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New Gpz7000 Aussie Made Coil Rumour

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    • By Jonathan Porter
      Have a video on Audio Smoothing up on the Minelab YouTube channel for those interested.
      Hope this helps
      Prior thread in subject
    • By Steve Herschbach
      The Minelab GPZ 7000 audio Smoothing function was directly derived from the Stabilizer control used on the GPX series. From JP at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/715-gold-i-found-in-victoria-with-the-gpz/?p=6424
      "On the subject of Audio Smoothing: Off on the GPZ = 20 on the GPX 5000, Low equals 15 and High equals 10."
      JP at the link referenced obviously prefers Smoothing to be left off. Some people are experimenting with higher audio smoothing settings combined with either hotter Gold Mode settings or higher Sensitivity settings or both. I think this is a good thing so do not go thinking it is "wrong". There is no right or wrong per se, it is all about what works for each prospector and their personal tolerance for noise or the lack thereof. Experimentation is good.
      I thought it would be informative to copy what the GPZ manual (page 66) has to say about the Stabilizer control. Warning: the GPX Stabilizer control is backwards. The highest setting if 20 is the off position. Lower numbers increase smoothing. So the GPZ at off is same as GPX at 20 (off). Note that the GPZ High setting is the same as the GPX default setting of 10. The default for the GPZ 7000 is Low Smoothing which is the equivalent of a setting of 15 on the GPX.
      One final note. RX Gain as referred to on the GPX is the same as the Sensitivity control on the GPX.
      From the GPX manual:
       I guess I should say that my preferences tend to follow JPs - I run with audio Smoothing off under nearly all circumstances. But I wanted to make this post to create a thread on the subject as it is very clear people are having success with other ways of thinking and again, I like out of box thinking. Lunks settings at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/830-lunks-zed-settings/ are at the other end of the spectrum. I also liked Jason's observation on the subject at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/827-minelab-video-gpz-7000-ground-type/?p=8276
    • By rasheede11
      what is the best
      Coil use gpx4500 for
      Small nuggets weighing 0.2 g or 0.4 g
      Elite or N Finder Nuggets
      And circular or elliptical shape
    • By CCRV
      Hey guys, 
      I hate being the guy asking for help on the forum. But, I'm really struggling and hope some of you with more experience on the GPZ might be able to share some insight.
      So, here's the scenario. I have what I think is an old equipment pad I've been working. I've nicknamed it my "trash patch" since it is just hammered with trash, probably why it doesn't appear to have be detected much even though close by areas have been beat to death. I found my first nugget in there with my GPZ at about 8", The problem, so much trash I couldn't even keep a single target under the 14" coil. I went back this week and spent 2 1/2 days (sun up to sun down) with my GB2 cleaning about a 2500sf area of trash. I can't begin to know how many targets were removed, but I can tell you my legs are so sore from that many squats I can barely walk today. Once I got the area clean, I was super excited to get back over it with the GPZ and see what I could find.
      And, here's where we get to the help part. This entire pad has basically been built with about 3" of crushed hotrock. I thought getting the trash out was the biggest issue, but it wasn't. I can't figure out setting on the GPZ to get through the top layer. Either it just wobbles and whines all over the place, or you choke the settings down so hard it won't pick up anything. I can't find a working medium. Short of racking and shoveling 3" of rock off this area, which moves way outside the bounderies of enjoyable hobbie for me, I'm not sure what to do.
      Anyone have some detector settings I might try, or other ideas would be greatly appreciated.
      Attached are 8 little micro nuggets I pulled off the surface cleaning trash with the GB2. Everything I have got more than 2"s below the rock layer has been larger.
      Thx, Beau

    • By auminesweeper
      In order to make finds some of the things I have done have gone against all the things that we know what not to do and although I know they are wrong where people would find rare coins etc once every 2 or 3 years on one such site I started pulling 6 or 7 per week, But I know I am wrong in the terms of correct deployment of such things, But I have the finds and I am still not sure what to think of that,
      I have seen every thing from BBS, FBS to XP machines being deployed with small coils to sift through the junk and still they find nothing in such heavily junk filled sites, So I thought about it and decided to do the total opposite to what every one else is doing and knows to be correct, So I fitted the biggest coil I had 12" concentric in my case and set the Disc on "3" which is a bit too high and the finds came thick and fast, Seeing deeper gave me the edge and at the time I thought it was laughable and amusing, But the more I did it the more it made sense, People see me there and the look on their face is priceless, A 12 inch concentric in a junk filled site this must look like that this is my first time detecting,
      I know the limits of the machine so now I have to be inventive, because the biggest coil I have seen there is a 10DD on an FBS/BBS machines, well because of the recovery speed, that gave me one edge and over machines like the XP the bigger concentric gave me another edge, I know it is a crazy thing to do but it works and so far I have never found less than 3 Ancient coins and many from the 1800s plus Gold jewellery  and junk jewellery etc and not once have I ever gone home empty handed, So until I have gone over all my sites then they will not be hunted out but the added bonus is they get ploughed every year and so the cycle begins again,
      I figure this is place is good for at leased another 4 or 5 years and then there is still my old patches to detect, In the Prospecting world doing this might only work for a year or two, But it will work because desperate times calls for desperate measures and this type of madness seems to fill in the gaps while we are waiting for the next Innovation to come along, If some of you are lacking the drive about detecting some area's I would urge folks to try it because you only have every thing to gain.
      Good luck,  john
    • By goldbrick
      I have an addiction. I am a coil junky. I have 13 coils for my GPX 4500 alone! I feel kind of stupid putting that in print for everyone to read but each purchase seemed to make sense at the time or I at least thought I could some how justify it because of increased gold production due to that specific coil.   Since I purchased a Makro Gold Racer Pro Pack I am now casting about for reasons to sate my addiction with a couple new accessory coils for the GR. Specifically the 5.5x10" concentric and the 13x15" DD. I have my ideas how each of these coils will be beneficial to me but I would like to hear what you guys think these coils offer in the way of advantages. Lets hear all the reasons you can think of for any detecting genre be it prospecting,relic,coin,jewelry,beach etc.,etc....
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