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  1. Grind a window....it is not likely to be a meteorite....
  2. Some of the east coast Indians made robes for their chiefs from moles...that is a lot of skins...but very pretty. gophers can be trapped because they use the same pathways... moles wander all over because they are hunting grubs and worms... fred
  3. I am just guessing, but... I think the QED folks want more USA customers ... potential USA buyers want a service center here, before they buy... which comes first the chook or the egg? fred
  4. Halo is part but the shape is also...if it is flat-ish and gets turned it will disappear. Also, there the mysterious sweet spot of the coil, it can be hard to find.
  5. Steve, as always is correct... The amount of iron in tailing piles depends on how much stuff got thrown in and how many iron screens and tacks got in the mix. I have never found big nuggets in the header piles, yet, but plenty of little nuggets in the tailings....also, the ground beneath may have not been worked....and the spaces between the piles...you just don't know until you try. fred
  6. Snookum yes, a large coil will drive you nuts...pick your battles and match your weapons to match. You have four excellent detectors. I would not use a Gpz or 2300 on piles in Az if they are full of trash. A magnet/rake will help. fred
  7. I am not offended, Jonathan... I may be a bit envious of your location and opportunity to hunt gold. Your choices will save your family and that is a wonderful thing! The pictures and lessons give me strength...please do not stop. Thanks, Fred
  8. nice gold, nice meteorite and pleasant conversation with MR. jack! fred
  9. Just what I do not want....people in bright yellow shirts traversing the desert...way too gimmick-y for me. fred
  10. One of the saddest things I ever read by Karl Von Mueller… "my sabre is bent and I don't get around well anymore." I reckon I could/should be saying that now... fred
  11. Old Halls Creek....I was close to there... once again they dug a couple of nuggets and walked away....BS, again. and every thing they touch breaks.... hard to believe, fred
  12. Yes, I think that is a GB...congratulations
  13. Art I believe you have some meteorites and some GB hot rocks....better pic’s would be helpful. fred
  14. That is strange....gold fungus....I guess! welcome home fred
  15. Good on you and your son! tortoises fall in excavations and cannot climb out if the edges are too steep....that one was lucky. Nice work on the gold...patience and paying attention are the prospectors friend. fred
  16. Sounds like you are going to Alaska....have a great trip!
  17. Seeing the Palmer Goldfields in Jonathan's backyard was fun. Seeing someone find a nugget and putting the detector away right after was BS....reminds me of the GPAA gold shows where gold was just laying around like candy at the store... Mostly I love seeing the country...because I Love Australia fred
  18. Thanks for sharing, Jonathan. I am always interested in your finds and your methods. I love the pictures too! fred
  19. WTG!!!! wow Chris you hit a nice spot...it sure pays to live in or on the gold! fred
  20. What is that Jefferson token? nice dime, some Oz person lost their beer money. fred
  21. Too true, JW! learning to work smart took way too long...but, I did learn. fred
  22. NO, they closed those places to keep the morons from ganging together....no parking=less crowds is the theory... good luck with that fred
  23. Or, digging one of those obvious trash signals that everyone assumed was trash!
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