gold with it.
  10. Swifty

    Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    Well Steve as you know there are lots of prospector forums on the net and I still do look at them from time to time, the reason I really like yours is its on topic most of the time. I belong to several forums that are on topics I have an interest in and really don't care too spend a lot of time to read on why Trump did this or Russians were involved in that when I am looking for the best skid plate for a detector. If I wanted to know about Trump or the Russians I would join a forum for those type of topics. This is why I like it hear, good information in the shortest amount of time.
  11. Thanks Steve,, time for me to do a little research now. :) Since the 7000 can be setup to run 2 wm12's a right and left wireless ear bud would be separate connections if I can find the right protocols.
  12. Wireless earbuds are out on the market now and I am wondering is it possible to replace the wm12 with a Bluetooth or wifi set of earbuds? Is there a spec on the wm12 wireless conection someplace? This would help out a lot with line of site issue I have sometimes when I'm using headphones with the wm12.
  13. I live in the Southern California just north of Los Angeles. Its been HOT, real hot the last few weeks and I wanted to get out detecting but the idea of hunting new patches in air temps of 100 degrees or more just did not seem appealing until this morning. We have had a few wild fires spreading around the Los Angeles area and even thou they are many miles from me, the wind was blowing the smoke in my direction. That was enough to get me driving out to the gold fields. I arrived at the area I wanted to start swinging my zed and decided to change up my settings. Im a smooth threshold person, cant stand a chattery threshold, but since I was going to be covering old ground I decided to turn up the settings as far as I could and see what happens Sometimes it pays to step out of your comfort zone, 2.26g .56g .05g