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In Which Country I Can Pan For Gold Without Any Permission ?

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Can you guys suggest me a country that let people pan for gold without any / or special permission ? 

My goal is to make over $100 Everyday 

Thank you in advance 

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If that were possible a lot more people would be doing it. Panning is a prospecting method, and not normally a way to go out and make a living.

What country are you in? There are places all over the planet to pan for gold. No matter where you go there will be rules, regulations, and property owners to deal with.

Here are some public areas in the U.S.

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$100 a day panning? Good luck with that one.  I think you need to do a lot more research into what you're planning on doing.

I am guessing you think you can live off searching for gold? I think we all would like that life style but very few do make a living off searching for gold, especially small time operators like pan and small sluice users, or coil swinging detectorists 🙂

We have legal panning areas in New Zealand, you can go and find gold every single time but you'd never make a living off it.

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