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What Is Your Backup Detector?

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Really just multiple detectors for different types of hunting. 

Most recently it has been the Simplex with The Arrow coil and the Vanquish 440. I can sweep the surface with the Simplex/Arrow and, if it makes sense on the site, follow up with the Vanquish to ID deeper stuff without worrying about surface stuff masking.

The Vanquish was supposed to be backup/long-narrow coil option for the Equinox 600 but it is just simple to use and finds the goods. I really need to get the Equinox out soon and put more time on it with the nice carbon S shaft from Steve. Maybe once I cave in and get the Coiltek 10x5 for it 🤔 

I suppose if internal battery dies on Simplex or Equinox, the Vanquish is a good option with its replaceable AAs I can keep handy.  

Beach is my SeaHunter at mom’s and I think my ACE300 will end up there as a backup for dry sand. All I need is to bring my rechargeables or buy some AAs for either or and I’m in business. Wired blue heaphones on SeaHunter and wired MS-2s on Ace.  No charging of headphones.

Pinpointer, F Pulse with backup batteries. If I had to have a backup for that it would probably be another F Pulse to be honest. 

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My Gold Bug used to be a backup to the Equinox 600.. Then the 600 became a backup to the 800.. Now the Deus II is in the mix but it plays along nicely with the others as my scuba detector, with a PulseDive as its backup.. The PulseDive is slowly making a comeback as my main scuba detector simply because it's bombproof and simple to use.. Although it's got a tiny coil (just 8"), if you take your time it can be just as deadly as the Deus II.. At the moment I'm having trouble seeing the Mongrel as part of my arsenal..     

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Coin Hunting:  XP Deus II and White's TDI

Relic Hunting: Xp Deus II

Gold Hunting: White's GMT and XP Deus with HF Coils, White's TDI

Pinpointers:  White's TRX and XP MI-6

Really don't have a backup detector, just use best one suited for the conditions I encounter when detecting.

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This is easy for me as my main detector is the 800 as I enjoy using it when I want to find things in the ground.

My backup is the Tracker IV and it still finds a lot of trash for me. Don't get me wrong about it as I love both detectors that my grandfather left me as they both have a place and purpose of their own.

Do they find things of value, yes they do, I can count on either of them to find almost any coin at the parks or lakes.

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Ok then, how many of us have a backup for our backup detector? 😄

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Surprised to see all of the responses!!

Well I was looking to get another unit and found one today at my local pawn shop. 

Tesoro silver Sabre umax!!

I cannot believe they even had a detector to begin with.

i used to swing the silver Sabre umax with the 6 inch white coil pretty regularly. 

Sold it to a friend several years back and always wanted another one. 

So I started this thread for some ideas. Was looking at analog machines again for a back up.....primarily at the deeptech Vista line. 

But since I came across this one today....I guess I will hold onto it for a while. 

So now primarily xp deus 2 and my back up is the silver Sabre umax!!!

Kind of a strange combo!!

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