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The Logistics Of Metal Detecting For Gold

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To get a good idea of the bending, kneeling and digging involved in an easy day of nugget hunting, go to a local park and dig every signal...every signal! Do this for 4 to 8 hours and see how you feel.

I suggest a good, comfortable pair of knee pads or neoprene knee braces ( the ones without a hole)...this will ease a lot of the strain on your joints...

Better yet, get a digger to do the work for you...a willing and well trained child or wife will do...


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    • By OFS
      Hello Everyone
      I am new to the Forum and fairly new to detecting. I currently have a GB2 and have for the most part only been nugget shooting in BC. I found that the GB2 did okay but had issues in moderate and high mineralized areas and lost depth rapidly. I am looking to get my next detector for the tool chest and would like something that will give me better depth and performance nugget shooting but it would also be nice if it had some capability on coins, jewelry and relics as most of the people that I know that detect aren't nugget shooting.
      With the vast amount of expierience on this Forum what are your reccomendations?
      Thanks in advance.
    • By Eklawok
      I am getting back into prospecting/metal detecting for the first time in about 6 years. I would like to pick up a new metal detector that I can prospect with and take out to the parks in the Anchorage area. I am leaning towards a Whites MXT due to it's track record, and I know that I can't go wrong with that choice. But, I know that there are other options out the (e.g. Gold Bug Pro). Some are in the 14 kHz range, and some run upwards of 20 kHz. Is there much of a difference in that 6 kHz range? What are other people's experience with detectors in this area? Am I even asking the right questions? I just don't want to go plop $800 on a new machine to find out that there had been a better choice out there in the same price range. In the past I have been using a Garrett Ace 250, so this will be a step up for me, and probably a whole new learning curve. But I figure that I will pass the 250 down to my daughter and try to get her away from her iPad  :p .
      I have been reading through Steve's reviews as well, and it sounds like there are a lot of good choices out there. This is why I ask, because there are so many good choices.
    • By Roughwater
      If you could choose just one detector in search of gold nuggets in High trash areas what would it be and with what coil?  
      Let me put this question another way.  You have an opportunity to go to a new Pay to play gold mine like Ganes Creek Ak.  Of course you will take your favorite PI detector and if money were not object and you could bring a second detector for the trashy areas given all the new and old detectors available what would you bring to the hunt?
    • By Fleng
      Got an invitation to work an old mine in SE AZ. It has a +200-foot deep shaft and I'm looking for a quality entry level detector.
      My thoughts are that in a mineralized medium like this a Gold Bug Pro might be good. Don't think that this one is going to be used for wet salt, underwater, coins, or jewelry. Probably going to get the new Minelab pinpointer to go with it.
      What are the best choices for prospecting for nuggets in an underground shaft?
    • By Ridge Runner
      In years past I was thinking of only coin hunting.Some may buy one as a hobby but I was a little deeper than that. All my free time was spent behind my detector land and water. I didn't care where I had to go you'd find me there and my wife was just as bad.
      I didn't get into nugget hunting until the early 90's. I started prospecting about 61,62 making my own equipment to find that yellow metal but detectors didn't come in to play like said.
      Oh I got more nugget detectors than a guy needs. Coin hunting I can walk away from time to time but that don't hold true with gold.
      The MX Sport that I'm sitting here waiting for is to replace my only other coin detector.
      How about you ?
    • By Blackcoffee
      Hi y'all,
      this is my rookie post. 
      Living in the mountains of CO, I'm interested in hiking a thousand feet up a ridge, after hiking five miles in from the trailhead, hoping to find relics or gold. Looking at the mid-freq VLFs.
      How small do they break down? Or must they be left full-length assembled, from the truck? I want to stash it in the pack next to the camera, or what about stashing it on my back while fly-fishing, for something to do when the fish aren't biting?
      Also, how fragile is a Gold Bug Pro or Minelab Xterra 705? Can I leave it in the back of the truck while driving off-road?