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I think the Apex fits right where it is supposed to, top of the Ace series, below the AT series. Call it an advanced Ace detector - Ace Apex. That’s not a put down. I have a lot of respect for what Garrett did with the Ace series. If you are into Garrett, it’s a decent little machine. If you want to compare to other brands, you need to go to the comparisons forum. This forum is for Garrett folks who know they like Garrett detectors, to discuss their detectors.


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Take away the AT Pro’s waterproofing and head to head, I would rather have the APEX.

Compared to the AT Gold or the AT Max, I would choose either of them over the APEX.

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It’s not a powerhouse, but I actually like the Apex. It makes other detector control boxes look, well, boxy. Built in high speed wireless, much faster than aptxLL, rechargeable, but mainly I like the feel. Nice stout S rod, good coil selection out the starting gate. It’s only a mid-range offering, but I like a lot about the detector. A good place to build from, for sure.


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Package deal with wireless headphones on it is $493. Not that bad a combo then toss in another $145 for the wireless carrot and you have a complete setup. Probably a little more money for a machine in it's class but still close to the mark for the market it is intended. The coil selection really makes it worth looking at I think.

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so on a scale from 1-10 the apex is a 6? however it's also about perspective so for some the apex is a 9 sitting at the top of the ace series. sort of reminds me of the the whites tdi-sl, with the proper perspective and using it in the right environment in my mind it was a very good detector

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Garrett does have a nicely integrated lineup when it comes to wireless. I'm tempted to get the wireless Carrot to go with my Apex and maybe a small coil. Already a couple to choose from, one from Garrett, and one from NEL.


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I'm a little weird. My second metal detector was a blue box White's Goldmaster. Box the size of a mailbox, wrist breaking handle, no discrimination, no depth. So when I see something like the Apex, I cannot help but be wowed by the compact design. We've come a long way since the 1970's, and so I really appreciate the smaller, more compact, hi-tech units like the Apex.



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  • Similar Content

    • By kac
      Shipped my Orx back and settled on the Apex with viper coil and ws-3 headphones. Did the update and did a quickie depth test at 2 clicks down from max due to a bunch of emi where I test. Overall depth is similar to the Orx and the Tejon with a 8x9 concentric.
      Hit a park for about an hour to give it a try and the audio reminds me of something halfway between the AT Pro and the Ace series. Very abrubt clear signals. Going to take me a while to get used to it as I am so used to vco tone hunting. Machine would false a bit from the ground (phase in the low 90's) so 2 clicks down fixed that. Hunted mostly in zero mode with iron audio on and only picked up 2 bottle caps, rest of the iron I could hear clearly which is a huge difference from the Orx.
      ID's were very stable on targets, maybe a shift of 1-2 but would focus well when short sweeps over the target was used. Junk like aluminum would have jumpier numbers.
      Now if Garret makes a nice carbon lower and mid shaft the machine will feel much lighter. Has that beefy s shaft they use on the other machines.
      Last thing, MS-3's are nice but wouldn't mind if they came out with a light pair of wireless headphones. MS-3's will be on the hot side this summer.
      Didn't bother posting my handful of clad, think you guys seen enough of that already 🙂
    • By Tnsharpshooter

    • By palzynski
      I went today to one of my favourite testing areas , a very old site in a forest , low mineralized soil but infested with thousands of nails.
      It is my first outing there with the Apex . I decided to use the Ripper (5X8)coil instead of the Viper ( 6X11 ) because of its smaller size which means better separation , and also because it is lighter than the Viper ( 330g instead of 400g ).
      Up to now I had only done a few short outings with the Apex in less difficult areas , so I have some experience
      of the machine and its settings . I already know that it works very well in iron trashed areas , but I am
      wondering if it will do the job in todays "extreme" outing ...
      Ok lets start the detector . First thing the Apex is very stable , almost silent on the nail bed. 
      There is no noise at all compared for example with the ML multifreqs like the Equinox or the Vanquish ,
      which is a very good thing. My settings : Jewellery mode , freq MF , sens MAX.  Apex soft. version  :  1.28
      I found my first coin only after 5 minutes . Very good news because it is difficult to find new targets
      here. The Ripper coil has the perfect size for hunting (very) small roman coins . It is also very easy
      to center the targets with that coil , no pinpointer required.
      The MS3 wireless headphones are excellent and very reliable , it is a pleasure to use them.
      An important thing , in case of a doubtful signal I always press the Iron Audio button to have more audio info.
      This "Iron Audio" is just equivalent to the Equinox and Vanquish AM ( all metal ) function.
      I dont know why Garrett did not simply call this button AM instead of "Iron Audio" ...
      The signals on targets are sharp and clean , may be a little too sharp , I would have preferred
      a little "softer" audio , but it works very well and this is the most important
      Long story short , I found a total of 6 coins during 1 hour , which is a very good result.🙂
      I am not sure that I would have found more coins with my Deus HF which is a reference in iron trashed areas.
      So I confirm that the Apex is a very good detector in iron trash. It outperforms the ML multifreqs
      in iron trash to my opinion. It is very good on tiny targets as it can be seen on the pics below. Compared to the XPs the Apex is probably quite close to the Deus in terms of separation , but the Deus has the edge concerning its weight ( 800g for the Deus instead of 1100g for the Apex/ripper ).
      On the other hand the Apex is probably much better than the Deus at the beach, and could be a good choice for users looking for a detector performing very well on both inland and beach hunting  ...
      So conclusion of this test the Apex is a very good detector , both easy to use and very efficient in the field , especially with the excellent Ripper coil ... 
      THE PROS :
       . excellent on iron trashed areas 
       . very good audio / excellent iron filtering
       . sensitive to tiny targets as well as bigger ones ( multifrequency )
       . fast and reactive/accurate on targets 
       . a light detector , weighting only 2.4lbs (1,1kg ) with the Ripper coil
       . the thin control box
       . the lithium/ion battery
       . easy to use even by beginners
       . the excellent MS3 wireless headphones
      THE CONS :
       . VDIs a little unstable
       . the rod outdated compared to other brands
       . the coil cable too short for tall persons ( above 6 feet/ 1,85m )
       . no dedicated backlight button 
       . the running freq info ( 5k,10k ... , MF..)  NOT displayed on the main detection screen
      A few pics of todays outing below  ...
      1) First coin with the Apex/Ripper :

      2) A bigger one  ... :

      3) Total 6 coins :

      4) Back home , after cleaning , a nice roman coin : Constantinus , AD 360 , 1660 years old !  :
      legend : CONSTANTINUS PF AUG

      reverse legend : GLORIA EXERCITUS

      5) The Viper 6X11  and the Ripper 5X8 :

    • By Steve Herschbach
      This release brings your Apex up to date with all improvements made since its introduction. Some of these enhancements include:
      Improved overall stability Faster and more accurate ground balance in saltwater More accurate pinpointing More distinctive tones to better differentiate good targets from iron Backlight powers on temporarily while making Menu changes https://garrett.com/apex-update-instructions

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