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Sef Butterfly Coil For Minelab Sovereign

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I have a Sovereign XS2-a Pro and was looking at aftermarket coils.  

Any of you fellas use one?  Does it go deeper than stock 10 inch coil?  How's the stability?  

Any other coils you guys use/recommend? 



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Sorry I missed this post earlier.  The SEF 12X10 is an outstanding coil for any of the Sovereigns.  It and the Ultimate 13" are two of the best all around coils and superior on beach hunts.  For some, unknown reason to me, the Ultimate is used more on the East Coast and the SEF12X10 is used more on the West Coast.  Most Sovereign users would have 90%+ of all their needs covered with the stock Minelab Tornado 8" coil and one of these two.  Going to a larger coil and you may wish to bring a friend to help with the digging.

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      Saw something about the MARS coils maybe being more sensitive but noisy.  I really like the way the NEL are built, as least externally.  Would be great to see the construction too, can only hope..
      Looking at the Mars Lion, NEL Sharpshooter / CORS Fortune, and maybe the 7 or 9" Nokta Makro concentric for kind of a smaller coil to user in dense areas with an Anfibio.  The primary now is a NEL Hunter 12.5x8.5.  Really "digging" that one, so much so that I got one for my E-Trac and Anfibio both.
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      I just got word today that the new lightweight 15” coils are in production. I have a prototype for the T2 - it weighs 750 grams (26 oz.). MSRP is $149. If anyone wants one, I can get it shipped direct from FTP to you. 
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      For all the beachers.....I read somewhere ( don't remember where ), to periodically remove the coil cover and dump out the sand.... I did so on the 3rd and found a considerable amount....... After cleaning it out and reinstalling the cover, I took it out to a beach and seem to have gotten a better response on all coins and silver.....BUT I now wonder if there is a FIX to keep the sand from invading the miniscule space betwixt the coil and the coil cover......any viable ideas??????
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