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Trying To Pick Out A New Metal Detector

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I am getting back into prospecting/metal detecting for the first time in about 6 years. I would like to pick up a new metal detector that I can prospect with and take out to the parks in the Anchorage area. I am leaning towards a Whites MXT due to it's track record, and I know that I can't go wrong with that choice. But, I know that there are other options out the (e.g. Gold Bug Pro). Some are in the 14 kHz range, and some run upwards of 20 kHz. Is there much of a difference in that 6 kHz range? What are other people's experience with detectors in this area? Am I even asking the right questions? I just don't want to go plop $800 on a new machine to find out that there had been a better choice out there in the same price range. In the past I have been using a Garrett Ace 250, so this will be a step up for me, and probably a whole new learning curve. But I figure that I will pass the 250 down to my daughter and try to get her away from her iPad  :p .

I have been reading through Steve's reviews as well, and it sounds like there are a lot of good choices out there. This is why I ask, because there are so many good choices.

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I don't do Alaska but you could go to local shop and try on different detectors. i would not expect  the hertz difference to matter as much as the ergonomics, sounds, ease of controls and of course Price. My xterra 70 was a very good multi-purpose machine with the stock coil and the elliptical dd...as was my old Tesoro lobo st-but, I think they are getting eclipsed by the new companies.

good luck with your Daughter...


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Yeah, I went down to my local shop and the sales guy directed me to here. The staff at AMDS have always been helpful in the regard that if they couldn't answer a question, they know where to find the answers. I do like the "feel" of the GMT with the knobs and such. Tuning with them gives a guy a sense of actually dialing in something in...lol. And I figure that an MXT will feel about the same.

And science has yet to discover a bond that holds tighter than the one my daughter has on her iPad

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This is as simplistic as it gets but here goes. Detectors running in single digits up to 10 kHz are great on coin size and larger targets. Detectors running from 11 to 20 kHz are good in coin size and smaller items so are good all around units strong on gold. 21 kHz and higher are units very hot on tiny targets and generally the realm of the dedicated gold prospecting machines.

There are many mid frequency units to chose from, differing mostly in general features more than capability. The MXT is one of many good choices and hard to go wrong with for true all around use. There are others and if you have seen my guide then you have a good start on possible options. Compare the feature lists to see if one has something you want that another lacks. Things like knobs versus touch pads are as valid a reason for making a choice as anything. Stick with a popular mainstream model and you can't go wrong.

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Thanks for your input Steve. That was kinda what my gut was telling me. But I would rather ask than assume with all the choices out there. I know with electronics sometimes 1 or 2 mhz can make no difference, while other times it can make a huge one. And this is an area where I was a bit uncertain in. And this does answer that question. 

Well, it is a nice afternoon here. Gonna pry the iPad out of the kid's hands and run up to her school and see what her classmates have lost in the gravel with the 250.

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