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  1. You can wait...or not. If you buy a used gpz or some earlier pi you will still get less IF a new GPZ comes around...when you sell to buy the new model. I don’t think Minelab ever introduced a next generation detector for less money! what is it worth to you. fred
  2. Fascinating to see the results you and others are getting, Norvic. I expect some person will step up with an adaptor for these coils...of course, they will disavow any responsibility for warranty or repairs...unless Minelab steps up. Thank you for reporting your results! fred
  3. The pic is not very clear, but, I would say it is a natural stone that has the appearance of being chipped... fred
  4. Jonathan; Thank you for your input into a difficult issue. I admire your integrity and courage for speaking out. You don't have to have agreement to speak your mind. I like many wish for a smaller coil as I am not the he-man of yesteryear...However, I don't care to risk my 8000 dollar detector for a smaller, lighter coil... So, I thank you for keeping the conversation semi-balanced...(apparently you against them)...in a respectful and civil kind of way. fred
  5. Hear, hear...she has had her trials and overcome! Jw, I hope you have a lot of time if you intend to go all the places you mentioned..".miles to go before you sleep"... I would add Gold Basin to the top of the list as it is not but a few hours from Vegas...it will be a bit warm in the desert in June... fred
  6. We will see...I guess Condor can go specking while he waits...haha fred
  7. Excellent result! I love that salt and pepper country... fred
  8. Dang! the only thing worse than having equipment go haywire at home is having equipment go south when you are 200 or 300 miles from anywhere...that would be Outback Western Australia... I do hope you solve the problem, pdq! fred
  9. If the one spot is different from the surrounding matrix you will have an area that is not balanced ... the simple answer is YES... fred
  10. I doubt Steve cares if we stray a little bit as long as there isn't any animosity or rancor attached... back to the search for the perfect nugget hunting combination... fred
  11. Jw….dreaming a dream... fred
  12. Thanks for the update, Steve. Powering all the stuff a prospector needs in the field is daunting...good thing you have a clue. I would not! I am sure you will get over some big gold before you come home...at least I hope so. fred
  13. nice coin-love the eagle and snake on Mexican coins! fred
  14. from where did you get heavier charging cables? I charge off my battery or house current...are you charging off your computer? confused fred
  15. Sorry to ask...1200 to 1500 Australian for a coil for the GPZ? what is the current state of affairs? Now that I am officially old (69) and weaker by the day, I would love a 10x9 for my gpz... but, cutting leads and soldering, that would take a leap of faith...and skill. fred
  16. Boys, all I care about is any QED user’s experience and observations. I don’t think I need to hear about the mud slinging so common on other forums ... I certainly don’t care! fred
  17. Phrunt Value and enjoyment is important. If you bought a Gpz the need to justify the price might ruin the fun! As I have progressed in my nugget hunting endeavors my detectors progressed too. My first nugget was found with the original gold bug which cost 400 bucks, more or less...several detectors And thirty years later I run a gpz, I loved them all. I think you are wise to only focus on what you want and need...opposing opinions be damned! fred
  18. Excellent photo, love that ironstone quartz!! fred
  19. Mark I would not wind my coil wire so tight. It appears to be pulled to the left. The wire should have enough bend so you can move the orientation of the coil, but not so loose that it wobbles. I believe there are pic,s regarding this on the forums. Loose wires are a common cause of false signals...in case you didn’t know... fred
  20. Dang, that is a big trap for a dingo... Yes, the burrows are a problem, especially when some smart-ass person throws a beer can down the hole. I should modify my statement- in virgin ground a signal under the caprock is ALMOST always gold....
  21. Youse guys should check that HOTROCK...it could be a meteorite. Of course you can't keep it...it would belong to the Crown. Strick, almost everything in or under the caprock is golden...almost... It is very exciting when you get a deep signal and it is under the caprock...the breathing gets short and the BP rises...then the work starts. good luck guys fred
  22. Dang, I forgot about mono/cancel...you will not get much signal except on the big stuff like your BBQ.... As Jasong says check you switches for the proper settings... as a reminder a mono coil will work in any mode except cancel a dd coil can be dd, pseudo-mono and used in cancel careful reading the manual will help more than my faulty memory... fred
  23. Cleggy I see your coil wire is very loose, before you take it detecting you should tie the cord so it does not wobble. That will save many false signals. yes, this has nothing to do with your current issue, just a tip for the future. did you try a different coil yet. there is some chance you have multiple problems, I bought a used 5000 that did...having another to compare would be helpful. good luck fred
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